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Coming Soon:
Myth Makers 11 (May 2001):
It's Myth Makers' tenth birthday come early: the eleventh issue features stories of all eight Doctors, with companions Steven, Jo, Sgt. Benton, Mike Yates, Tegan, Sam and Fitz.
Myth Makers Presents 5 (Nov. 2001):
Myth Makers' tenth anniversary special! An explosive, action-packed novelization of a DW movie starring Liam Nelson, Kate Winslow and Christopher Leigh. Penned by Andrew Kearley, editor of Bullseye Books and contributor to MMP4: Jade. Illustrated by Michael Leis and Fan Q award nominee Pat Degan.

Still Available:
Myth Makers 10 (July 2000):
Featuring stories of the third, fourth, sixth, sev enth and eighth Doctors, with companions Liz, the Brigadier, Peri, Ace and Sam. Includes illustrations by Fan Q award winner Mary-Ellen Sandahl and nominee Pat Degan.
Myth Makers 9 (July 1999):
Featuring stories of the second, third, fourth, seventh and eighth Doctors, with companions Benny, Romana I and II, and Sam. Includes new cover template by Martin Proctor and illustrations by Mary-Ellen Sandahl, both Fan Q award winners.

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