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The Dictionary for the Demonic Illiterate

(C) COPYRIGHT 1997/1998 S. Connolly

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The SnakeDemon/Daemon/Daimon: Modern definition - Lesser spirit or god. A devil in Christian mythology. Literal meaning for demon - "Replete with wisdom." Derived from the greek "daimon" meaning divine power. Divine comes from the Latin "divus" meaning God. Hence Demons are Gods in their own right.

Demonic: Being as or resembling a demon.

Demoniac: A person possessed by demons.

Demonocracy: The demonic hierarchies/governments.

Demonographer: One who studies and records the history and description of demons.

Demonography: The history and description of demons.

Demonolator: One who practices demonolatry. (feminine: Demonolatress)

Demonolatry: The worship of demons and/or practicing sorcery/magick with the aid of entities known as demons.

Demonologist : One who studies and catalogues demons. Also known as a Demonographer.

Demonology: The study and cataloguing of demons.

Demonomancy: Divination by means of demons according to some texts. Literally to raise demons.

Sorcery: From Latin Sortiarius, or - one who practices divination. The word sorcery is often used in conjunction with terms like "black" magick, or any other variety of what may be deemed "darker" magick. Websters defines sorcery as: "the supposed use of an evil, supernatural power, over people."  It has also been used as a generic term for witchcraft. In Demonolatry, the term sorcery is often used interchangeably with magick, and is defined as invoking demonic spirits to create  change in accordance with the Sorcerer's will.  

(C) COPYRIGHT 1997/1998 S. Connolly