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Free Speech Coalition Introduces New Director, Old Mission

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Loose Lips

Bridgett Does 103

   Some people play Choptsticks on the piano, AVN Best New Starlet Bridgett Kerkove takes 'em up her ass. You might be interested to know, that while the St. Louis Rams were squeaking by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during their NFC Playoff game, Kerkove was getting fisted anally, vaginally and broke some kind of record supposedly set in France for the number of chopsticks shoved up one's ass. "I broke a record for the most chopsticks in my ass," said Bridgett. "I didn't know there was one until they told me. I guess in France there was a world's record of 74, and I did 103.

    "I did the scene with Skeeter [her husband]," she said. "First he started off with 70 and put them in a condom and put them in my ass. Then he kept adding to them until he couldn't add any more. After the scene, I was told I broke the record of 74. This is totally fun. Some people eat with them, I take them up my ass."

Sabrina Does 2,000

   As 1999 wound down to its last hours, two of the biggest stories of the year occured within days of each other. Sabrina Johnson would go on to do a 2,000 man gangbang, the full details of which will be included next issue to coincide with the release of the 2-volume set being put out by Fleshtone Productions.

Marylin Does Wall Street

   Ironically, Johnson's gain was Marylin Star's loss. Star was tabbed to do the 2,000 man-stunt, but dropped out of the picture this past summer, supposedly to get married. But more was happening with Star than met the eye when a shocking story came out of Wall Street that Star was allegedly involved in an insider trading scheme involving James J. McDermott, Jr., the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc., an investment banking firm, and Anthony P. Pomponio, a New Jersey businessman.

   McDermott, who has pleaded innocent to a federal indictment, allegedly provided material, nonpublic information concerning at least six merger transactions to Star who in turn tipped a friend, Pomponio. The transactions allegedly occured between June 1997 through April 1998 when McDermott and Star were involved in a relationship, McDermott providing Star inside tips he obtained at Keefe, Star Gannon then purchased securities in relatively unknown regional banks. Each of the banks whose stock Star traded was either involved in merger negotiations with potential suitors or actually consummated a merger transaction contemporaneously with her trading. Star, who once made the infamous comment, "Men are just here to carry my luggage," supposedly made profits of at least $88,135. Pomponio, with knowledge of pending mergers obtained from Star, traded in advance of five of the merger transactions, reaping profits of at least $86,378.

   According to news sources, it was Pomponio who supposedly blew the whistle on Star to the SEC and implicated her. Pompnonio first met Star at the ECVS in Atlantic City several years ago when she was signing at the Video Team booth. Star, a former ballet dancer who once performed for Prince Charles and Princess Diana, grew up in Canada. In subsequent interviews given from Canada where she was staying with her fiance, Michael Gillies, has protested her innocence. Star saud she had placed her trust in McDermott and Pomponio and was duped. She said she was shocked that her indictment painted her as the instigator of the alleged plot.

    "That is so wrong, so ridiculous," she said. "I was manipulated. Looking back, there's no question about that. I trusted older, more experienced, powerful wealthy people who I assumed were acting properly. I relied on them, I believed in them, and they let me down. I feel so victimized. For God's sake, I'm an adult movie actress. I'm not a professor of economics."

   Star complained that she was especially distressed by press coverage of the case that has portrayed her professional X-rated exploits in a negative light, when in fact, she claims, she witnessed far more nefarious goings-on during her time with McDermott while hobnobbing among Wall Street's rich and powerful.

    "When all is said and done in this case, and everything comes out, we'll see who turns out to be the sleazy ones;" she said, "the guys in New York City on the Wall Street stock market scene, or the girls in Los Angeles who do X-rated scex scenes. Let's see who gets labeled 'sleazy' then."

   The Star story was virtually the lead item in many of the national papers for several days and has turned down offers to be interviewed by Barbara Walters on 20/20 and on Good Morning America by Diane Sawyer.

Serenity Is Crazed Down Under

   Wicked Pictures contract girl Serenity recently enjoyed whirlwind trip to Melbourne, Australia where she strutted her stuff at the Sexpo. AXIS Group, a distributor of Wicked product in Australia, brought Serenity in for the event. Serenity signed autographs for thousands of fans, performed on the Main Stage at the Sexpo and was interviewed by several media including Fox TV Australia, People and Large. Plans were also in the works for Serenity to return to Australia in March for the Sexpo taking place in Sydney. Serenity's long-awaited DVD Crazed is available for fans. The Crazed DVD features commentary from Serenity and director Jonathan Morgan as well as additional features. You can log on to www.wickedweb.com or www.wickedgirl.com to get your copy.

Roses are Red, Violet's Are Love

   In a recent interview with Violet Love on a Mark Zane shoot, we were surprised to learn that she worked in a school district personnel office in San Antonio before becoming an exotic dancer and eventually a porn performer. Had she not come into the adult business, Love said she would probably have become a teacher. "But I can't really say what my long term goals are," she comments. "I basically live day by day and like to live with the challenge. I like to grab what's out there. If I got the opportunity, I believe it's all meant to be. You bump into people for some reason at some time. Whatever it is, throw it at me. I'm here." Though she concedes the rent and taxes in California to be a "killer," Love says she likes the fast lane too much to consider moving back to Texas. "I cannot be mellowed," she states. "I go back home and freak my family out. They think I'm on something. It's L.A. It's really challenging. I love it. But you gotta watch out. Sometimes you can lose yourself. A lot of people fuck with your ego. L.A. has made me stronger as a person. Inside and out. I'm proud of that, of whom I am and what I do."

Lisa Ann Alive and Well

   Another Internet rumor has been squashed, this one involving Lisa Ann who was supposed to have been deader than a doornail. But when we caught up to her requesting an interview about how all the rumors got started, Lisa Ann said she wanted to "negotiate."

    "What is in it for me?" she asked. "How hard do I have to push to get something in return?"

Jack Brings Down the Hammer

   Ice hockey had its Dave Schultz; football its Jack Tatum; and porn has Jack Hammer. Jack got a lot of Internet ink recently when he developed a "hit" list and bitch-slapped Kid Vegas at a recent Jim Powers bukakke shoot. Jack said the Kid was only the first and drew up a sizeable list that included agents, photographers, directors and producers. "I'm getting these guys to say what they have to say," said Jack. "They gotta say they fucked up and that's the biggest humilation of it all." Hammer said issues with his targets were over broken promises and lack of respect.

Mike Albo: "I Was Inspired by Jack Hammer"

   The recent exploits of Jack Hammer inspired Mike Albo, who apparently finished what Marc Star started at the summer Expo. In an outdoor confrontation with gossip columnist Luke Ford, Albo bitch slapped Ford and chased him outside around the Hustler building. Albo said he got the idea from Hammer. "Luke was apparently supposed to meet with one of the Hustler editors, a guy named David Buchbinder to straighten out some misquote Luke did with him," Albo relates. "I walked out and choked him [Ford] out in the front of our building by the John Wayne statue. I told him to get off the property and chased him into the street. He kept backing up and kept wearing this stupid grin on his face like he thought it was funny. It was sort of annoying. I ask him what are you laughing about. 'I'm nervous. Hee-hee-hee.' And so I sort of chased him around the block and finally caught up to him and told him this nonsense has got to stop. So he goes, 'I'll make sure it stops.' I go we'll have to shake on it. He foolishly tugs my hand. As soon as he did that, just to emphasis the point, I grabbed him with my left hand by the collar and shoved him into a light standard."

   Ford relayed essentially the same story word-for word on his site.

Jenna Jameson: "Buy Botex; Disney Sucks"

   In the wake of the Marylin Star scandal, Jenna Jameson gave stock tips in the business section of the New York Post recently. Jameson was quoted as telling told Time magazine writer Joel Stein that she is bullish on plastics - "not the kind that fills her famously ample bosom, but the kind being made by a small company called Botex." According to Jameson, one of her favorites right now is a penny-stock called Botex Industries, which she said is run by a "friend." Although the stock - which closed down 8 cents at $1.20 on the day she gave the interview - is off 15 percent for the year, Jameson says a new product coming out will send it sky-high. "They make this new kind of plastic they're going to be using on tennis shoes and tires that [don't] wear out," she told Time.

   "Once that comes out, it will be really cool." Jameson also said she made a "pile" on Disney stock over the years but doesn't like the way it looks now. "Disney sucks this year," she said. "I think a lot of bad things went on with them. They split, and they never went up. They took over a bunch of companies and it never worked out." But, she said, she got out of Disney before its downswing, and the proceeds from the sale allowed her to start up a restaurant called Tequilla in her hometown of Scottsdale, Ariz. "One week I made $30,000," she added. "I bought into Infospace.com and forget about it -- it ended up splitting. eBay is going to be huge, of course; I sell my underwear on eBay."

Drug Star Cowboy

   Johnny Toxic is finishing up what he calls an "on-tour book" about himself which is scheduled to come out sometime in June. "I got a publishing deal with Slim-Skinny Publications," Toxic said. "They put out rock 'n' roll art table books and they have one out about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They're having me write a book about the last couple of years in the life of Johnny Toxic. It's called Drug Star Cowboy, and we're getting some interest from people to do a film based on it. "It's about 250 pages right now," Toxic added. "It'll be bigger than a paperback. It'll be along the lines of a Hunter S. Thompson book with over 200 pictures from all the different things I've done, dating back to me opening for bands and the troubles I had as a teenager. It's a pretty entertaining read.They gave me an advance, and I've been writing it. We were looking to have the initial part done February 1st with the book coming out in June."

Zo�: Sex in the Graveyard

   Although Zoe won an AVN Award this year for Best Couples Sex scene by tossing Van Damage into and hitting him with garbage cans in the video, Hardcore Champiopnship Fucking, the kinkiest thing she's ever done, according to her, was having sex in a graveyard.

Will Success Spoil Ted Hunter

   Frank "Opie" Towers is no longer Frank Towers but Ted Hunter. Hunter, who's got this golly-shucks-gee-whiz-way about him, is busy putting the past behind him as he attempts to regain stature on the mainstream side of the business. Due to financial predicaments and very negative cash flow at the time, Hunter opted to appear in several gay features but realized very quickly that he was not cut out for that line of work. Hunter, a towering guy with lumberjack forearms, is also a licensed personal trainer. He says that aspect of his life is beginning to take off for him and has deflected some of the financial pressure that he previously felt. "I screwed up the past," said Hunter. "I figured I can't screw up anymore. When I think about reasons why I did it, I remember the bill collectors calling. It was either that or live on the street. Well, I found out one thing. I'm straight. [He laughs]." Hunter started in the adult business in 1993 and his first appearance was a dialog-only role in the Mitch Spinelli film, Careless. "After that, Mitch started using me more," Hunter said. Asked how he got into the business, Hunter had this to say: "I went into a strip club. It was the first time I had ever been in one and I was very nervous. My heart was beating because I was raised a Baptist and had never been in a place like that. But I had a couch dance - it was great. I met a nice-looking blond there and we started talking over a few weeks. She goes, have you ever thought about doing movies? Her name was Alana. She had an eyepatch." Hunter said Alana gave him some numbers to call. The rest is history.

Jay is Back

   Jay Ashley, now a father, is back in the adult business having attended school, where he graduated top of his class, to become a certified commercial air diver. Though Ashley liked the solitary aspects of his job, he says that working in the industry affords him more time to be with his son. "I'm back with all the people I know," says Ashley. I don't know anybody else. This is my life. This is my family, period. Everybody knows that I've had a drug history. A lot of people see that I'm working clean and sober. It's been really nice." Ashley said his drug problem came from his inability to handle the responsibilities of the fast-paced money that came into his hands.

    "I've never blamed the industry for any of my problems," he says. "The industry is not to blame. It's a living, breathing thing just like any other big corporation. It's how you handle it through your own maturity. That's what makes you. I wasn't ready to handle it at the time. I handled a lot of things badly. But having a son puts things in really good perspective. I've managed to hold down a job that only a couple of thousand people in the world can do." Ashley's former wife, Kaitlyn, who once won Performer of the Year, is now teaching school back east.

Charlie Sheen Settles Assault Suit

   Although terms were not disclosed, Teri Starr and Charlisse L'Amour who sued Hollywood star Charlie Sheen, claiming they were assaulted by his bodyguard Zippy and threatened with their lives, settled their lawsuit recently for an undetermined amount. L'Amour and Starr sued Sheen last July seeking unspecified damages for battery, negligence and infliction of emotional distress. In their lawsuit, L'Amour and Starr claimed they were "intimate friends" of Sheen who were invited to his home in Malibu last July 26, only to find no one answering the gate when they arrived. L'Amour and Star scaled the gates (as Starr said she had done in the past, according to court papers) only to find Sheen's bodyguard, Curtis "Zippy" Hunt, waiting at the door. Hunt allegedly punched L'Amour in the nose and broke her jaw. When Starr tried to intervene, Hunt lifted her by the hair, threw her down and repeatedly kicked her. The women scrambled into the taxi that had taken them to Sheen's, when Zippy went purportedly after the cab driver, Surjit Lal, the third plaintiff in the lawsuit. After being punched, the cabby drove to a police station, where the two ladies said they decided not to press charges out of loyalty to Sheen.

   According to the suit, the women changed their mind when Hunt called L'Amour the next day (supposedly at Sheen's instructions) and threatened to kill the women if they reported his behavior. They also claim that Sheen had been home the entire time of the incident. Sheen then filed a restraining order against the two women apparently to keep them away from him and Zippy.

Ron Jeremy Has a Date With Nash Bridges

   Move over Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ron Jeremy shot an episode of Nash Bridges recently in San Francisco. "It's about a peeping Tom who witnesses a murder," he says. "CBS was okay with it, but they wanted to push me back to a late episode. I think Jenna even had a little cameo on the show once. So they were going to push me back, but Don Johnson put his foot down and said, 'I want him now.'

    "I worked with him doing a very small cameo on a film called Dead Bang," Jeremy said. "We did some dialog together, but the only thing left on the screen was me growling at him. But he remembered me which was really sweet. He told the casting people that they should have a demo tape on me. I flew back and forth between IA 2000 and CES to do the screentest. A few days later I got a call saying he pushed the episode through."

- Gene Ross

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