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Carol S. Bruch

(530) 752-2535

A.B. Liberal Arts, Shimer College, 1960
J.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1972

Special Interests: Family Law, Private International Law

Career Highlights
Law Clerk, William. O. Douglas, U.S. Supreme Court, 1972;
UC Davis Academic Senate Distinguished Public Service Award, 1990;
U.S. Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on Private International Law, 1989 to present;
U.S. delegation to draft Inter-American Conventions, 1989;
Chair, UCD interdisciplinary doctoral program in Human Development since 1996.

    Carol Bruch's scholarship, expertise and activism in the field of family law and marital property have shaped state, federal and international law. Milestones in Bruch's career include her stint as the fourth woman in history to clerk at the Supreme Court and a 1976 friend-of-the-court brief in the famous Marvin vs. Marvin case that became the basis for California's nonmarital cohabitation law and in Marriage of Burgess, which liberalized the law concerning custodial parents' abilities to relocate with their children.
    Bruch has drafted or influenced legislation in several states affecting child support standards and marital property, custody and visitation rights. She has been an academic visitor at Canberra, Munich, Cologne, London, Cambridge, Basel, and Jerusalem, and lectures worldwide. Her current research concerns international child abduction by family members.
    "I have raised two children, first during my marriage and then as a single parent," Bruch said. "I see the working of the law through the eyes of someone who has had a different role from that of attorney and law professor. I feel I have a responsibility to people who otherwise might be voiceless in the legal or legislative arenas."


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