Big Wreck came crashing together in 1992 at Boston's noted haven of harmonic intent, the Berklee College of Music. But Ian Thornley, bassist Dave Henning, Drummer Forrest Williams, and guitarist Brian Doherty soon found it much more interesting playing gigs than attending classes. Over the next five years, Big Wreck dug in and honed their craft by hitting the road for countless nights of anonymous and grueling roadwork, formulating their powerful sound by plowing over unsuspecting barflies and club patrons with tight, furious sets of original material. Over time, Thornley emerged not only as a formidable guitarist, but also as a captivating frontman and remarkable vocalist. Big Wreck had found just the right mix of collaborative zeal, having shaped their song writing chops by putting in hour after hour of productive studio time.

We're not just standing on the shoulders of the last big thing," declares Big Wreck vocalist and lead guitarist Ian Thornley. "We're standing on the shoulders of every musician who's come before us. Oh sure, anyone can play a pentatonic blues box, but do they know what it means? Everybody borrows, but not everybody can create something new. You've gotta go back and actually live some of it yourself--not because Ry Cooder said so, but because you want to find out for yourself why Ry Cooder got to be as good as he is. And that means going back to Son House, not Soundgarden. As for us, we don't want to regurgitate whatever the last trend was. Everyone in Big Wreck has a particular musical vision about where they want this band to go: forward."

Standing on the shoulders of giants, so the saying goes, leaves some men cold. But not Big Wreck; they've decided to poke their heads through the clouds of the past to chart an explosive future. Big Wreck's debut, "IN LOVING MEMORY OF...," is awash in forward-thinking tunes, from the relentless first single "The Oaf," to the furious dirge of "Overemphasizing," to the delicate touch of the accoustic-tinged "By The Way." Co-produced by Matt DeMatteo and Big Wreck and mixed by Jack Joseph Puig (Talk Show, The Verve Pipe, L7, Tonic), "IN LOVING MEMORY OF..." serves to both pummel and prod its way into the collective consiousness.