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Site review: LookWAYup

Love New York and London but finding it hard to cope with the language? Well, you don�t need to bring a huge dictionary with you. With a decent WAP phone you�re able to find out the meaning of any English word you desire.

Aina Johnsen, Oslo March 30 2001

If your English is poor, you certainly need a WAP translation service like LinguaCentral that gives you the chance to translate between two languages. However, translation applications don�t always convey the full meaning of the word. An English dictionary gives you a better understanding of the word. LookWAYup is a high quality English WAP dictionary that can help you navigate the linguistic obstacles facing you in the US and UK.

Ease of navigation

LookWAYup is as easy as it gets. You just type in the word you want to look up, press the �yes� button on your phone and get the explanation. However, once you�ve got that, you might want to know more about the word, or even find a synonym, a different word with the same meaning.


The design is sadly very average. No cool graphics or fancy solutions. This is about facts, no more or less. The design makes the site quick to download, and boring..


Dictionaries and encyclopaedias are very useful as WAP services, so is good to finally have a WAP dictionary that works. LookWAYup doesn�t just give you an explanation; it also gives you synonyms and related terms. This is a high quality service, but in terms of innovation it doesn�t really depart from the online dictionary/reference book format.


LookWAYup's search is contextual. It doesn't just look up a word; it looks it up in the context in which it is being used. I did like this WAP service. It had an answer to all the words I was looking for, and it is written in a way that even those of us with absolutely no ear for languages can understand. If you need to have it spoon-fed, you�ll get it. I don�t know how many thousands of words LookWAYup contains, but it�s more than enough for me.


This is a service for travellers, schoolchildren, ladies who like crosswords and students studying abroad. As long as you�re carrying the phone with you, the answer is just a button away. But watch out for the phone bill if you need the dictionary while travelling. With the present outrageous charges for roaming, you might find it hard to accept paying two or three pounds just to find out the various meanings of the word sod.

Try the WAP site at:

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