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I work from a lovely treatment room in my home in Windmill Hill, Bristol. Click here for easily printable maps. Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out.

Sessions are relaxed and unhurried, with the time and space to allow you to tell me all that you wish to be improved and for me to help you focus in on the areas that appear most relevant. My job is to find the remedies that will best stimulate your own natural and individual healing process. Within all of this I also hope to help you feel more able to understand your problem/s and to see them in a way in which you feel personally empowered.

what I treat

All kinds of people come to see me for all kinds of problems. A typical week involves treating babies with eczema, children with ear infections, teenagers with low energy, women with PMS, men with lack of confidence and older people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I hope that list wasn't too offensively stereotypical! Basically, homeopathy can help with practically any physical, mental and emotional problem. Do contact me if you feel you'd like to discuss your particular situation before committing yourself to an appointment.

Working with Suzanne and Well Mother, I do see a large percentage of children and mothers. Some people, often pregnant women, have seen me for homeopathy as well as having shiatsu from Suzanne. We are increasingly finding the combination of these two therapies to be a very powerful and dynamic route to moving on stubborn problems.

I also see many children, men and women who have suffered, or feel they may have suffered, from sexual abuse as children or adults. My personal route to health has, and still does, involve dealing with these issues. It is an area I find particularly rewarding to be involved with in helping others.

my background

After graduating in Social Psychology at the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1984, I began training with Misha Norland at The School of Homeopathy in Devon, qualifying in 1987. This training focussed me in the discipline of "classical" homeopathy and taking time to hear the whole story of my patients.

I continue to develop my skills and have regular supervision with a group of homeopaths in Bristol. One more recent aspect of this is developing the use of new remedies, some details of which will appear on this site.

I consolidated my childhood interest in yoga, by completing the two and a half year teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga. In 1987 I began teaching yoga classes and working as a homeopath. The yoga has developed into the work which I now do with Suzanne and Well Mother as well as having a significant effect on the way I work with homeopathy.

your consultation

For an adult (and for most children aged 14 and above) the initial consultation lasts for up to two hours. During this time I will endeavour to find out as much information as possible to choose the remedy to begin your treatment. This will include details of your presenting problem, any other problems you may have, a detailed overview of your body and its characteristics. How you are as a person is also important, as is what kind of things you are sensitive to or react to, what you like and are attracted to. Events in your life may be relevant to your present condition.

and then what?

You receive a remedy either during the consultation or after I have done some further study on your case.

Depending on your particular needs, we discuss how best to follow up your treatment. Usually, the first follow up session is a month after the first. Follow up consultations usually last for up to one hour.

You may want to leave all the decisions up to me or you may prefer to begin to take on for yourself such things as when to make further follow up appointments or even when to repeat taking a remedy. With guidance, most people are able to judge the best frequency of repetitions of their remedies and have often reported feeling more positively engaged in their healing through this.

weekends and holidays

There are times when you may need help when I'm not working. I am part of Bristol Homeopathic Practice, a group of homeopaths in Bristol who share weekend availability for acute treatment and advice, and cover one another when we are away. In this way there is local help available, if you should need it, each day of the year.

consultation fees

First Consultation

(There may occasionally be additional charges to cover costs if you need to have substantial amounts of herbal remedies alongside the homeopathic ones)


Other Homeopaths

If you are looking for a homeopath you might consider the obvious in making your choice like their experience, whether they are male or female, how much they charge and recommendations you have of them. It can also be useful to think of your specific needs, like finding out how available they are both during the day and out of hours for dealing with problems that may arise quickly, especially if you are thinking of taking your child, or someone who is severely ill to consult them.


The following are all on line registers:


There is a list of homeopaths with the RSHom qualification on the Society of Homeopaths website.

Peter Fraser has a comprehensive list of UK practitioners of all qualifications on his Institute of Homeopathy site.

Global Homeopath has a large searchable directory of UK homeopaths.

For animals British Association of Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons


A list of international contacts is at Homeopathy Home and another at the ECCH & ICCH though many on these two sites are not web based contacts.

There is a list of homeopaths at: www.dmoz.org/Health/Alternative/Homeopathy/Practitioners and Clinics/On-line and E-mail Consultations/
who prescribe by email, or even online, some offering free help and some charging for the service.

Below are various contacts I've gleaned from the web. I can't vouch for them all!

Argentina - Asociaci�n M�dica Homeop�tica Argentina

Australia - Australian Homeopathic Association though no list on my last visit there

Austria - �sterreichische Gesellschaft f�r hom�opathische Medizin und �sterreichische Gesellschaft f�r veterin�rmedizinische Hom�opathie

Canada - The North American Society of Homeopaths (for Canada and USA). Also, The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine has a list of graduates.

Czech Republic - Homeopatie.cz

Denmark - Dansk Selskab for Klassisk Hom�opati

Finland - Suomen Homeopaatit ry

Germany - Deutsche Gesellschaft f�r Klassische Hom�opathie

Israel - Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy

New Zealand - New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (site down last time I looked)

Norway - Norske Homeopaters Landsforbund

Poland - Homeopatia w Polsce

Sweden - Svenska Akademin f�r Klassisk Homeopati

Switzerland - Hom�opathie Verband Schweiz

USA - the sites to look at are Steve Waldstein's and the National Center for Homeopathy.





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