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  • I used to LOVE Harry Potter. I was a Harry maniac. Then, the 4th book came out. I was about ready to grab the book when Mom said (And I'm glad she did.) "I'll read this first." So she did. She read it and did not like it at all. She read me JUST one chapter and I went to bed and had nightmares.
    A Harry Potter Ex-Fan, age 12 of MO

  • These are great books, with interesting, unpredictable plots. I think the 4th is best by far, and I'm sure they'll just keep improving. J. K. Rowling is one awesome author. I just wish they weren't doing the movie or all of the merchandise that goes with the movie. It ruins the images you have in your mind. Imagination is always better

  • The Harry Potter books are so good I don't want to put it down. The latest one J.K. Rowling wrote was the very best. I read so much in 1 day that I read the whole book in 3 days. I would give it a million toes.
    Brianna K., age 7 of Fairfax, VA

  • Harry Potter is full of imagination, mystery, suspense, ispiration, and the thing that really stirs it up: magic! The Harry Potter book series are my absolute favorite books. I'm wild for Harry! I think that Harry Potter is a good influence on young, and old children who do not read much. I have a friend, and you would never catch him reading. Then he read the first Harry book, and is falling for it! Harry Potter has everything a book should have: Adventure!
    Colleen M., age 11 of Pocatello, ID

  • Not my thing. The first Harry Potter book was read to my class in 3rd grade and I didn't like it. It doesnt make sence to me.
    Hannah S., age 11 of Lockridge, IA

  • I love Harry Potter books because you can pitcher what is happening in your mind. I love how Harry always is really trying to beat up Malfoy and their is all this action and it makes you think. I think everyone should read this book because it is the best. I give the book 5 toes up!!!
    Jessica L., age 13 of West Chazy, NY

  • These Books are Great!! They keep your interest and its nearly impossible to stop reading them. You can get a crystal clear picture in your mind of Harry's adventures, from playing Quidditch to stopping Lord Voldemort from continuing His reign of terror, which Harry ended when he was a baby, as Voldemort failed to kill him and lost his powers. From hatching dragons to fighting the terrifying guards of the wizard prison, Azkaban, from fighting controling curses to speaking to snakes, you'll definately find something interesting in Harry Potter's adventures!!
    Jessie D., age 11 of Amherst, NS

  • I liked the Harry Potter books because they were mysterious, adventureous and weird. I really enjoyed the magic in it. I read all four books and they were great. I got school credit for reading them too.
    Will F., age 9 of Pflugerville, TX

  • I loved every one of the Harry Potter Books. I couldn't put it down!. I can't wait for the 5th book, I think it's Harry Potter and The Phoenix, but I'm not sure. I can hardly wait for the movie. If I had a favorite, it would be no. 4 because it made me cry when Cedric Diggory died and when Cho had tears streaming down her face. I just hope that in the last book Dumbledore tells everyone what Harry Potter really did.
    Olivia B., age 11 of Rock Hill, NY

  • I LOVE Harry Potter books. I give him 5 toes. Some parents want this seris out of schools'. Some think that it has religon in it but they don't. If we took all the books that are like the Harry Potter books out of the libraries it would be kinda emptey.
    Sarah K., age 11 of Hettinger, ND

  • I don't like Harry Potter at all. I don't like that in some of the books it deals with deamons and other stuff. The reason is because since I am christian I don't like that kind of stuff.
    Sarah R., age 11 of Markdale, ON

  • The Harry Potter series is filled with magical fun for all ages. 7 books, each telling how weird and twisted little Harry Potter's life at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. I love these books cause they help build build the imaginatintion, and they're so fun to read, I can hardly ever put them down. If you like fun and magical Adventures like me, see how much trouble Harry and his friends get into! Happy Readings!
    Sha-Kera N., age 13 of Houston, TX

  • I have read all the Harry Potter books over and over again. Ever since I got my Harry Potter books, I have never taken my eyes off them. I can't wait until the new Harry Potter movie comes out.
    Zachary & Kevin of San Lorenzo, CA

  • I like Harry Potter. I like this book. I like it because I like Harry.
    Adam M., age 9 of Osmond, NE

  • I have read all four Harry Potter books and I think they are awsome! Even my mom and grandma want to read them. I have suggested them to family and friends. I hope some of the ZOOOMers will read them too!
    Alexis S., age 11 of Ottawa, ON

  • I love the Harry Potter books there so fantastic! I loved the first one! I loved the second one! I loved the third one! But I loved the fourth one even more, I'll live in suspence until the fifth one comes out!
    Allison K., age 9 of Austin, TX
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