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REBELA - A Fairy Story for Grown-up's & Children



Words and songs by Lady June

Music and Arrangements by Mark Hewins


REBELA should have been a boy, they say,

'cos nobody could stop her

when she wanted her own way.

But she is really just a girl

with a very pretty curl

right in the middle of her forehead.

And when she started School she broke all the petty rules

and the teachers they were really all quite horrid!

They said she was too loud

when she was really very shy

and very, very scared because

she tried too hard to try.

The boys were all big bullies

and they nipped and pulled her hair.

She laughed, and smiled, and talked too much

pretending not to care.

Got kept behind to write out lines

a hundred times or more,

and made to stand for hours on end

in a corner by the door.

She liked to draw and paint a lot,

liked learning English too,

but hated mathematics

spending hours in the loo.

The problem was what teachers taught

would drift her into dreaming,

and then when asked a question

she wouldn't know the meaning.

Chapter II

Track 2 - ART SCHOOL

Next Rebela went to Art School

where she really made a mess,

climbed up onto the School roof

and then broke the etching press,

they had to call the Fire Brigade

to get one up, one down,

and everybody seemed to think

she ought to leave the town.



So Father taught her how to sell

Hats, Coats, Costumes and Dresses,

to fat and ugly ladies

who looked even bigger messes.

Then Rebela got the staff to go

and ask for much more money,

but Father didn't seem to think

that-that was very funny.

"Be off, be off", everyone said,

"this town is much too small,

why don't you go to London

where the streets are paved with gold,

go quick and get your share of it

before you are too old."


Track 3 - Stones

Now at this time Rebela met

a man called BILLIBUM

who couldn't tell the difference

from his button and a thumb,

but London is a Lonely place

for a girl who was alone

because not having got a man

she was obliged to stay at home.

Rebela stayed there in their room

To Cook and Clean and Sew

she never had a moment,

always on the go,

and it wasn't very long before

she started getting bored,

especially when Billibum

kept crashing out and snored.

He really hated Music

Be it Classical or Funk,

And when she tried to play some

He reacted like a Skunk

One night he took some LSD

And went completely mad,

Flew out of the window

And landed on her Dad.

So she went and Modelled Clothes

While Billibum stayed at home,

Spending all the money,

And talking on the 'phone.

She started looking for a place,

Perhaps a little Flat

But everywhere she went they said;

"No, not a girl like that - ALONE:

It took a year to find one..

She told Billibum she was leaving,

And he really went Bananas

Then did quite convincing weeping.

So, she left him with a Dummy

And something frozen in the 'Fridge,

Then went to find some freedom

In a place called Brokenridge.

There she met an Artist,

A professed Genius,

With a very sexy accent,

And a shocking pink moustache.

He said he dug her for her mind

(but didn't want to know it),

and he often said he loved her

(but he didn't seem to show it)

But, once again she painted

And was really a success,

Then dropped it for Photography

'cos it made






TRACK 4 Millionaires

Then Rebela met a millionaire

And went out on his yacht,

Every time they went to sea

She vomited a lot.

He also had an Aeroplane

and did great loops and dips,

her stomach stayed up in the air

while the rest of her was sick.

They went off in his sports car

And did a tour of Spain,

But Spanish food had made her ill

And she just became a pain.

She thought of 'Gran Britannia',

And longed to get back home,

"To hell with al the luxury",

so she split to be alone - AGAIN!

Rebela slowly realised

The world was not a cake,

To even get a slice of it

You must be on the make.

She saw the wars and cruelty,

The hatred and the greed,

Abuse of animals and children,

And the ageing ones in need.

The mindless Politicians,

All the Laws and Rules and Lies,

And wondered how to change it

Before everybody dies.

She didn't have much rhetoric

If peoples eyes were dead,

And being a single woman,

Just couldn't get ahead.

She decided to do Social Work

And went for lots of jobs,

But all the interviewers

Were a bunch of boring snobs.

They treated her just like a joke,

She didn't stand a chance,

So finally she gave it up

And went on Stage and Danced,



Millionaires Song (REBELA)

Vs 1

Rock and Roll Music,

Rockin' day and night,

On the road, with the Band,

Toured and Toured the strangest lands……

Vs 2

Rock and Rolled in Russia,

Rocked into Japan,

Rocked sideways into China,

And Rocked the Isle of Man……


She started writing Poems and Songs,

Played Percussion, Bongos, Gongs.

Made a record,

Was a star.

Everyone said ;

'' she' ll go far''.

But to work with Male Musicians

With their Egos, Hang-ups, Trips,

Is enough to send you crazy,

And finally Rebela flipped.

'' Show me a direction.

Someone, help me ! What to do

I'm sick and tired of being hired

And told to be like you.

How can I be the same as you

If I'm original,

I'm fed up with the lot of you,

Why don't you go to hell .

And still they came and asked her,

'' What are you doing next ''

As she was still deciding,

She would look a little vexed.

TRACK 5 Barterit Botcher

Mrs. Barterit Botcher was Prime Minister

Of England at this time,

She made sure the rich got richer

And left the poor without a dime.

Black and White were unemployed,

And neither liked the other,

Despite the fact that all of us

Are Sisters, or we're Brothers.

She thought ; " I can't do worse than her,

At least I have a heart,

But she couldn't do a thing

Because they'd treat her like a tart.

Mrs. Barterit-the-Botcher

Had an accent very posh,

She helped the rich get richer

And the helpless got no cash.

" To work, to work the lot of you,

life isn't for enjoyment,

and to make sure you don't get it,

here's a dose of unemployment ".

Mrs. Barterit-the-Botcher

Kept things going by these creeds,

" You work and watch the Telly

and not notice you have needs,

you get so tired you go to bed,

or be so poor, you wish you're dead ".

Then Rebela got an idea.

If she could rule this Planet,

There'd be some satisfaction

For everybody on it.

Start in the Schools

And make the rules

That nobody is greedy,

And everything that we don't need

We give unto the needy.

So she started holding meetings,

Talked to people in the street,

And everyone felt just the same

Wherever they would meet.

But they were all so busy working,

Full of problems and strife,

They didn't really have the time

To try to change their life.

So she dressed up as a Clown,

Making everybody laugh,

And if sometimes she cried inside

She acted really daft.

Then she became a good Witch

[ the White sort, not the Black ].

Jumped upon a broomstick

And fell flat onto her back!

She made a lot of curses

For mean people who are rich,

As Moths flew from their purses

Throwing money in the ditch,

The Tramps and Beggars found it,

Made big parties in the Town,

Rebela went and made them laugh

By playing at being the Clown.

Because she was so funny

They liked her such a lot,

Gave her bags of money

But never knew the plot.

She flew into people's houses,

Invisible to sight,

Sometimes pinched their trousers

Or switched on and off the light.

She could travel where she wanted

Making groovy spells,

Spent some nights playing music

With the Pixies and the Elves.

She made good friends with Fairies,

Whom she found were very kind,

One day she made a special spell

And cured one who was blind.

Then she met a giant called OGGY

Who was ninety metres tall,

She almost flew right into him

Thought he must be a wall.

His voice was just like thunder,

And his eyes like lightening streaks,

And when we get an Earthquake

Its from every time he speaks.



For years she meditated,

Became very, very wise,

Could tell the truth of people

Just by looking in their eyes.

Of course they don't much like it,

And go ; "HRUMM", and "HUH", and "HAAH",

Then do a sort of shuffle,

And head for the nearest bar.



But Rebela had a lot of charm,

And really got her way,

She spoke on lots of Councils

And held quite a bit of sway.

Appeared on television

And the radio as well,

Seemed to be quite popular

As far as one could tell.







She had a cat called 'KITTEN'

Who barked just like a Dog,

It also hopped around a lot

Just like it was a frog.

It had a friend called 'NEUTRON'

Who was a Doggy-Pup,

And they used to play together

In a pile of nasty muck.



There she met a brilliant Scientist

With a pet Atomic Bomb,

So she thought she would difuse it

But something went quite wrong,

'cos KITTEN jumped on top of it

and everything went BANG.

Rebela had her final wish -

She'd gone and changed the World a bit,

In fact there's nothing left of it

Except one little curl.

As everything exploded,

It became a different place,

Shining little molecules

In miles of outer space.



Rebela was a bit confused,

She didn't quite belong,

Felt a little lonely too,

So she sang this little song:


Vs 1 "I'm a lonely little molecule,

Been dead a year or so,

Just spinning round in Outer Space,

Without a place to go

Vs 2 "I kinda lost my body,

Left it somewhere on the ground,

And ever since that moment

I've been whirling round and round.

Vs 3 "Perhaps I'm incarnating,

But I'm not sure what it means,

I wish I'd read a few more books

And learned the ways and schemes.

Vs 4 "The other day a rocket came

And nearly sent me flying,

I screamed and shouted out my name,

Since then I gave up trying.

Vs 5 "Sometimes I think I see a light

And try to roll towards it,

Hoping to hear some friendly voice

That's doing ' the Awards ' bit.

Vs 6 "I often wonder where God lives

And wish he'd ask me round,

Its really boring floating here

Without a Godamn sound.


Vs 7 "I'm a lonely little molecule,

Been here a year or so,

Just spinning round in outer space

Without a place to go".



She spun, and spun

For quite a time,

And finally one day

She thought she heard a party,

So she rolled a bit that way,

And after quite a struggle

She saw some Pearly Gates

And somebody called GODDY said :

"Rebela, you're too late,

the party is quite over

and everything we ate,

anyway, just read the signs,

WE are not changing with the times -

' MEN ONLY ' .

"Oh, go to hell! " Rebela said,

and slammed the gates on Goddy's head,

then whacked and punched a cloud or two,

and pushed and shoved her way right through.




It really was a paradise

With Angels who had wings,

And lots of lovely Rainbows

Wearing jewels and pretty things,

Butterflies and Kittens,

Puppydogs and Sweets,

Magic sounding Music,

And Golden shining Streets.

The Trees had conversations,

And the Streams sang water-songs,

Then suddenly came Goddy

Banging half-a-dozen Gongs.

"Rebela", Goddy shouted,

"this Heaven is all Male",

and he looked so very angry

that Rebela went quite pale.

Then he felt a little sorry,

And he said ; "Rebela, dear,

If you want to stay in Heaven

You must be a little queer.

But I'll do a bit of Magic

And you'll feel a little changed.

Here's a Cloud,

Relax a bit,

I'll get it all arranged.



Then suddenly Rebela

Had a Moustache and a Beard,

And there is no doubt about it -

That she felt a little weird.

So, she grabbed a Cloud

And thought a bit,

Then came to this conclusion,

That everything without a doubt

Is just one big illusion -




Words ©, Lady June
Designed at Musart 1998