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About Steven
Scuba Diving

Who is Steven Green?

I was born in 1964. I share the same birthdate as Napoleon Bonaparte... but I do not have a lot in common with him apart from wanting to take over the world.

I currently live in Abingdon, which is a few miles south of Oxford and is allegedly the oldest continuously inhabited town in England.

Before then I lived in Steeple Aston in Oxfordshire, where I moved to in March 1998 with my two kittens, Tribble and Trouble.

The time around when I moved to Steeple Aston was very unlucky. I moved house on Friday 13th March, and though I am not usually superstitious, I am now not so sure. Within the 2 weeks around then, lots of bad things happened including my wife leaving me, car crash which wrote off my car, and one of the kittens running away (luckily we found her a few days later). I was still waiting for some good luck... when unfortunately I had a bad fire in my house, so it looks like the good luck is held up somewhere. I am interested in coincidences, strange phenomena and Forteana.

I was brought up in Shropshire, in a village called Highley, near Bridgnorth. I will try to find some web links soon.

I lead a team developing Historical Computer Wargames for Empire Interactive. More information can be found by clicking the What I Do button.

I lived in Lakeland, Florida for a few years, before returning back to England. Whilst there, I learnt to Scuba Dive.

I lived in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol for several years, where I was director of Dagger Interactive Technologies, and before then worked for Microprose. Before then I lived in Tetbury in Gloucestershire, which is where my wife came from.

My hobbies include making wine and beer and drinking beer. There is information here about local Oxfordshire beers and breweries, as well as information about home brewing.

Other hobbies include music. I compose music, write songs, play guitar and bass guitar. I was bass player in a North London band called "Myriad" before I moved to Florida. Currently I am writing a few simple pop-like songs for myself, and trying to record them directly into my computer instead of fiddling about with multi-track tapes. My musical interests vary wildly, including rock, pop, classical, Jazz. I like to think I can appreciate any kind of music even if I don't particularly like it myself. However I am unable to appreciate the sort of dance music they play in clubs. Some of my favorite music include Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa. At the time of writing this, I am constantly listening to Catatonia's International Velvet.

I'm also interested in Human Consciousness and Artifical Intelligence. One of my favourite books is "Godel, Escher, Bach: A Metaphysical Fugue" by Douglas Hofstadter. Other interesting authors on the subject are Daniel Dennett ("Kinds of Minds", "Consciousness explained".. and many more...), Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen ("Figments of Reality"), Marvin Minsky ("The Society of Mind").

I don't seem to read much fiction these days... but when I do, it is usually horror, science fiction or comedy. I have read almost everything by Terry Pratchett. Some of the other authors in my book collection are Piers Anthony, Michael Moorcock, Robert Heinlein and Ursula Le Guin, to name just a few.

If you're wondering where the "greenius" nickname comes from. It is basically a mixture of Green and Genius. There used to be a computer program for C64 called Laser Genius Assembler. I wrote a similar program and jokingly called it the Lazy Greenius Assembler. Not that interesting... but some people do ask.

You can get more information on some of my hobbies and interests by clicking on the buttons at the top of this page.

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