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Y2K: Starting the Century Right

Report of the International Y2K Cooperation Center
February 2000

Executive Summary View Download MS Word (107 KB) PDF (59 KB)
Full Report View Download MS Word (399 KB) PDF (269 KB)
   Chapter 1 - Summary
   Chapter 2 - Promoting National Programs
   Chapter 3 - Supporting Regional Cooperation
   Chapter 4 - Strengthening Sector Cooperation
   Chapter 5 - Public Information Sharing
   Chapter 6 - Continuity and Response Cooperation
   Chapter 7 - Facilitation and Assistance
   Chapter 8 - Monitoring the Rollover
   Chapter 9 - Framework for Recovery
   Chapter 10 - Y2K Lessons Learned
Appendices View Download MS Word (2267 KB) PDF (1228 KB)
   Appendix A - IYCC Concept Of Operations
   Appendix B - International Y2K Cooperation Center Steering Committee
   Appendix C - International Y2K Glitch Report
   Appendix D - Y2K Spending Index
   Appendix E - Regional Conferences
   Appendix F - Country Participation Chart
   Appendix G - Global 2000 Readiness Chart
   Appendix H - Y2K Readiness Survey
   Appendix I - National Coordinators and Y2K Web Pages
   Appendix J - Excerpts from IYCC Position Papers
   Appendix K - Second Global Y2K National Coordinators Meeting Details
   Appendix L - Global Status Watch Chart
   Appendix M - Resources
   Appendix N - Statements of Reviewers
   Appendix O - Organizations, Acronyms, and Web Sites