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Champ Quest

The Ultimate Search

Champ Quest is an organization dedicated to finding,
identifying and protecting the large reptiles known collectively as
CHAMP, who have chosen Lake Champlain as their home.

Dennis Hall

To report a Champ Sighting

35,000 + visitors

In the Beginning.............

It was the summer of 1965 that I first knew  "The Lake Champlain Monster" was  real.  My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Pete Bigelow had been boating in Plattsburgh Bay. They came home with a tale that spurred me toward a lifetime of adventure.

When they arrived home that afternoon, they were very excited and definite about what they had seen. While anchored in the crystal clear, sandy bottomed bay, they saw one of the animals known as Champ, swim under their boat.

The description they gave, fascinated me. They had captured the imagination of a nine year old boy.  The search begain.

Thirty-six years later; we have now entered a new millennium-the search will continue during the winter months using sonar through the ice.   A hunch I have, as to were (at least ONE of them hibernates) is worth pursuing.  If it gets cold enough to freeze!!!  February 14, 2001: Lake Champlain has not froze end to end for the past six years.
The marshes have not been safe  this past winter.

2000 Sightings Map

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Click Here for .pdf version (live links) 160k

New Photo Evidence :Two frames from June 12, 2000 video

(Click the thumbnails for the full pictures)


Champ in the Spotlight...

U-Haul International  has chosen  Champ as a Supergraphic
It is to be used worldwide on the side of their trucks. I have been helping them for about a year and am very pleased with the results.

The February 2000 issue of Sports Afield magazine has a piece on the Champ Quest Field Guides.

Ever wonder what Champ looks like?

Thirteen - 2000 Champ Sightings:

June sightings calendar July sightings calendar
Body of Evidence:Summer 2000
  On July 6, 2000 I video taped two Champtanys as they walked along the bottom of
the shallow waters just south of the mouth of Otter Creek.  The two animals remained
visible, off and on for 1 hour.

What made this different from other sightings I have had, is the detail in the video,
it shows the texture of the animals skin.  It looked like that of a sturgeon.  To be sure
I brought the video to the Federal Fisheries Dept. and had it viewed by a biologist that
knows sturgeon inside and out.   After viewing it she stated that the animals in the video
were not Sturgeon "...have you thought of Champ?"

On July 23, I was conducting the search from Button Bay-around 5 p.m. my eye picked
up movement between Rock Island and the shore.
The movement, quick and distant, still stood the hairs up on my neck, I quickly began to video tape.
Over a four minute period a  single Champtany sticks its neck straight out of the water and remains
on the surface long enough for me to zoom in while the camera was on a tripod.
It bends its neck and looks like its neck is contracting in a vertical manor (like trying to
swallow something) the animal after a few minutes quickly disappears under the water.

Sighting report from 1974/with a sketch



 The 1985 Hall Video in MPEG FORMAT

Download the file  fullzoom.mpeg(4.72 megabytes).


The entire segment in real-time, is less than 4 seconds.
This slowed version of the REAL-TIME is +-18 seconds.
The entire video is 24 seconds........

Historic Keystone Discovered

The oldest, undisturbed English built stone defensive work, has been discovered on Lake Champlain!!!

This site is made possible by

Essence of Vermont

Publishers of Vermont's History & The Champ Quest Field Guides



  Sighting Update: Winter sighting of Champ makes Hall question his own theories!!!

In the News


  Photo Special

New Evidence
from the Past!!!
Source: History of Eastern Vermont - Benjamin H. Hall 1858
  • May 29, 2000.... I have learned that the rock still exists, but is underwater because of various dams on the Connecticut River. I have contacted the Vermont State Archeologist informing her of the Rock. I await her reply.
  • Tanystropheus would make a sound like THIS  According to the man that recreated the dinosaur sounds for the original Jurassic Park 



    Other Photographic Evidence:

    In 1977, Sandi Mansi snapped the best photo in existence of a lake monster.
    I have enlarged portions of the photo. To see the results click.

    The photo can also be seen here.

    Lake Champlain Facts

    The Vermont History Source
     War of 1812 fortifications discovered intact and undisturbed
    Stone fort built in 1690 discovered.
     linguistic discovery  "Pagkatagkan" = paddle to go


    Lake Champlain: Troubled Water



      Essence of Vermont

    The above photo dates from 1860 and is just one of five hundred glass negatives taken by Vergennes Photographer J.H. Stearns.  The entire collection will be published by Essence of Vermont Publishers and includes such famous characters as Rowland T. Robinson, Achsa Sprauge, Mr. Bixby and many, many children.


    Search Tips

    The Moon plays the biggest role in deciding when I look for Champ (unless someone calls in a sighting as it's happening). All animals, including humans, are affected by the moon. Champtanystropheus is no exception to the rule.  Champtany's are  a nocturnal animal. During the twilight hours fish rise to the surface to feed on the bugs ect. that have accumulated on the surface of the lake during the day. This is a predictable behavior that fish possess. Champtany feeds on the fish that feed on the bugs, because of this, they too become predictable.

    The best search method for seeing these animals is still hunting.  Better yet still hunting from the same exact spot night after night.  Just because you do not always  see the Champtanys, that does not mean they are not there.  By returning to the same spot over and over you become part of the background an expected sight.  Its then and I am not talking days or weeks, it may be the third or fourth summer, that the animals will accept you as non-threatning part of their habitat.  That is when the REAL fun begins.

    While on watch one evening I saw one of these animals herd a school of fish into the shallow water off a state owned island.  It happened just as I was arriving.  I had to make a quick decision, watch the animal or get the camera and take my eyes off the animal, I watched. The animal guided the school of small fish into shallow water. It then slapped its neck back and forth against the surface of the water,  stunning the fish.  This sighting also left me stunned.

    I have spent twenty years compiling information about Champ. My own sightings of Champ gave me the basis for narrowing the window of opportunity to see Champ. To put a theory to test, I re-read all the Champ sighting reports,  paying close attention to the time of day, but more importantly, the time of month that past sightings had taken  place.  A distinctive pattern emerged which the end result is the Best Search Dates.

    75% of the sightings (1997-1999) occured on a
    Best Search Date.

  Barnes& Barnes& Barnes& Barnes&

    Now Sell the Champ Quest Field Guide & Almanac


    The 2000 Field Guide & Almanac

    ISBN 1-928837-01-8  $16.95 U.S.


    Who is polluting VERMONT?

  • Find out who is polluting Vermont
  • Where they are located
  • The chemicals they release
  • The Hazards they create
  • How to take Action
  • Click the SCORECARD image
  • Offering this service on the Champ Quest Web site is by no means a slam to the businesses mentioned as polluters.  In fact theses businesses should be praised for their efforts to cut the amount of pollutants released into the environment.  Lake Champlain is cleaner today because of these efforts.  Champ Quest would like to Thank You.

    Lake Champlain is in deep trouble: It is reported that the Quagga Mussel, a cousin of the Zebra Mussel, has also invaded our lake.
    This invasion has been confirmed!!
      Lake Bomossen in Southern Vermont is just one of the latest victim of the Zebra Mussel. How did it happen? To prevent this in the future an all out effort to find the source should be the number one priority of the state of Vermont.


    Only YOU can prevent the spread of Zebra Mussels
    Photo Credit: Bernie May   Cornell University


    Plan a Summer Vacation  in Vermont
    Go  Ver-monster Hunting on Lake Champlain

    aboard the

    The Lake Champlain Ferries

    All from downtown Burlington, Vermont

    Tour the Countryside....Tour the Lake Bottom

    New site I discovered February 08, 2000  Give it a visit!!!

    CHAMP ART     Artist Elizabeth Fraser


    Champtanys are a protected species in VT and New York

    "from any willful act resulting in death, injury or harassment."
    "Legislative resolution encouraging serious inquiry into the existence of unusual animals in Lake Champlain, especially one commonly known as "Champ", protecting Champ from any willful act resulting in death, injury, or harassment; and encouraging report of sighting of such animals."


    Vermont Frogs in Trouble
    United States Government connection  Deformed Frogs
    The state of Vermont's deformed Frogs

    The International Dragontology Society of Lake Memphremagog

    Vermont Traveler's Guide     Essence of Vermont

    The Addison County Independent    Earthquake

    Sightings: Summer 1997

    June 30, 1997  Champ(s) sighting     Addison,Vermont
    July 8, 1997 Champ(s) seen by three people  Shoreham, Vt
    August 7,1997 Champ seen up close at Perkins Pier  Burlington, Vt
    August 19, 1997  Champ sighted in New York  Crown Point, NY
    August 28, 1997 Couple see Champ while camping Grand Isle State Park,Vt


      Click picture for a computer enhanced version

    click on the WAKE to view embossed Image


    Lake Champlain water temperature and Water level  2000
    Date Moon Water Temp.F. Water Level
    Feet above sea level
    1-1-1999   41 100.58  
    1-2-1999  Full 44 99.98 -20f.
    1-3-1999   46 99.24 Ice Storm
    5-10-1999   50 96.80 Search Begins!
    12-31-1999   35 95.68  
    Date Moon Water Temp. Water Level Comments:
    1-1-2000   35 95.66  
    1-2   37 95.64 Water level 4 ft. lower than this date last year
    1-3   37 95.63 Air Temp. 56 f. Record High
    1-23   33 95.82  Button Bay Frozen over
    3-12   35 97.5 Lake did not freeze over end to end!
    4-11   36 99.66 14" Snow
    4-16   32 99.92 50 degree air temp. change in 24 hours
    5-6   42 101.4 Very High Water
    5-13   46* 101 Rain,rain,rain
    5-26   50 100.33 Search Starts
    As of Feb.14, 01 Lake Champlain has not froze end to end.  This will be the
    sixth consecutive winter the lake has not froze.

    Still shot from my 1985 video.  Champ is to the right of the trees, the neck and head of the animal are facing left. Notice the arch shape of the neck.  The small object to the far right is a buoy.

    Lots of Champ Stuff Below:

  • During the summer of 1993, Tokyo Broadcasting came to Lake Champlain in search of Champ. The result was a 3 hr. prime-time documentary called "The Presenter". I lead them on a 6 week expedition to find Champ and the people who have seen Champ. To read more about it follow the link. Japanese  
  • During the Japanese search we conducted a sweep of the lake with a V-shaped formation of boats, each with its own sonar or paper graph recorder. Jim Hoatling was the first to pick a large object just West of Potash Bay, Vt you can now view what he recorded on September 2, 1993 between 3:45-4:05 p.m..Click each  
  • The International Cryptozoology Society asked Champ Quest to publish a field report, which we did in 1992. This is an excellent variety of sightings. Well worth reading.  
  • The Tanystropheus is a very strange reptile, to learn more about the animal most likely to be responsible for the 600+ sightings in Lake Champlain, click Tanystropheus .  
  • If you see one of the Champtanystropheus do not poke it with a stick You will see why!!!  
  • Button Bay State Park , located in Ferrisburgh, Vt, has been the scene of several baby Champ sightings. In 1993, two women were wading in the shallow waters when this animal swam between them.  
  • In 1985 I was lucky enough to capture a full grown Champtany on video tape. In the near future still shots from  the tape will be added to this site, but for now you canread about it .         Map of sighting location  (+44.194080,-073.367383) nbsp 
  • Thompson's Point in Charlotte,Vermont was the scene of a mass sighting (nine children) in August of 1993.  Included is a drawing of what Sarah Ford saw that day.



    Hall's Rediscovered


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