Image Compression Papers Available on the Web

(By Date, Newest First)

  • A Fast DCT Block Smoothing Algorithm (VCIP Proc., 1995)
  • Smoothing DCT Compression Artifacts (SID Meeting Digest, 1994)
  • De-blocking DCT Compressed Images (SPIE Proc., 1994)
  • Visibility of DCT Basis Functions: Effects of Display Resolution (DCC Proc., 1994)
  • Visibility of DCT basis functions: Effects of contrast masking (DCC Proc., 1994)
  • DCT Basis Function Visibility: Effects of Viewing Distances and Contrast Masking (SPIE Proc., 1994)
  • Visibility of DCT quantization noise: Effects of display resolution (SID Meeting Digest, 1994)
  • The visibility of DCT quantization noise (SID Meeting Digest, 1993)
  • An Improved Detection Model for DCT Coefficient Quantization (1993)
  • Luminance-Model-Based DCT Quantization for Color Image Compression (SPIE Proc., 1992)
  • Last update: 23 October 1997