New units, new worlds and all-new strategies!

In Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency, players discover that the Core lost its 4,000-year battle against the Arm and the galaxy is being rebuilt.

But rumors of a surviving Core Commander, hidden as part of a contingency plan during the end of the war, are true.

Both the Arm and Core are now racing to retrieve an artifact of new alien technology, the only remaining element the Core needs to achieve its mission to destroy the Arm and the galaxy.


  • 75 powerful new battle units, including minelayers and hovercraft
  • 25 all-new missions, plus a bonus mission for advanced players
  • 50 multiplayer maps designed for battles with up to 10 players
  • Six new worlds to conquer, including swamp and urban landscapes
  • Wreak havoc with the giant Krogoth Kbot
  • The Map & Mission Editor, the same tool used by TA designers, lets you create your own unique battlefields and scenarios
  • New downloadable battle units, maps and map sections
  • Play against computer opponents in multiplayer games
  • New downloadable battle units, maps and map sections

With Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency, it's harder for your enemies to hide when you deploy all new amphibious Kbots, assault hovercraft, mines and more.

Now you can protect your bases by building them underwater and surprising opponents with sea-based amphibious armies.

Ultimately, it's up to you to determine the outcome of the eternal battle between the Core and the Arm.

More Units and Screen Shots