Our story begins one night in the ACME Labs. Pinky is goofing off while Brain is trying to figure out a new way to conquer the world. He finally realizes that almost everyone in the world relies on computers for some part of their job. He decides that the easiest way to take over the world is through computers.

Pinky: Hello, Brain. What are you doing?

Brain: Not now, Pinky. I've just figured out the key to taking over the world.

Pinky: What's that, Brain?

Brain: We can use computers to get into and control almost every database and mainframe in the world.

Pinky: Well, Brain, you're in luck because it just so happens that I know a thing or two about computers myself.

Brain: Really? Pinky, how much do you know?

Pinky: Well...Let's see here. Umm...I know how to turn one on...I can play lots of games...And I love those little clicky buttons in Windows. I guess you could call me the world's next super- hacker.

Brain: I should have known. Pinky, aside from that, do you know any programming languages? Like Visual BASIC, C++, COBOL, or Pascal?

Pinky: Ummm...no.

Brain: Well, I guess we will just have to learn one so that we can create an application that will allow us to take over the world with the click of a button.

Pinky: Gee, Brain, I guess you're right. Could we learn COBOL please, please, PLEASE?!

Brain: No, Pinky, we are going to learn C++.

Written by Luke Stelling.
Last edited on 5-15-98.
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