Remembering 1.x
by Lizard Man

Remember the old days? When people could sit anywhere they wanted, and open locked doors ( but not go inside em)? Well I do. And I want to remember more. I forgot what the jungle looked like gated, and the community center locale with the "bulletin board" that always had the "coming soon" parrot sign. I thougt they would never change, or at least something like that, because i never got a snapshot, and can't even find one someone else took.

I myself wasn't really there for the Beta days, and joined in Dec 96/Jan 97, so I never really knew what it was like without turfs, or how Uni was captured and taken hostage. I even missed out with knowing Loki. I was, however, there for the appearence of BE, the opening of the jungle, at least 1 fern day, and more. Did'nt spend as much time IW back then either, because I myself hate $100+ CServe bills.

I also missed out on the patches, for the most part, and never got to patch paint a thing (cept for some kimi newbie heads), or got to sit down on the sidewalk for long periods of time. I found the patches exactly 1 week before WA was going to 2.0 . Oh well {f8}. The patches I did experience, however, were a ball to use. Specially the gestures patch.

I also have a reccolection of how things were without turf glue/paste/or whatever you wanna call it. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, really. Ghostraces seemed a little fairer too, because you would unghost then pick up one of many boxes. Most had nothing in them, but some had prizes. I miss that way. The drawbacks were, of course, larger than the good parts, because you couldn't be an avatar in a shop, and had to browse as a ghost. You couldn't let multiple people down on the ground if you had decorations. You couldn't even open a walkthru museum.

But getting back to the good memories, it seemed more exciting. Probably because I spent a LOT less time on then I do now. Back then, there was no such thing as taking a stroll in the jungle, or having a ghostrace where you show the prizes for multiple races. And it never bothered me. Now, lot's seem to complain (even me) about when new locales are going to open, or demanding new pixels. Back then, I remember oohing and ahhing at the persons sitting on the sidewalk, until, I too could(for a week). I even took some early picks of me as an "oracle" ^_^ .


I really had fun with those patches, but of course, 2.0 wiped em out for good. (Not saying that you should use patches, but just showing what they USED to do in case your wondering, and i wouldnt of used em if I knew they were against TOS, but I thought it was ok to use em after i saw a groub of people all lined up sitting on the sidewalk, but they arent as I now know)

And going way back, when I first came upon worldsaway, the biggest memories I have are of seeing the signs that said "This object to be completed" or "This region to be completed" all over (you know, with the parrot on em? ^_^). I also vaugly remember the old Harlequin Games, and the different logo it had. But, how could I forget about the original V-Mart. It was small. Small, that is, compared to today's vmart. Back then, we had only 1 floor, which had 4 sections. I remember it being sorta like this...

_--- - ---_ | _ = changing room
_--- ^ ---_ | - = room w/ vendo
_--- ^ ---_ | ^ = vendo w/ door
_--- E ---_ | E = Old Entrance
Well, it went something like that. I bought a few things from mthere, but all are gone, lost in time, and long forgotten, all because I...... didn't pay the rent in time. It was late July when I found out that I had lost my beloved turf, Lizard HQ2 (the original), by only days. I had lost my boombox, my goldilocks head, 2 rose heads, 2-3 teddies, about 6 pine nut candies, and more. I still have a few pictures of that turf, but there lost on my HD.

Well, the dreamscape has changed a lot in 2 years, and it seems like yesterday was when I entered the dream. And, some may be thinking, why write such an article? Because, I know some avatars to be considered "newbies" who werent here for it, and don't know a thing about this. I bet some oldbies forgot some of it too. Well, happy dreaming ^_^

November 3rd, 1998