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Seventh EditionSeventh Edition
With Seventh Edition, old favorites like Serra Angel, Shivan Dragon, and Mahamoti Djinn return - with a vengeance. Featuring all new art and 350 of the best cards in Magic, you'll find plenty of reasons to add Seventh Edition to your game.

Now online:
  • Cardlists - Checklist
  • Theme Deck Cardlists & Strategies
  • Online Seventh Card Catalog
  • Read a lowdown on Seventh
  • Seventh Edition Message Board

  • PlaneshiftPlaneshift
    Once you experience the Planeshift, there's no turning back. And the Phyrexians are taking no prisoners. Will you survive? Arm yourself and live to fight another day... Or not.

    Beatdown Box Set
    Bigger creatures. Bigger combat. Bigger hurt! Grab a friend and tear them apart with creatures like Mahamoti Djinn, Erhnam Djinn, and Sengir Vampire. Play with pain. Deliver a Beatdown!

    The Invasion expansion realizes the potential of multicolor power and new exciting mechanics. Start thinking about gold cards, Legends, and Dragons. Start thinking about how you are going to win.

    If you are a new Magic: The Gathering trading card game player, then it all starts here.

    Magic: Interactive Encyclopedia
    Everything there is to know about Magic is on this CD-Rom. Free Planeshift upgrade & Theme Decks now available.

    Portal Three Kingdoms
    History is in your hands. Play with the famous characters of the Three Kingdoms Historical Novel.

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    4/5/01Planeshift Limited Review: Artifacts and Lands
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