[Memories Of Our Fellow Schoolmates]

La Salle Primary School is a school with more than 40 years of history. Each period has different traditions. Here are some trivia of LSPS which may refresh your joyful memory of LSPS. If you have more trivia about LSPS that you wish to share with fellow LaSallians, please send them to

LSPS used to keep small animals at school, Bro.Henry had two small foot-long
crocodiles on display outside the office in a plastic basin, covered with
metal grating to prevent students poking their fingers at the reptile, they
used pencils and other objects instead.  Before the "new" vehicle access
ramp way was built, there was a large fish pond at the back of the school,
at one time the pond was drained and a pair of reindeers were kept there
for about a year.  There was a large bird cage at the podium overlooking the
swimming pool, There were also a couple of fierce looking but perfectly 
docile and harmless boxer dogs running loose in the school.

Spanking by cane was common practice in the school up to the 70's, this used
to be carried out by the headmaster and could be for the most trivial
offence like chatting on assembly or eating after the bell had rung.
Students caught by prefects would line up in silence outside the headmaster
office waiting to be spanked in turn.  The spanking was not too bad but the
waiting in the chilled office was the worse part.  LSPS maintains boys'
dignity by spanking with the pants on while DPS and DBS junior boys were
said to be spanked with pants off.

There used to be one class (A) dedicated to English speaking students in the
old days (at least up to the 70's).  The "Gui-tzai's" were generally not in
good terms with the rest of the school and often ended up in fights and
other trouble particularly with the "B" class next door.  Class A followed a
slightly different curriculum and used English as a teaching medium.

There was an "F" class which was considered the odd ones.  In the old days,
P1, 3, 5 were P.M. classes and P2, 4, 6 were A.M. classes.  The "F" class of
each year was in reverse and you never got to know any of them.  Also
because of this the "F" class students generally were not reshuffled with
other classes in new academic year and they stayed as a closed community.
Rest of the students liked to think that there must be something wrong or
special about the "F" class and they remained a mystery.

In 1967 just after the riot, there had been a bomb scare at LSPS.  A
suspicious package was found outside the school main gate. Bomb disposal
squad was called in, students were confined in classrooms obviously they
couldn't be evacuated since the main gate was blocked.  The package turned
out to be harmless.

Disaster did strike at LSPS, in 1966 part of the retaining wall facing
Boundary Street, then built of large granite blocks, collapsed in heavy rain
soon after school was dismissed.  The wall was about 4m high at the spot and
debris from the mini land slide hit a bus stop right at the breached
section.  The large granite blocks falling down from the wall caused fatal
casualties with some students as well as pedestrians at the bus stop.

Structural problem reoccurred in LSPS in late 80's. LCK Hall was forced
to close due to leakage of asbestos (a building material which is hazardous
to health). The hall was reopened in 1989 after renovation.

LSPS had undergone various stages of development. The present LCK Hall
Extension and Swimming Pool were completed in 1972.  The third floor of the
main building was added sometime in early 1960's.  Full school functions
continued throughout these construction periods, students and teaching staff
had to endure great inconvenience though. 

During the late 60's the original "Batman" TV series was a smash hit and
boys liked to fly their shirts on the back with only the collar button tied
during P.E. lessons, supposedly as the Batman cape.

During the academic year of 90-91, A Japanese 4WD model car cartoon
was top of the hit list. In that year, P.M. students were given permission
to bring their 4WD model cars to school and race them during recess. 

A major difference between the A.M. and P.M. school is that the A.M. school 
regulates student uniforms more strictly than the P.M. school. P.M. students 
may wear running shoes to school while A.M. students can only wear black 
dress shoes. And there used to be another difference, which is the Wednesday 
afternoon early dismissal. The P.M. school used to dismiss at 4:50pm on
every Wednesday, but this tradition was discontinued in 1980's.

In the early 90's, Urban Councilor Mr. Cheung Sai Cheung was a P.E. teacher 
of LSPS (P.M.). And there were several occasion that Mr. Cheung had his TV 
interviews around the school property, and were often disturbed by students.

Special thanks to Raymond Chu(72) for providing us with valuable information.