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That Old Wind stories

When they assign Scully a new partner in her work in the X-files Division, she realizes just how much she misses Mulder. After having a song remind of what they've been going through, she spends time with him in IRC, even though it's not the same.

Life Without You
Mulder reflectson his separation from his partner and lover, Dana Scully, and has to deal with a woman, Jessica West, who is determined that he is not going to remain single when a surprise comes from Washington. Prequel to That Old Wind.

That Old Wind
After spending over three years apart, Mulder is transferred back to D.C. and the X-files Division, and Scully suspects something's going on, but is totally surprised by what actually happens, and they pick up where they left off before Mulder's transfer.

The Morning After
Set the next morning after That Old Wind stops off, Mulder and Scully spend a quiet morning in a chat room with Frohike, who does not yet know that Mulder is back in D.C.

Different Location, Same Situation
In That Old Wind Fox Mulder was transferred from Tucson, AZ back to D.C. What if instead, Dana Scully was transferred out to Tucson to join him? This story explores those possiblities.

Shoulder To Cry On stories

Shoulder To Cry On
After receiving an upsetting call from the person that she has been dating for 6 months, Dana Scully realizes that she has only one person to turn to; the person who has been there all along, but she has been too blind to see it.

New Day Dawning
In continuation of Shoulder To Cry On, Mulder and Scully come to realize what their latest actions will mean to their friendship and decide whether to go on or to go back to what they had.

The Point of No Return
After acknowleging how she feels about her partner, and returning to work, Scully gets a phone call that will forever affect her and the way she views her personal relationships.

Reaching Blindly For The Light
After his discovery in the field, Mulder comes to his senses about who is important in his life. Scully comes under danger and it is up to him and a stranger helps him save her.

Someday is Tonight
When Mulder and Scully finally decide to take the big step in their relationship, they're being watched by two friends.

What Else Could I Do?
After Mulder runs off to Russia, and Scully is placed in the cell because she refuses to answer the questions that the Senate subcommittee asks of her, she begins to question her love for Mulder just as he's desperately trying to get back to her.

Just Friends?
Same Old Situation, y'all. Mulder thinks that he and Scully should be just friends, and she's furious and leaves. It takes an outside source to bring him to his senses. Enjoy!

Apologies & A Rose
What do you get when you combine a desperate Mulder who wants to apologize for mistakes he's made, Dana Scully when she's certain that Mulder has forgotten that it's Valentine's Day, a missing Matthew Night, a mischievous Storm Austin, and a single red rose?

The Truth is Their Savior
The events and emotional impact of Momento Mori -- through the eyes of Special Agent Storm Austin.

Picking up where Truth is their Savior left off, Storm and Mulder discuss a time when he was in a very dark place. Spoilers for Duane Barry/Ascension

A Conversation Between Friends
After Scully goes back to work, she and Storm spend an afternoon having lunch, and she reveals what really made her fall for Mulder in the first place.

Fox in a Box
As a surprise for Dana's birthday, Storm and Matt come up with a devious plan.

Spring Training
After a particularly trying case, Mulder decides to treat Scully to a Braves Spring Training Game

Something To Talk About
Storm talks Mulder & Scully into going to an office party to give everyone "something to talk about" on St. Patrick's Day.

Dreams From A Crazed Mind
One of the more disliked characters on XF is given a good beating by Storm Austin before Mulder and Scully find out about it. But was it reality or just a dream?

The Storm Saga stories

Painful Memories
After being assigned to the X-Files basement, Storm Austin runs across some painful memories over how she became the way she is, and who oversaw it all.

Just One of Those Nights
After the realizations of what the government has done to her, Storm needs to be brought back to Mulder.

The Guardian Angels stories

Don't Ever Leave The Airport
Mulder, Scully, and Matt end up on a doomed flight on the way to one of the latest X-files, and Mulder has his suspicions that it wasn't just a coincedence. Story told from Mulder's POV.

The What A Spectacle stories

Don't Take Off Your Glasses
After a moment of watching Mulder working while wearing those glasses of his, Scully decides that it's time to take their relationship a bit further.

Framed Emotions (NC-17)
Picking up where "Don't Take Off Your Glasses" left off, Mulder and Scully manage to get down to the parking garage before... well, let's just say some glasses are fogging up, and they're not mine ;D

Various X-Files Fan Fiction

Anything In This World
Character dies... kinda... After Scully dies, and Mulder returns to work in the X-files, things just aren't the same, and he still can't believe that she's really dead, and something unexpected happens.

Confessions of a Tortured Soul
In the aftermath of Scully's kidnapping, Mulder tries to deal with feelings of guilt and helplessness...

Dancing in the Flames of Deception
Mulder and Scully receive an X-File that seems like something out of a fairy tale, and meet a person who reminds Mulder of himself.

Feline Affliction Interlude 1: Sweet Surrender
Mulder gets curious about the bond that Stafen & Trysha have between them, and Trysha tries to explain it to him.

Guardians of the Truth
Storm Austin starts thinking about recent events in relation to fate, and reaches a conclusion about the direction of her life as well as Mulder, Scully, and Matt's.

Helpless Heart
Set after 'Duane Barry'. About a month after Scully's abduction, Mulder is sitting alone thinking about all that he should told her, and a song runs through his head that Scully had always liked, and he realizes that it is symbolic of his situation.

Lead On
A year after Gethsemane, and Scully's in a bar when a tall man drops by to keep her company :)

Love Lasts An Eternity
After reading a letter that Scully wrote to him when she was about to die, Mulder rushes to the hospital to hear her last words for him.

Lovers Untrue
Scully has a nightmare where nothing that she ever expected happens.

Never Again Will We Be Parted
Mulder's thoughts during the hallway scene in Momento Mori.

Nothing To Hide 1: Battle of Wills
Scully and Modell indulge in a battle of wills so that Scully can save herself and Mulder.

Nothing To Hide
A surprising development concerning Krycek leads Mulder to the answer to his ultimate search. Afterwards, he comes to realizethe extent of his feelings for his partner.

Not What It Seems
Speculation about what will happen in the episode 'The Field Where She Died'. Scully describes the confrontation between herself and Mulder's soulmate, Angela. When Angela turns against her, Scully finds out something that proves that not everything is the way it seems to be.

Regrets & Realizations
Respectively, Fox and Dana come to some realizations about the hug they shared at his mother's bedside, and resolve some of their regrets.

Scully's Lament
While on the way to "debunk" her partner's work of four years, Scully thinks about Mulder and how much he meant to her.

Shades of Grey
Mulder's realizations about both Scully and the direction the X-Files division is headed.

Starting Over Together
In the aftermath of the alien attacks on the cities of Washington and Atlanta there are six survivors who have to join together in order to fight their way through it.

Strength of Your Beliefs I & II
After Scully is abducted again, Mulder has to deal with it, then when she regains consciousness, she and Mulder talk about something they normally don't talk about -- how they feel about each other.

Touch of Destiny
An event that might happen sometime in the not-so-near future -- Mulder and Scully get married!

Vain Shadow of the Past
Mulder reflects on how complex his relationship with Scully is.

Fan Fiction Written with Sarah M. Margaret

A Feline Affliction
Mulder has disappeared, and Scully has adopted a new feline friend. But is it just another cat?

A Feline Affliction II
Mulder and Scully have another *cat*astrophe. Also - Mages who fight for the truth, the Consortium, and a hormone potion...

A Feline Affliction III
A war between a human seeking power and a Goddess of the light is waged on Society terms. Mulder and Scully are caught in the thick of the adventure.

Poetry I've Written:

Back to Back
Can't Fight This Feeling
Darkness and Light
Don't Follow Me
The Push
The Seeker
The Silence
Trust In Me
The Wheel of Destiny
Words 1: Someone to Trust
Words 2: The Truth is Found
Words 3: Finally Yours

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