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What's New Here?:

"Cards" (12/04/00): Written just to enrage the 'shippers. *g*
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The Novels:

"Death in the Afternoon"

Mulder and Scully meet their demise while on an investigation in Wisconsin.

See also the crossover page.

The Stand-Alone Stories:

"Random Thoughts"

Melissa has a surprise planned for Dana's birthday. Pre-XF.

"The Fox's Den"

Krycek shows up hurt at Mulder's door, and Mulder must do some comforting.

"Menagerie (Element 104)"

Mulder demands payback from Krycek. Slash warning.


Mulder pays another visit to his favorite haunt, followed by his best friend and his worst enemy.

"Silent Night"

Mulder and Scully find no ghosts in the "haunted" house, and go back to Scully's apartment for coffee, cookies, and comfort.

"Star Me Kitten"

A drunk Jeff Spender, a one-armed Alex Krycek, a bottle of whiskey, and a park bench. NC-17.

"The Fox's Den II"

The sequel to "The Fox's Den". (This will probably be re-written eventually, it's kind of crappy...)


Alex Krycek returns a beloved possession to Jeff Spender.

"Midnight on the Firing Line"

What if Mulder had written Krycek instead of Kritschgau in "The Sixth Extinction"?

See also the crossover page.

The Stand-Alone Vignettes:


Scully speaks to Mulder after he's died.

"Silent All These Years"

Scully finds Mulder in church, and an explanation for the wedding ring ensues.

"From the Ashes"

A season 5 finale piece. MSR warning.

"One Man, But Not Alone"

MovieFic. MSR Warning.

"She Knew"

Scully and a mysterious lover part after a night together.

"Paper and Amber Liquid"

MovieFic. A mysterious package arrives at the X-Files office.


A conversation between the Agents after Scully's regression therapy.

"Welcome Home, Roxy...Nevermind"

Humor piece based on Duchovny's 2nd SNL appearance.

"A Couple Minues After Nine"

The rainy graveyard scene in "Pilot".

"Elevator Kiss"

Skinner reflects on Scully's kiss in "Triangle".

"Night of a Thousand Stars"

Instead of returning to his trashed apartment in "One Breath", Mulder finds a safe place to stay at Walter Skinner's house.

"The Seventh Day"

How Dana Scully ended up in the hospital breath in "One Breath".

"Your Mother Plays Canasta, aka a Slightly Different Domestic Scene"

A night at home with Jeffy, Nicky, and Princess...

"Jeffrey Spender's Anti-Happy Life"

Jeffy whines about Mulder, his mother, Star Wars and the "Flying Motherwheel".

"Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner"

Set immediately after "One Son". A grief-stricken Mulder refuses to let Spender go.

"The City on the Edge of Forever"

Skinner realizes why he does what he does in "Zero Sum".

"Hold You Down"

A missing scene from "Ascension".

"Elevator Dream"

A response to the "stuck in an elevator" challenge on the Spenderfic list.

"Heroes and Demons"

A response to a challenge on the Spenderfic list. Scully finds Spender on the street and takes him home.

"I Can See Clearly Now..."

Jeff Spender decides it's time to give the X-Files back to Mulder and Scully.

"East Berlin"

A Spender/Krycek Moment, written for the Spenderfic list.


Doggett thinks of relationships past.

See also the crossover page.

Author's Files:

"Author's Files"

Humor piece. The Author and Krycek have a little chat.

"Author's Files II"

Humor piece. The Author tells her feelings about the movie.

"Author's Files III"

The Author registers at the slash convention.

"Author's Files IV"

The Author crashes a party and Mulder loses some cash.

Dark Place in the Sun:

"Just Call Me Jeff"

Spender's weekend is interrupted by a visit from Dana Scully.

"Doors and Windows"

Scully calls to ask Spender to dinner.
"If Things Were Perfect"

Spender and Scully have dinner.

Hawk and a Handsaw/North Northwest:


Krycek reflects on the events that led him to the Tunguska gulag.


In Tunguska, Krycek thinks about Mulder.

"Approaching Armageddon"

Krycek's thoughts on the way to Mulder's apartment in "The Red and the Black".

"One Hand"

My take on the kiss scene in "The Red and the Black".
"Nice Work If You Can Get It"

Krycek sits outside Mulder's apartment building, thinking.


How Mulder and Scully got off the ice field in "Fight the Future".


Krycek's strange thoughts on his role in "SR819".

"Dark Frontier"

Mulder finds Krycek in the X-Files office just after Spender has been taken away, dying...

"Desert and Rain"

A continuation of "Dark Frontier". Krycek finds that Mulder isn't as blind to desire as he thought. Last piece in the "Hawk and a Handsaw" series.

"And the Wind Was From the South"

Krycek makes the decision to return to Washington. First piece in the "North Northwest" series, follows "Desert and Rain".

"Into the Fire"

Krycek goes to Mulder's apartment, hoping - but for what, he's not quite sure.

"Vice and Virtue"

Set immediately after "Into the Fire", Krycek gets a little backbone, but not enough.


Krycek returns to Mulder's apartment, two weeks after "Vice and Virtue".

"The Sweet Hereafter"

A continuation of "Iskra", Krycek must think fast to save Mulder. Last piece in the "North Northwest" series.

Small Sound Black Dreams:

See the crossover page.


See the crossover page.

Other Fics:

"I Did It For You" by Ladyhawk

A "One Son" post-ep, assumes Mulder/Skinner relationship. Skinner must save Mulder by killing someone that Mulder was once close to.

"To Keep Me Alive"

Ladyhawk asked me to write Mulder's POV for "I Did It For You". This was the result.

"Karma Interlude: There's Always Calm After the Storm"

Ladyhawk asked me to write this interlude for her "Karma" series, bestween the "Devotion" and "Commitment" Books.

"Commitment 4.5: My Name is Jean Valjean"

This time it was me who offered to write this scene, in which Krycek decides he must rescue Mulder, set between Ladyhawk's Commitment Parts 4 and 5.


"The Truth is Out There"

"An X-Files Poem"

"The Coffee-Stirrer Sonnet"


"X-Files Sonnet No.1"

"X-Files Sonnet No.2"

Ten Ways/Strange Things Lists:

"Strange Things List for "Triangle""

"Strange Things List for "Dreamland""

"Strange Things List for "The Ghosts...""

"Strange Things List for 'Terms of Endearment'"

"Strange Things List for 'The Rain King'"

"Strange Things List for 'Tithonus'"

"Strange Things List for 'Aubrey'"

"Strange Things List for 'Monday'"

"Strange Things List for 'Arcadia'"

"Strange Things List for 'Alpha'"

"Strange Things List for 'The Unnatural'"

"Ten Ways to Tell You're Addicted to X-Files Slash"

"Ten Ways to Tell It's Time to Stop Watching the X-Files"

"Ten Ways for Chris Carter to tell The X-Files Causes Violence"


"Write Forever"


"X on the Floor"

"I went to dinner ar Mulder's..."

"Lavender Duo"

"Death in the Afternoon Cover Art"

"Kiss and Conspiracy Cover Art"

"Small Sound Black Dreams Cover Art"

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