April 2001
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Nick's Easter Eggstra – Airing Friday 13th to Monday 16th April

This Easter weekend Nickelodeon is giving you "Nick's Easter Eggstra".

For four days starting at 6am on Good Friday tune in for

6 hours of Rugrats followed each day by 6 hours of our most popular Nickshows. It’s a relaxing way to spend your long weekend.

Easter is normally a time to overindulge in chocolate but why not indulge in Nickelodeon. That’s extra Rugrats, extra Arnold, extra adventurous Eliza, extra Amanda and extra Reggie and Otto for an extreme Easter.

Friday 13th April

0600 – 1200 – Rugrats

1200 – 1800 – Hey Arnold


Saturday 14th April

0600 – 1200 – Rugrats

1200 – 1800 – Wild Thornberrys


Sunday 15th April

0600 – 1200 – Rugrats

1200 – 1800 – The Amanda Show


Monday 16th April

0600 – 1200 – Rugrats

1200 – 1800 – Rocket Power

S Club Snick – Airing Every Saturday from 7th April

Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm

This April Snick is slipping back into S Club 7. In Nickelozone we’ve travelled all the way to LA with the gang now Snick once again is taking us all the way back to the beginning, to grey old England where the dream begins. Meet the friends for the first time and follow their adventures and misadventures when they head to Miami for their once-in-a-lifetime big break.

You’ll also see what happens when they leave Miami because in the last week of S Club Snick Nickelodeon will bring you the conclusion of the series plus the beginning of their adventure to LA with "Back to the 50’s" and "Birthday’s and Boyfriends".

Turn up the telly and bop along on the orange couch when S Club 7 slip into Snick all over again.


7th of April

S Club 7 in Miami - Eps 1, 2, 3 & 4.


14th of April

S Club 7 in Miami - Eps 5, 6, 7 & 8.


21st of April

S Club 7 in Miami – Eps 9, 10, 11 & 12.


28th of April

S Club 7 in Miami – Ep 13.

S Club 7 – Back to the 50’s

S Club 7 – Boyfriends and Birthdays


My Secret Identity – Airing 6.30pm Monday to Friday from 2nd April

Notes to Follow

Twist in the Tale – Airing Monday to Friday from 2nd April

Set in the past, present and future, this unique anthology series is designed to challenge, stimulate, entertain – and surprise both adults and children – with the prime focus driven by the supernatural and paranormal. Starring William Shatner as the enigmatic Storyteller, A Twist in the Tale embraces themes of romance, mischief and humour, with much edge-of-seat spine-tingling tension along the way. The major underlying them is that each tale has an unexpected ‘twist’ and viewers will be left with the impression that things are never quite what they seem…

As Told By Ginger - Airing 9.30pm Friday in Nickelozone from 6th April

A funny, new show from Klasky Csupo, the creators of the worldwide hit Rugrats!

Ginger Foutley is a normal 12 year old girl who has one foot in the world of her childhood friends and the other in the scary but exciting realm of popularity, peer pressure, gossip, and girl-boy parties. As Told By Ginger is the story of Ginger’s struggle to discover and embrace exactly who she is while remaining dedicated to her friends, her family and her own core values.

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