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  • When: Thursday, April 5, 6 p.m.
  • Where: Rendezvous at 105 S. Main, outside on the sidewalk
  • Contact:
  • Free, All Ages
  • Yes, this is a reschedule of the March event. Sigh. Between earthquakes, riots, and rain, we decided to flake, wimp, chill, etc. BUT NOTHING WILL HOLD US BACK NOW! Not even Johnny-come- Lately COPYCAT competing events! At the rendezvous point, we'll coordinate plans and share out the cards. Then we'll split up into small groups, and helpfully explain to any/all art patrons about Buzzword Bingo. We WILL have proctor badges! We WILL have fabulous prizes, After Art Walk closes down, we'll reconvene at J&M Cafe to share tales and spin yarns.

    More cacophony can be found at

    Sometimes we are the Trollsylvanian Heritage Society.

    alt.culture.cacophony is the cacophony newsgroup. Ask your provider for it today, and join in cacophonous discussions.

    Mailing list: We have a mailing list from yahoo groups. To add your name to the Seattle Cacophony Society's mail list go to, register (it's free!) and enter your email address and the list name "seattlecacophony". After that, you can get info and updates about spontaneous events and other cacophonish activities or let others know about them. To send a message to the list email How is it free for us? They put an ad at the end of each message.

    Propaganda site! Many folks subscribe to the snail mail version of the newsletter or get event listings off of the web site once they know of its existence. However the majority of new Cacophonists usually find a printed copy of Machination left as a guide to help those in search of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society find us. To reach more folks and to, hopefully, increase event sponsorship and attendance, we put up a web page which has a PDF of the current issue ready for download. If everyone who visited the "Official" web site were to stop by the propaganda page, grab the latest issue and print 'n distribute a few (say a dozen or so) copies to some of their favorite haunts it would greatly increase the chance that some lost, hapless soul would be saved from the mundane.


    Machination is the newsletter of the Seattle Cacophony Society.

    Latest Issue! Machination for December, 1999

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  • Event Reports

    First-person stories of experiences at Cacophony Events. If you attend an event and would like to describe how it seemed to you, it could be here!

  • Irrelevant Tax Protest by Nick Fraser et al.
  • Inanimate Object Bungee Jump
    September 19, 1998 by Jared et al.
  • Letterboxing
    May 9, 1998 by The Law et al.
  • Easter Bunny Hunt
    April 12, 1998 by J---- et al.
  • In-Santa-Cide
    December 21, 1997 by Rebecca Haines et al.
  • Bob Dylan Holiday Choir
    December 7, 1997 by Anita Rowland et al.
  • Trolloween
    October 31, 1997 by Matt Squires et al.
  • Inanimate Object Bungee Jump
    September 27, 1997 by Nick Fraser et al.
  • Other Cacophonous Materials

    When Cacophony Events have written materials associated with them, I try to snag a copy for archiving and electronic distribution.

  • Costume of Trollsylvania
  • History of Trollsylvania
  • Badminton Golf in Belltown
  • Put the Hank Back in Thanksgiving
  • The Philosophy of Spring
  • Lincoln Sees His Shadow and Falls in Love
  • Cacophony - Through Flattest Ballard
  • Cacophony - Through Flattest Ballard: Additions and Addendums
  • Vortex Festival - 1994
  • Through Time and Space with the Emperor Norton
  • Appliance Day Out - Appliance Forecasts
  • Messages to Socks the Cat - Ask Socks
  • Ask Socks Brochure
  • Contact Cacophony:

    3016 16th Ave S.
    Seattle, WA 98144

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