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Top Sites & Top Sites Professional

         Top Sites is the original and premier web site ranking program, which can build great traffic to many web sites. So popular in fact Cgi-resources named a category after it. Top Sites begins with web masters signing up and adding their site to Top Sites, with their page name, url and a banner url (these can be customized to include a site description). They are then given a unique HTML code (either a text or image link) to place on their site. Every time a person clicks on the image or text the hit is counted for the member who's link was clicked. They are then automatically directed to the a Top Sites page displaying the top 10 or 25 or what ever you want. They can then travel on to another site from this list. This list is automatically generated every time increment you choose. Ranking the sites on the amount of hits they have brought that day or total number of hits overall. Top Sites Professional works the same as the free version of Top Sites, but with many more features. The freeware version can be downloaded here.

Features Included in the freeware version:
  • Number of sites to rank, ex. top 10 or top 25, you choose any number.
  • Number of sites to display banner, ex Top site, top 5 sites, or what ever.
  • Two ranking options
    Total Hits
  • User taken to Top Sites list automatically upon click thru.
  • Hands free sign up page, each person creates their own account without anything done by you.
  • Multiple color configurations

        With the release of 3.0, Top Sites Professional increases the distance between us and other so called ranking programs. Version 3.0 contains over 100 different variables to create an unlimited number of combinations, ensuring you your Top Sites will be one of a kind. The best part is that there is no editing of cgi scripts needed. All variable configuring is done via you web browser, making it easy for anyone, no matter if they have a clue about cgi or not. Take a long look around these pages, and play with the demo, we think you'll agree there is no other Top Sites for you.

Features Included in the professional version (not in freeware version):
  • Variable editting completely browser based.
  • Counts out-going hits.
  • Ability to split the rankings up among many pages.
  • Gateway or double cgi protection option available.
  • Daily system and member stats.
  • Bulk Email to all members.
  • Admin and Member editing of account.
  • IP blocking to deter cheaters.
  • Total control over colors and look.
  • Encrypted passwords.
  • Ease of customization (headers and footers for all pages)
  • Crontab option.
  • You decide how you want your members to be ranked:
    Total hits in
    Hits in current day
    Hits in current week
    Hits in current month
    Hit/day average
  • 8 different display options configurable in numerous ways.
  • Plus much more

        When you buy the professional version, you will receive an id and password to our professional lounge, you may come and go as you please downloading any professional Top Sites version you wish. In this lounge is where all upgrades and new information pertaining to Top Sites Professional is released. There is also a web board for members to discuss modifications they have made, requests for modifications, or future options they would like to see included. The lounge also houses and faq page and tips and tricks page for easy use and customization of Top Sites.

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