Electoral Vote Proportional Map

Final Results of 2000 Presidential Election

One problem with the maps that display the electoral-college results is that almost invariably they are the familiar flat projection map. This map exaggerates the area covered by an electoral winner in large, empty states such as Wyoming and diminishes the area covered by the electoral winner in small, crowded states such as Massachusetts.

An electoral-vote proportional map shows the same area for the same number of electoral votes, and tends to balance out the distortions created by using an inappropriate map. electoral-vote proportional map of the united states colored by winning candidate
Compare with NYTimes Popular Vote by County, on a standard US map.
Also compare official 2000 Electoral College results at the National Archives.

The basic outlines of this map courtesy Michael R. Fortner, NIU.
Discussion of this map found at Kottke.org and Peterme.com.

Map by Dan Hartung. Visit my Lake Effect weblog.