Future Prediction of Scientology

I f a founding Scientologist had been asked in 1952 to predict the impact of Scientology on the world forty years later, would he have been able to imagine the extent to which it has grown today? Would he have been able to envision from a stucco building in Phoenix, Arizona, the more than one thousand churches, missions and groups that exist today? Would he have been able to envision the hundreds of thousands who have been helped to rid themselves of the curse of drugs, or the millions who have been placed on the road to literacy through the use of L. Ron Hubbard's technologies?

Surely, these pioneer Scientologists had some idea of what potential L. Ron Hubbard's discoveries held for mankind, just as today Scientologists envision even greater expansion in the future.

Today, Scientology is the fastest growing religion on the planet – and so long as Mr. Hubbard's technologies are available to all who wish to reach for them, and so long as they are applied standardly, Scientology will continue to grow.

To understand what this growth might mean to a troubled world, religious leaders, professionals, educators and others have offered the following predictions on the future of the Scientology religion.

For in-depth studies and analyses of the Scientology religion by leading international scholars, see How Religious Experts View Scientology.

“The movement founded by L. Ron Hubbard will engage itself increasingly in the design of a new world following the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communism. A new awakening of spiritual powers is taking place and his vision will help shape events.”

Hans Janitschek
Society of Writers
United Nations

“Scientology has come a long way, and has grown in numbers.

“There are so many people of different types – and into different activities – art, human rights, rehabilitation and more.

“Obviously, it will last. It can be geared to individual interests, and even if the interests change, people can use the basic technology to adapt to new ones.”

Loretta Needle, B.A.
University of Toronto

“Scientology is a practical religious theology which embodies the technology of helping people discover themselves and at the same time to become aware of the evils that plague our society, such as the prevalent use of dangerous psychiatric drugs.

“The pastoral counseling program of Scientology puts man in touch with reality and enhances and strengthens his relationship with God and his fellow man.

“The beauty of Scientology is you don't have to give up your religious upbringing to become a Scientologist. You can still remain in your original church.

“Scientology has a great future because it helps those who are in frustration and despair to shift their position to a helpful and useful one.”

Rev. Dr. Leo Champion
Fellowship Missionary
Baptist Church
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“In looking at the future of Scientology, as a sociologist I am cautious about predicting long-range futures. But I may say this, if it is a futile undertaking it will not last, but if it has a providential function this will manifest itself in time. So it would be wise for us to let it be lest we be opposing providence in the age of religious freedom. This was Gamaliel's advice on the Christians to his fellow Jews. If it had continued to be taken (as it was by his immediate listeners) thousands of years of conflict between the great religions of the Book might have been saved. (Acts 5:3439)”

Noel Ryan

“Like so many relatively new religions, the Church of Scientology has been forced to spend much of its time and resources fighting religious prejudice and prosecution. Despite those pressures, the Church has been a real force for good in the lives of many of its adherents and a champion of religious freedom.”

Robin Johansen
Attorney and Religious
Freedom Fighter

“Your Church's noble principles of high ideals and ethical living along with the beliefs of accepting so many aspects of knowledge meets very close to the ideals of the American Institute of Islamic Studies. I find it a pleasure and privilege to reach out for common thoughts. The future looks so optimistic that we shall convey our common principles to the world side by side.”

Amir Gillani
American Institute of
Islamic Studies
Toronto, Canada

“There are many Bible-believing Evangelicals and others in the established Christian community who have not yet accepted the Church of Scientology. Nevertheless, they should thank the Lord for them, because the Scientologists have fought a lot of battles that have helped protect and safeguard freedom for us all.

“Because of these efforts, Scientology is continuing to gain more and more acceptability among leaders in the religious community, and the Church has won most of its battles. However, while they are enjoying a breathing period, be assured there are a lot more battles to be fought, and won, down the road.”

Rev. Jim Nicholls
Producer of ”Voice of
America” Radio and TV Show

“I have traveled far and wide throughout my professional life and see the peoples of Earth as incredibly diverse in character as well as needs. Oftentimes our efforts to understand and help them have been too narrow. In the many years I have worked with the Church of Scientology the one thing which has impressed me the most and which will characterize the Church far into future centuries is its ability to deal with humankind as a whole.

“At the heart of Scientology's activities is the betterment of all people no matter what creed, what race, what socioeconomic status to develop themselves spiritually and mentally so that each individual can improve his own life. Scientology's far-reaching goals are designed to tend to each individual uniquely with compassionate concern and commitment. These rare attributes are essential in these times of trouble and uncertainty and most assuredly provide the Church with a platform for growth and strength in the years to come.”

L. Fletcher Prouty
Col. US Air Force (Ret.)

“As American society becomes more diverse in the years ahead, we will be looking for leadership from those organizations that represent the moral tenets which united us as a country: personal responsibility, compassion, tolerance, respect and a commitment to community. The Church of Scientology is one of those organizations-as its commitment to the Hollywood community so clearly demonstrates.”

Mark A. Robbins
1992 Republican Candidate for
Congress 29th District of

“The Church of Scientology is an important force in our society seeking to enhance the people's ability to know what our government is doing, is not doing and why, and otherwise striving to enable citizens to make the government more accountable for its actions. I believe that in the future, when the need for such efforts will be more necessary, the Church's role will be even stronger and more effective.”

Quinlan J. Shea, Jr.
Former Senior Justice
Department Official
Director Center for Citizen
Access to Government Information

”For many years an international organization has been masquerading as a legitimate defender of the citizens of the world. This agency, INTERPOL, while claiming to work against criminals has protected terrorists like George Habash, drug dealers such as Manuel Noriega, crooked banks like BCCI and others. For many years Nazis and former Nazis led INTERPOL.

“It has been the Church of Scientology that has taken the leadership to unmask this canard. By doing so, it is helping get rid of drug dealers, crooks and terrorists from the planet. This is the type of social action that all religious organizations should emulate.”

Steve Frank
Public Affairs

“It is notable that while the major denominations in Canada are careless about religious rights (and, therefore, careless about the ultimate welfare of our people), Scientologists have courageously and at great cost struggled against state abuses of these and other rights. If they hold out and succeed, all of us will one day have to bring our proper thanks that through their endurance we enjoy our freedom.”

The Right Reverend
Juris Calitis, D.D.
Evangelical Lutheran
Church in Canada

“Drugs are the scourge of mankind, and they are the problem we must solve as we exit the twentieth century. The twenty-first century promises hope because Scientology is here and has the solutions to drugs.”

Bob King
Advisory Neighborhood
Washington, DC

“Scientology has a background of benefiting its members as well as the general public through a number of social betterment programs in areas like drug rehabilitation, education and government reform. This broad spectrum of beneficial activities is a tribute to the Church as well as its members and is something I believe guarantees the Church of Scientology a bright future.”

Dr. Isaac N. Brooks, Jr. Ph.D.
Executive Chairman
National Task Force on
Religious Freedom
Legislation and Litigation
Washington, DC

“The mind is a magnificent thing, and Scientologists rightfully are against mind-altering drugs. We cannot continue to destroy the minds of people with drugs. This goes against nature. Scientology is on the right track, giving the mind a chance to work on its own.”

Lillian Ray
Assistant Deputy Mayor
for Drug Control Policy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Scientology provides technology for improving a person's ability to study and educate himself. They also are accomplishing much in fighting crime and keeping people from returning to drugs. Provided they can make this more known in the society, it can be very helpful in changing the direction of the society. Scientology will be very helpful in improving everyday life.”

William Orozco
Former Representative for
California State Senator
Diane Watson

“It's the largest growing religious movement in the entire world. I see the future for Scientology just being bigger and bigger.”

Richard Allatorre
Former State Assemblyman

“It's a new religion, and it will meet many difficulties. But Scientology stands on fine ground, and all resistance will be broken down.”

Harry Widemyr
Social Inspector

“I think the Church's involvement in such issues as religious freedom and ending psychiatric abuses within the field of mental health demonstrate the Church is interested in more than just spirituality, but in enabling all people to enjoy their human rights. The support for these efforts can only grow.”

Cedric Hendricks
Congressional Aide
Washington, DC

“There is and will be a more positive view of Scientology through the actions of community work and the various community outreach programs that the Church presents.

“It has been a fulfilling experience working with Community Outreach staff for over ten years.

“I look forward to a long relationship utilizing the talent, the time, and dedication to helping young people which has been our source of contact over the years.”

Carole J. Simpson
County of Los Angeles
Department of Children Services

“On the threshold of the twenty-first century Scientology will continue to grow and be very strong and effective in its impact around the world. They will continue to be admired for putting hands and feet to their beliefs. Their example in fighting for religious freedom will continue to inspire all other faith groups in the ongoing struggles for religious freedom. Keep on keeping on.”

Rev. Wm. Solomon
Executive Minister
Metro Toronto Black Clergy

“Scientology relies on the energy of each and every one of its members. As a result, as the energy and enthusiasm of its members grow so will Scientology and its many programs designed to help society.”

Carlos A. Rodriguez
Political Consultant

“It is inevitable that Scientology will expand because from my experience, the types of people I have met are walking advertisements for it. I think more and more people are looking for a practical philosophy.”

The Hon. Herbert Graham
Former Member of West
Australian Parliament

“As the Church of Scientology is a well-arranged organization, I see very good survival chances for its future. This is because the survival of a religion depends very much on its organization.”

Dr. Rainer Flasche
Philipps University
Marburg, Germany

“Observers of the Church [of Scientology] seem to be predominantly of the opinion that as a phenomenon it will develop and become larger due to the symptoms shown by unsolved problems and conflicts in our technical-scientific world.”

Rudolf Grimm
Berlin, Germany

“Special attention belongs to Scientology however... It is the forerunner of coming religions and philosophical movements with absolutely separate ethics, no longer bound to Western ethical ideas.”

Pfarrer Haack
Evangelical Expert

“Scientology is likely to be engaged more and more in public affairs. The main problem will be abuse and false information peddled by its opponents and those in public affairs who wish the public to be kept in ignorance. It is my view that the public generally who have little knowledge of the Church of Scientology will learn more – particularly through the media, who I believe will be paying more positive attention to its activities.”

Arthur Lewis, MP
United Kingdom

“It's far better known than it was a few years ago. People are more aware now. As society becomes more complex, people will want to associate with something to get a handle on life. I see this as a religious movement with all churches.”

Michael Franchetti
Former Deputy Attorney General

“I feel [Scientology's] future is good, given the conditions in society today – and the need for people to find themselves. It's a good future, but a rough one, as long as organizations with strong religious prejudices exist and want to create problems for others. It's unfortunate, but inevitable.”

Professor J. Stillson Judah
The Graduate Theological Union
San Francisco

“It is axiomatic in the history of religion that when a new religious movement publishes, it is here to stay. Scientology surely has published, a lot, in its quest to help man help himself. The eight million adherents of the Church are here to stay-with increasing benefit of the human family.

“The Scientologists we are privileged to know are sincere, dedicated human beings who are striving hard for the betterment of all.”

Marvin Bordelon
American Conference on
Religious Movements

“I expect the Church of Scientology increasingly to contribute positively to interfaith understanding in a true spirit of dialogue. This will be a valuable and welcome development. Such cooperation and dialogue will, in itself, help to break down barriers and increase trust, and will produce a broad stream of people of faith and ethics seeking and working for world peace.”

Rev. Brian Cooper
Christian Peace Conference

“I am confident that the Church of Scientology will continue to be on the cutting edge of government reform simply because the Church has been doing it for years and doing it well. Scientology does this type of work better than any other organization in the country.”

Wayne C. Bentson
FOIA Specialist
Western Information Network

“The Church is expanding more and more rapidly from what I see on the TV and on the radio. The Church will move into the mainstream of society. Scientology will be the focus point in the 1990s and will set the direction in which this country will go.

“Scientology will be known as the place to go where people really care.”

Bill Hoston
Political Activist
Los Angeles

“Scientology offers a true bridge between the East and the West and Scientologists can effectively help solve the great problems that plague both cultures.

“Scientology will become a major religion in the Western world before the end of the century.”

Loek Hopstaken
Business Consultant
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“As an attorney, concerned resident of Hollywood and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce I wanted you to know that we are proud of Scientology's accomplishments here in 'Tinsel Town.' Please, continue to let your 'light shine' and share your success with others.

“The Church has been active in the Hollywood area for over a decade and continue to be 'excellent' citizens, good neighbors and a positive influence in the community.”

John O. Adams, Esq.
Honorary Director
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

“I see the Church of Scientology becoming a very strong community structure. What I see happening is [a] continued reach out to assist those who are not members and the formation of a working unit with the Church made up of people of all religions.”

Lester Smith, Jr.
Founder and President of
The Natural High
Entertainment Group, California

“I would see the Church of Scientology being a part of all the other churches who recognize that there must be a new direction and a coming together of all churches for the betterment of mankind.

“Each Church has its unique role. Basically I see the role of the Church of Scientology as cleaning man's thinking, redirecting man's thinking, because obviously the old thought process has gotten us in the mess that we have. We must look at old values, old ways of doing things and not be afraid to question. And if we find that these values are incorrect in view of new enlightenment, then be willing to change – not feel threatened by new ideas, but embrace them and give them a chance to be proved or disproved.”

Rev. E.L. Woods
Pastor of Ebony Missionary
Baptist Church
Los Angeles, California

“The laws of our land are often administered in an unfair and unequal manner. In the future, however, I see the technology of the Church of Scientology assisting those in the judicial system in equitably administering these laws. In this manner, the judicial system can effectively contribute to bringing about the aims of Scientology as outlined by L. Ron Hubbard.”

Reginia Rogers Jackson
Washington, DC

“Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights is fighting a cause, the abuses of psychiatry and the devastation of their drugs to which the general public is beginning to awaken. They are creating a safer world for us all.”

Ann Tracy
Prozac Survivors Support
Group Director
Utah Branch

“It is obvious that the Church of Scientology feels a moral responsibility to attack serious social problems and improve conditions. I see the Church building on this background and expanding its activities into the practical hard-nosed field of education where it can play a major role in resolving some of the bitter conflicts which are preventing the proper education of our children. We need our children to be literate to have real-world skills. I see the Church of Scientology playing a major role in making this happen.”

Patrick Groff, Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus
San Diego State University

“Based on the time I've been in Hollywood and seen what the Church of Scientology has accomplished, all indications appear that the Church in the next five years will continue to make progress in the community, specifically as it relates to handling gang violence, graffiti, etc.

“The outreach achieved is significant and I think it is very positive. The Church continues to have faith and continues to help those in need of direction, upgrade their properties, and contribute to community development.”

Frank L. Buckley
Board Member
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

“We, at the Bible Holiness Movement, have – over the years – been gratefully aware that the Church of Scientology has actively endeavored to express its committal to the God-given rights and liberties, including religious freedom, that are essential to society, and this with them has not been an abstract ideal but an essential practical effort along with other religious and concerned bodies of people.

“It is also good to have known personally of many instances when these Scientologists have acted on behalf of others who would differ with them, simply on the basis of principle and human compassion. Two instances come to mind, one where an Evangelical youth was under illegal effort to force a denial of faith in Christ, and the other of compassionate and effective effort in improving the lot of South African Black mental patients who were suffering vicious abuse in a form of virtual slavery.

“What of the future? It would be our hope and expectation that the Scientologists will continue in their social conscience and concern for human liberty.”

Wesley H. Wakefield
Bishop General of the
Bible Holiness Movement

“The trend today is for people to go back to conservatism.

“As long as the Church of Scientology provides a visible alternative it's going to grow and expand.

“We are through the permissive age and people are questioning values. You will get larger if you continue to provide an active social side to the Church.

“If you continue to reassure people that it isn't all hopeless and the world isn't coming to an end you'll continue to do well.”

Robert Carr
Ontario Parliament
Press Gallery

“Scientology will endure. It will be accepted more and more into normality as with other religious associations.”

Svante Nycander

“The delightfully informative L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition, combined with Celebrity Centre's magnificently restored Manor Hotel, have created for the citizenry of Hollywood two brilliant examples of the Church's commitment to improve not only the cultural scene, but also to add vision and financial resources to the increasingly important community revitalization program. Add to that the Herculean 'neighbor safety' efforts of staff and membership during the recent civil unrest in Los Angeles, and you have created a blueprint for a successful future throughout the community.”

Michael Teilmann
Teilmann International
Hollywood, California

“I feel that the Church has been a great help to many people. It has brought enlightenment – I hope you continue in your strides.”

Lilyann Mitchell
Argus Newspaper

“Scientology has shown its valuable place in society not only in its stand against religious suppression but by providing education and study technology for people of all races. This ensures the most fundamental of all human rights, the right to literacy. The Church of Scientology will be here as a guiding light for future generations.”

Ron Segal
Education Committee
United Nations Association
of Australia

“Because the Church of Scientology has a legitimate philosophy on the human situation, it will endure. I see it outliving and speeding the demise of its main antagonist, the state-sponsored religion of psychiatry. Despite the current financial power of psychiatry and its ability to spread its dark message that man is but an animal, I believe the day will come when the Church of Scientology will be joined by other churches dancing on psychiatry's coffin.”

Seth Farber, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Network Against Coercive

Although these views greatly vary, all have common denominators; that Scientology has workability, has produced results and is a growing authority in the humanities and spiritual nature of man.

The future, L. Ron Hubbard said some twenty years ago, would tell more than he ever could about the value of his work.

Thus far it has told an extraordinary story – a story of millions who have found a way to better themselves and their fellows through the use of this technology, of new rights for the mentally ill, of new lives for drug abusers and of new hope for the illiterate.

But what does the future hold from this point forward? Many of those who have attempted to halt Scientology in the past are still with us, and it is not unreasonable to assume that there may be future battles to fight. But in the final analysis, authority belongs to those who can DO the task in any given field. Authority sustained by pompousness, the laws passed and “we who know” cannot endure.

Scientology has the answers. Authority belongs to those who can do the job. And Scientology will inherit tomorrow as surely as the sun will rise.

For in-depth studies and analyses of the Scientology religion by leading international scholars, see How Religious Experts View Scientology.

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