Company History

Originally the General Radio Company, GenRad has built a reputation for innovation with an impressive list of firsts. Most notably, GenRad introduced:
  • The first commercial electronic stroboscope
  • The first cathode-ray oscilloscope
  • The modulation meter design used by all broadcast stations
  • The world-standard signal generator
In the 1970's GenRad literally created the automated test equipment (ATE) industry with the invention of its computer-controlled logic circuit analyzer.

GenRad does not make cell phones, computers, network routers, modems, disc drives, cars or aircraft engines, but GenRad makes it possible to manufacture and service these and other high tech products. GenRad provides the products and services that allow our customers to maintain and improve their competitiveness in today's market. Our products and services help our customers to optimize time-to-market and time-to-volume, maintain high product quality and reduce costs. In a world where getting a product to market second means lower market share, we work with our customers to get there first. Our customers are a who's who in automotive, high technology and electronics-intensive products. At GenRad, our customers' goals are our goals.
  • Acquires Altest, which provides vehicle OEM's with assembly line test solutions.
  • Moves into the independent automotive repair market with the acquisition of Autodiagnos AB"
  • Acquires Nicolet Imaging Systems (automated and manual X-ray systems) and Sierra Research & Technology (automated rework stations), expanding our expertise in electronics manufacturing."
  • GenRad develops GR TestStation, offering flexible architecture, non-multiplexed capability, single test platform.
  • GenRad forms alliance with National Instruments to offer GPX621 and GR Versa, the 1st flexible, low cost functional test system.
  • GenRad has acquired the Wickford, England based Mastertech Automotive Limited. The acquisition provides GenRad with the ability to offer guided diagnostic solutions to the independent automotive repair market.
  • GenRad is the longest running electronics company in US history.
  • GenRad introduces GR Pilot fixtureless flying prober test system, used for testing of prototypes and small lot testing in manufacturing.
  • GenRad partners with ITE, to develop automated, "accelerate" test.
  • GenRad develops MPI, Multi-Protocol Instrument Functional PCB Testing.
  • GenRad develops VCI, Vehicle Control Interface Modules ISO 9141, J 1850, CAN.
  • GenRad acquires ICC, a software development company in Atlanta.
  • GenRad's awarded contract for global service bay solution for the Ford Motor Company.
  • GenRad introduces the largest in-circuit test system, GR2287L and GR2287LX.
  • GenRad develops MLDI, Multi Level Disables and Inhibits.
  • GenRad introduces GR Viper, a low cost Manufacturing Defect Analyzer (MDA) solution for electronics manufacturers.
  • GenRad acquires Test Technology Assoc (TTA) &Testware to strengthen their presence in after sales market for incircuit test.
  • GenRad acquires Mitron Corporation as the start of a strategy to provide design to mfg and improve quality mgnt software.
  • GenRad joins Vehicle Model Based Diagnostics (VMBD) a research effort to define approach to automotive diagnostics.
  • GenRad acquires FOE in Switzerland.
  • GenRad develops GRXpert, to utilize multivendor fixtures and programs.
  • GenRad develops TRACS III, automated paperless repair.
  • GenRad awarded first software contract by Saab.
  • GenRad introduces GENEVA, the 1st VXI-based commercial Functional Tester.
  • GenRad introduces a new family of high productivity board test systems (2282 and 2286 Production Test Systems).
  • GenRad's introduces Jaguar Diagnostic System, first commercial automotive service tester for microprocessor-intensive cars.
  • GenRad enters design automation market, with investment in Cirrus Computers, which becomes GR's Advanced Diagnostic Systems division.
  • GenRad becomes a public company.
  • GenRad introduces first Automatic Test Generation S/W for in-circuit test, dramatically reducing test program prep time.
1975 :
  • General Radio renamed GenRad, Inc.
  • General Radio invents the automatic Printed Circuit Board testing industry by introducing first commercial, computer-controlled logic circuit analyzer, the GenRad 1792 system.
  • General Radio refocuses business, shifting from benchtop manual instruments for design engineers to computer-controlled systems for manufacturing testing.
  • General Radio won "E" Award for 5 yrs straight during WWII. The award was given by US govt in recognition of quality suppliers during war.
  • Pulse Code Modulation points the way to digital transmission.
  • General Radio introduces first commercial modulation meter. (Within a few years the Federal Radio Commission - predecessor of today's FCC - required all broadcast stations to use this type of meter.)
  • GenRad invents oscilloscope - first use of a power supply and CRT (cathode ray tube). Also licensed sweep circuit technology.
  • General Radio introduces first commercial vacuum-tube voltmeter (used for measurement on high-impedance radio circuits)
  • GenRad developed banana plug - replaces pin plugs, this spring-loaded connector technology is still used today, in products like audio gear
  • General Radio finally settled down to the measurement business in earnest and began the development and commercialization of its long line of instruments, so many of which were firsts in the field.
  • GenRad contracts with the Navy to make hydrophones, to detect underwater sounds.
  • General Radio introduces first capacitance bridge (allowing more accurate measurements of this important radio circuit parameter.)
  • General Radio is founded, by Melvin Eastham, to develop measuring instruments for the fledgling radio -i.e. electronics - industry
  • GR's only radio, the crystal set radio receiver, was developed.
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