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The Virtual Pagan Cookbook

This week's web site is quite different from any that I've reviewed before. However, it certainly is one of my favorite sites that I refer to again and again. The Virtual Pagan Cookbook has many delightful recipes for cooking up all sorts of things and is collected from pagans around the world who graciously submitted their recipes.

Upon clicking Contents on the main page, you will find yourself transported to a listing of 24 categories with over 350 recipes. As with all cookbooks, you'll find the traditional categories of beverages, casseroles, salads, desserts, main dishes, breads, etc.

However, there are a few categories you'll find here that you won't find in Betty Crocker's. Try out herbs, ritual, household hints or Novelties. There are humorous and serious recipes in these.

There is also a category for software that has a nifty conversion table for cooks.

You can also submit your own recipes to share with the world pagan community. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on submit and follow directions.

I would suggest everyone visit the Pagan Virtual Cookbook and try one of the many recipes like Green Man Salad with Green Dressing, Lammas Berry Soup, Ricotta Broccoli Pizza, Vicious Brownies, RoseHips Mead or Roasted Garlic with fresh Thyme & Goat Cheese. Yummy.

Enjoy cooking and eating. And if you have leftovers, just them to me. <grin>

Greetings to all. This month's web site pick is so large and packed full of wondrous things to discover and enjoy that you'll want to bookmark it and return again and again.

The main page is the actual table of contents with 7 main headings that each have 3 to 8 subheadings. Since there is so much content here, I'm going to list each main heading and tell just a little about what you might find inside. Just enough to tantalize you into checking out the web site.

Resources- Inside here you will find a map to the site as well as a mini tour of the web pages. You'll also find a glossary and index, almanac and free pagan graphics to download.

Articles- This heading has over 30 articles for you to read and learn from in subjects from Gardening to Scrying, Puzzles to Divination and Volute's Variety which you will most definitely want to spend an hour or two reading the articles here.

Member Area - Online courses and online books are the mainstays of this area as is an entire love spell book. You'll find more articles and so many spells, you'll think you've unearthed a Book of Shadows. Free co-op pages can be found here as well as discussions and books.

Merry Meet - The place to find chat rooms, forums, or pagan greeting cards.

Read about or contact the editors from this area.

Stores - This deceptively small heading houses The PaganPath Market in which you can purchase those hard to find ritual items or sign up to put your own wares up for sell. You do have to be a member to sell, but not to browse and buy.

Book of Shadows - Yes, they do have one and you will be delighted with most things held within. From the 13 principles of Wicca to Craft Traditions, this BOS is a bit different from other online BoS.

Links - Visit here for a nice assortment of listings to take you to other like minded places.

All there is left for you to do is click on the banner above and Enjoy!


Oracle of the Lazy Butterfly - Only Official Site of DenElder's writings

Come one, Come all. Gather around for I have a treat for you on this week's site review. Many sites on Pagan/Wicca/Witchcraft contain the same basic information presented almost in the same way. Not so with The Oracle of the Lazy Butterfly and DenElder, your host and teacher. I shall give you just a smidgen of information to whet not only your curiosity but your appetites for knowledge as well. For this is a site well worth a visit and your time.

DenElder does present the basic information but in an entirely different way.......a way which not only encourages you but demands you to develop your own way of thinking. All the articles are originals from DenElder and although others have taken things from her site, she is well copyrighted.

That said, DenElder graciously gives one and all permission to make one copy for their own personal use.

Her home page introduces you to 8 books which are actually compilations of DenElder's teachings over the last 25 years grouped into like areas. I will mention here that Books 5 & 6 are currently under construction, and I for one, cannot wait until they are finished. In all the available books, you are instructed to read the articles in the order presented. I would also recommend reading Books 1 and 2 first before any of the others.

Book 1 is a glossary of terms of paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft. This glossary contains some of the usual words you would find but many other words, group of words and names that I have not found anywhere else and wondered exactly what that did mean. Be sure and read the introduction first before exploring.

Book 2 is called Ramblings, but is actually a very comprehensive source of information on basic wicca and touches on many things that other sites do not. For example, "gaining sensitivity", "finding your life partner" and "astral projection". This is also the place where you find out who DenElder is, what her background is and what she believes.

Book 3 is Crystal Magick and alas, I could not view it as my ISP does not recognize prehttp format. However, that said, I have seen some of the information contained within and I can assure you this are holds some things that most folks don't seem to think of.

Book 4 is Astrology and is very well thought out in the way it is presented. Not alot of mumbo jumbo but instead precise information that even a beginner can understand easily.

Book 7 is Tarot Scrying and is actually on the Home Page itself. DenElder is a Certified Tarot Grand Master and if you are in the least interested in Tarot or even have been practicing for years like myself, I recommend that you read every article. I will admit here that being an Aquarian with my own brand of logic, I tried out of order. Take it from me, stay in line.

Book 8 is about Rune Scrying. The information starts out basic but ends up being advanced. Even those who have thrown the stones for many a moon might learn something new here.

There is also a section on Witchcraft which is excellent and be sure and read the Disclaimer as well. There is so much information here that you might not be able to absorb it all in one visit or might just want to refer to it as needed, so be sure and bookmark this website. It's a keeper. Enjoy.



There are many pagan and wiccan sites all over the web on many different servers. However, there is a IPP that is for pagans by pagans. It is DrakNet and it's this week's pick.

While DrakNet does offer domains and advertising at a small monthly fee, the best news is that they have offer 10 megabyte sites for free. And all this with no advertising on any of the host sites. Yes, you did read that right. The only place advertising appears is on their sites, not on anyone else's that hosts with them, regardless of whether folks pay or use the free hosting service. I enjoyed this feature when I was surfing the sites they host.

DrakNet is an original in several ways. They have a pagan only Resource center that has "geeky" Pagan articles on web hosting, page making and everything else computer related. They also have a special place for free Pagan Graphics. Anyone can use these to put on their web pages.

They offer free email that is spam free except for the occasional Pagan Sabbat holiday greeting they send you. And the DrakNet search area is fantastic. Easy to use and easy to follow. DrakNet is host to over 1,800 sites with great diversity. Categories range from Arts and Culutre to Pagan Family/Business/Resources to NonPagan sites to different Pagan aspects sites and even included are a few categories simply waiting for someone to host a page.

The home page of DrakNet is informative. Just be sure to hit every link you can to learn all you can about DrakNet. Happy searching.


Lady Tatianna's Pages


As most of our regular readers know, I try to review sites that stray from the ordinary basics of Wicca and offer something more to our community.

Lady Tatianna's site definitely meets this criteria. One portion is dedicated to the Fey or Faerie Wicca and the other to Midwifery. This might seem unusual to some, but upon reflection, I think you will find many of our belief system are involved in healing of some kind. Midwifery has been practiced by pagans since beginning of time. Being a nurse, I found the duality of this site invigorating. Just hit the link to go visit Lady Tatianna at either place.

The opening page gives the viewer the choice of going to either the Sidhe (Faerie) pages or to the Midwifery Mansion. On the Midwifery page, Lady Tatianna explains her reasons for including this in her site as well as stressing that these pages are in the beginning stages. If you have information to share, please drop Lady Tatianna or Halona Britton as she is also known a line. Currently available are pages of her niece and nephew, links to DONA - Doulas of North America and ICEA - International Childbirth Association. She has a library for Midwifery and Pregnant women, links to Baby Sites that are unusual yet great and a In the News site with midwifery articles. Enjoy.

At the Sidhe Haven site, Lady Tatianna takes a narrative approach to describe the different areas and what is available in each. Areas such as the Pantry for recipes of all kinds, the Library for books, and the Parlor for musical selections are filled with great suggestions. The Garden has original poetry while the Gateway has links to other interesting sites.

One of the most unique features is the Living Room. Here sit folks just like us who have visited and introduced themselves. Short bios are included and you can even link to their sites or email on most of these folk.

You can even add your bio if you like.

There are also areas devoted to Lady Tatianna's family, awards and web rings. The Web Ring pages are called Circle of Friends and More Friends and are definitely worth taking a look at. Lady Tatianna also has her own web ring called Tatianna's Pagan Haven that you can link too. Directions are easy to follow and she had 8 very interesting sites when I was there.

And be sure and check out the Power source for current topics that affect our community. Articles are timely and well written.


Click the banner above to visit the site.

Many pagans/wiccans/alternative religion practitioners are solitaries by choice or need. They find it difficult to contact others in their area.

Others are new to the craft or path and again, find it difficult to find those who are of like mind. And still others move to another state or even country and wish to establish new friendships with others upon the same path.

Now it is much easier to meet pagans who are on the same path or wavelength as yourself. Pagan Profiles is a great site where pagans sign up to be listed in a giant directory that covers not only the United States but also Europe, Africa, Australia and Canada. One can do a search for others of like mind without joining Pagan Profiles but to be listed, one must join.

And that's free. The process to join is simple but you do have to go check your email for the password first. Be aware that the password is unchangeable so be sure and write it down. There is also a help center and a FAQ which is invaluable and I suggest everyone read this first. Very understandable and answers lots of those off the wall but important questions.

Once you have joined you have 2 choices on how to search for those in your area. You can choose to search by maps which is very easy to follow or by other options which include age, name or main geographical area. I suggest first search by maps. It was by far the easiest.

And if you want to be found or just a contact for others, be sure and go under member tools and place your profile.

You can find me there under DFW - FireHeart. If you sign up, drop me a line. Happy Hunting.




What a delight I have in store for you this week. This site differs from others that I have reviewed as it is a mail order site.

A mail order site by pagans for pagans featuring 5 of the most exceptional cross stitch pagan themed patterns I have ever had the pleasure to view. In fact, even if you never cross stitched, have no desire to cross stitch and don't even plan to order, still hit the link above. Viewing the patterns is well worth your time. And you just might change your mind.

As mentioned above, there are 5 breathtaking patterns. All 5 are available as just charts with 3 available as kits. The Elemental Cosmos Pentacle is awesome with it's bright colours and unique design. The Astrological Sample and Star Maiden will also delight your visionary senses. Two other patterns honor Samhain and Yule, but I'll let you discover those for yourself.

Ordering is easy and has it's own link. Be sure and read the welcome by Becca and Ann Marie as it explains the conception of the idea of the web site and patterns.

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.



Having difficulty finding that just right ritual piece or wall hanging at an affordable price? Looking for a auction that has just wiccan/pagan/related items so that you don't have to wade thru pages and pages of nonrelated items with similar names?

The Eclectic Witch Auction is the place for you. It is ran by the same people who run the list, EclecticWitch, on but it is open to EVERYONE.

It is divided into categories such as Altar Items, Books, Candles, Incense, Jewelry, Wall Hangings, Miscellaneous, etc. The registration is free and simple. To list an item for sale is free for a standard listing; however, you can choose a featured listing or a little icon for a very minimal price.

The icons are for $0.50. You can even include a picture of the item for sell for free. Navigation of the site is self-explanatory and easy.

The bonus to this site of course is Wiccan/pagan items offered by Wiccan/pagans for Wiccan/pagans at a reasonable price. Most of these items seem to have been created or crafted at the appropriate moon times with positive energies which is always appreciated.

Don't let the recent low activity deter you from either buying or selling.

This place can hop. Bright Blessings and happy shopping. Just hit the link to go see if that special piece is waiting for you...........



I know it's only May, but here in the deep South, the outside temperatures have already soared into the high 80's. Such weather brings to my mind such things as lesser clothing and outside rituals. For my outdoor rituals, especially Summer Solstice, I like to wear temporary tattoos on my now exposed body parts. I have noticed that many others also like the no pain way of expressing their individuality.

Although not pagan oriented, Mehndi Spice Henna Tattoos offers pagans/wiccans a variety of easy to apply tattoos in natural henna so as not to add detriment to our bodies with unnecessary chemicals. Their designs can be easily combined to create very intricate all over body tattoos or used in just one or two special places.

They offer 6 different individual designs, most 50 cents, ranging from the simply elegant Saffron Spice to the beautifully complicated India Spice. Also available at $2.00 a 4.5" x 6" page in 4 different designs while supplies last are sets of tattoos which can be used individually or all together. Each page includes at least 2 tattoos appropriate for wrists or ankles. They have intriguing names such as Arabian Nights & Mysterious Morocco. I found that the Sacred Earth and Sultry Sun sheets consisted of tattoos just right for Summer Solstice.

If you are having doubts, then take advantage of their free offer. For a SASE, you can receive a free individual tattoo. Or if you are adventurous or creative, follow their simple directions for making your own Henna Paste and follow their simple to very complex designs.


Click the banner to visit Avatar


How many times have you visited a pagan/wiccan/occult site and saw the banner for Avatar Search Engine? In fact, their banner is on this very site on the first page. They are billed as the search engine of the Occult Internet. And indeed they have the largest collection of pagan/wiccan/occult sites in all imaginable areas of interest. There is something for everyone in their gigantic listings.

But Avatar doesn't just stop at giving you the most comprehensive listing of sites at your fingertips. Nor does it stop at giving you the best picks or the top 20 Cool Links for each month. It is a community within itself, complete with volunteers, community billboard and a community conference forum. There are several places of interest to visit within the site itself.

Avatar also gives out awards to the sites they feel are deserving and have received several themselves. Even if you are not searching for anything, be sure and check out the Avatar site. A nice place to visit for no particular reason at all.


 Pagan Family Pages


 Michele, a wife and mother of two, is the owner of the above site which is geared to the pagan family. Michele says when she first put up the site, there were not very many resources out there for the pagan family and she just wanted a touch point for those parents who needed a connection. Over the years, her ideas have changed and now she as a wondrous evolving web site that caters to ALL types of Pagan Families.

This is truly a site where everyone will feel welcome. She has plans for the future to expand to include a page written to children, page specifically for teens, plus more that are directly related to alternative family situations.

The Pagan Family Pages are arranged in a very logical easy to access formula. There are graphic links on the left hand side to rooms such as the Library, Kitchen, Temple, Studio, and Auditorium. Below the original introduction are text explanations of each room which are hyperlinked so the reader may go directly to that room. Rooms are appropriately named for the material held within.

Michele says her favorite pages are the Library and Kitchen. No matter which room you are in, however, everything is arranged in the same easy access order with the divisions of the room to the upper right in hypertext. The Library has sections for children, adults and herbal lore. There is an invitation to review books and make suggestions to Michele. One thing to note here that I especially like is that she reads all the books that she puts reviews up on. A very personal touch which is evident in the reviews.

The Kitchen is divided into three sections which are the cauldron, gifts and herbal chest. I'll let you discover for yourself what delight each contains.

The Temple has ritual related sections including etiquette for group rituals and a correspondence table. The Studio houses how to do crafts such as dream pillows and original downloadable graphic art to attach to your web page. Wonderful addition. And in the Auditorium, you will find original short stories and poems with an invitation to submit more.

This is a site to sit with your children and surf through. Just hit the hyperlink to go directly there.



 Click the name above to visit the site.

A Journey of the Soul - Metaphysical Resources

This web site not only has something for everyone but also recognizes how busy we are all. Within this web page, one can check their horoscope or the current phase of the moon, read reviews on best selling pagan books like Circle Round, advertise or answer a personal ad, order music, books, tarot decks, etc., and even keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones thru easily accessed chat rooms, email discussion list or free post cards.

There are also articles on health and environment and even sections on divinations. And if all this wasn't enough, they offer free homepages which follow a set format perfect for the beginner. This is a marvelous site which appears to be updated often. Every Wednesday night at 6:30 PM Pacific or 9:30 Eastern, there is a Pagan Salon in the Library Chat Room. To go and visit Spiritualitea now, hit the link. Enjoy.