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Please let us know if any of these links don't work.  This is obviously always going to be a Work in Progress....
This list contains links for General, Het and Slash fic.

MAC'S WHINE:  Fans, when you design your websites, can you try to avoid using red or purple text, or colour on colour (ie, blue on blue).   For those of us with sight impediments, its a right headache to try and read your pages when these colours are used, especially on black backgrounds.

If I particularly like a site design I'll give it a based on readability, ease of navigation and attractive appearance.

Description - slash (includes a male/male sexual relationship) Het (includes a male/female sexual relationship)  general (no sexual relationship in the story)
merge (threesomes or other mixtures of gender and sexuality)  A personal site is one that may contain some fiction or art but is generally that fan's little home on the Net.  If you feel I have wrongly labeled your site, pleased let me know.



slash  SWA-L  A Star Wars slash archive.  While it is a good-sized archive, it isn't updated very often.
slash/Het  THE JEDI TEMPLE  An archive of  TPM fiction, slash and het.  Although it is an attractive archive, I found it a bit confusing to navigate on my first visit.  It had over 300 stories archived there when checked in August.
slash/Het  MASTER AND APPRENTICE  The Master of all Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon lists, the slash fiction archive of the Master and Apprentice EGroups mailing list.  Over 2,000 stories on last viewing.
slash /general 
THE SITH ACADEMY  Feel in need of some serious humour - then visit this TPM archive, mostly slash, containing some of the funniest fan fic you are likely to read.  Hone your rage - and don't eat while browsing, whatever you do.
IEJASU'S VADER FAN FICTION PORT  A general (ie non slash) archive of fiction featuring Darth Vader.  Some good stuff.  It is available in both German and English.
THE CORELLIAN EMBASSY  A general archive of fan fiction featuring Han Solo.  Probably the best listing of Han stories outside of fanzine publications.
THE RISING FORCE   A small but attractive archive which doesn't appear to be updated very often.
slash  THE JEDI HURTAHOLICS  Pretty well what it says - a TPM slash archive dedicated to fiction of a Hurt/Comfort nature. Nicely laid out and easy to navigate.
Its fairly basic in appearance, but WWOM has a very large archive of one of the widest variety of stories you are likely to find and is frequently updated.  (amazing what fans will slash <g>)

slashT.O.T.O. (The Obi-Wan Torture Oasis)  An attractively decorated collection of good fiction featuring our favorite Padawan in slashy and generally H/C stories.  While not added to all that frequently, it does contain some good stories and is worth bookmarking for "Lion at the Gate" alone...
THE BROKEN CIRCLE  is an archive of SW:TPM slash fiction devoted to the character of Xanatos, as featured in the Jedi Apprentice novels (and many fan fics).  Although I personally find the frames setup on this site to be awkward to view, the site is attractively designed.

SITH CHICKS Difficult to describe, really.  A multi-author archive that is just to the right of odd.  Go check it out, its on the Dark Side of the street.
slashTHE COMPLETE KINGDOM OF SLASH Like WWOM, this is a large archive of mixed media slash.  Take a look, you're bound to find something you like.  NOTE:  the archivist indicates they are moving soon (as at Aug. 2000).
general  THE OBI-WAN KENOBI ESTROGEN BRIGADE Archive  Archive of the OWKEB, a List devoted to the character of Obi-Wan Kenobi. 
slash CAPTIVE TEMPLE  Archive for the SWTPM slash fiction of Nezad, Caution and Crystal.
general  THE FANFICTION UNIVERSE ARCHIVE This is a General Non-Adult rated fan fiction archive with a wide variety of series and stories.
slash BOYS IN CHAINS Newest of the slash archives and still in production  - an attractive selection of fiction centered around characters in various kinds of bondage.  Good idea....
general    THE EARLY YEARS ARCHIVE A non-slash archive of stories set during the years prior to the events of TPM.
general   THE DARTH VADER ESTROGEN BRIGADE  A Gen fiction archive and data site for the Black Helmetted one.
slashPUMPKIN'S SLASH PATCH Archive site Pumpkin's slash fic, as well as fic by TUE, Augusta Pembroke, Cara Chapel, Hope, Marag, Russet McMillan, Saraid and Sasquash.
slashTHE NESTING PLACE  An attractive site features fiction archived by AK, Analise, Anastasia, Angel, Arimbaud, Astra, Liz Bradford, Destina, Esmaralda, Firecracker, Gwendolen, Anne Higgins, Lokemele, Lumina, Oddjob103, Gabriel O'Ryan, Pfyre, Rina, RositaMia, Scorpio, usagibrian, WriteStuff and Xof.
slashOPPOSITES ATTRACT: The Qui-Gon/Maul Archive - an archive of fiction and artwork around this unusual TPM pairing.
slashJEDIPHILES - Archive for the fiction of Emila-Wan Kenobi and Mali Wane.
slash/Het/general  QUI-GON JIN ESTROGEN BRIGADE FICTION ARCHIVE - pretty well wot is sez.
general    QUI-GONLINE - fiction archive of the Qui-Gon Jinn Discussion List - Note:  non-slash.
slash THE DEAD PADAWANS SOCIETY - an archive of stories featuring = you guessed it = dead Padawans.  Read At Your Own Risk! 
/general  THE PLACE OF OUR LEGACY - an archive of Star Wars and Stargate SG1 fanfic.


SLASHPOINT - a discussion site on slash fiction featuring a large link list.
- Sandy's multi-fandom rape fiction Links.
Eiluned's attractive multi-fandom recommendations site.
- as it says.
FAN FICTION ON THE NET  - a link page and reference site for all types of fan fiction.
ULTIMATE SLASH LINKS - a comprehensive list of links and mailing lists.
NEPHENTE AT THE GATE - An archive of fan poetry.
THE FANFIC SYMPOSIUM - A discussion site and bulletin board that frequently has fairly heated discussions on the various aspects of slash writing.
OBI ONLINE: A site dedicated to Obi-Wan Kenobi


is worth a look for those who enjoy lovely photographic art

A selection of photomanipulations for TPM, Highlander, X Files and Stargate of a slashy nature.

Photomanips, web graphics and photos for fans of TPM, X Files, Highlander as well as fan fiction by Karen and Sandra.
LAIR ART - the art site for the wondrous work of Gayle
SUPER WILD VELVET - fuumin's site


Adalisa - From Fic to Scripts to Essays general /slash
Adelaide - Adelaide's SWEp 1 Fanfiction general /slash
Alegna - The Realm of Ludicrosity  slash 
Alex - The Sublevels slash 
Alexandra Duvall fan fiction merge
Alyse - Al's SWTPM fan fiction slash 
Amy Fortuna's Fiction and Poetry Archive general /slash
Andromeda - Slash Fiction Online slash
Ana - The Mouse's House   slash 
Astra's Qui-Gon Jinn Page slash 
Basingstoke's Home   slash 
Temple of Bat  personal
Black Rose - The Lair of Lady Black Death  slash 
Black Widow - Midnight Blue   slash 
Boots - Padder's Messy room slash
Brenda Antrim's Fan Fiction Archive slash
Calysta Rose's Media Fan Pages  slash
'chelle's Nightstand  slash
Celtic Jedi - Whispers in the Force   slash
Corrie Lannam's Fanfic  slash
Courtney's Phantom Menace Fanfic Slash
Darth Amikara   slash
The Lair of DBKate and Kass slash
Destina Fortunato - Worlds Without Boundaries  slash
Eiluned - The Mainframe slash
Elfin Productions slash
Elysian  - Darkness & Dreams   slash
Eliz-mar - The Oraclyne Page slash
Emma Woodhouse - Miss Emma's Own Page Slash
Emrin Alexander & Annie Carr - Emrin & Annie  slash
Emu - The Emu's Feathers  slash
Evermore's Archives general /slash
Fishgoat's Silly and Sundry Slash  slash
Fox - The Fox's Den slash
Glass House - The World of Glass slash
Glimmer Girl - Glimfics slash
HiperBunny - Chez Bunny Lounge slash
Iaga - Muse of Fire slash
Jacynthe Demorae sLASH/Het
Jaden's Writings slash
Jane St. Clair - Jane's Webpage Het/slash
Jayne Hundt - The Fix general /slash
Jedi Moon  slash
Jen Dare Episode 5   Het
Judith's Homepage  slash
Kalynn's Fan Fiction general 
Ki's Non-Star Trek slash fiction slash
Keelywolfe's Fan Fiction slash
Fan Fiction by Kimberlite  slash
Kirby Crowe's Slash Girls  slash
Krychick's Sanctuary  general /slash
Lady Farclay's Adult Fan Fiction Site Het/slash
Layna - Layna's Lounge slash
Lelia's Fan Fiction Archive  Slash
The Writings of Lilith Sedai  slash
Marguerite - Le Jardin de Givre slash
Mary Reilly's Slash Pages  slash
Master Elayna's Den  slash
Master Yo-Gurt - Stolen Moments Het/slash
Maygra's Musings slash
Verona: Mercutio's Stories Het/slash
Meridian - Other Odities slash
Merri-Todd's fanfiction  slash
Mistress Elektra's Naked Padawan Fan Fiction slash
Fanfiction by Mystique slash
MJLee - Necessary Whispers slash
Moonmip's Domain slash
Nic - Nic's Fan Fiction Het/general 
Nicole D'Annais - Nicole's Fic slash
Nonie's Slash Site slash
Phantom Knights : Non-slash fanfic of Qui-Jen Jinn, including her long AU story of Qui-Gon transported to the ST Nexus. general 
Rachael Sabotini - Phantom Menace Space slash
SW Fanfiction by Raonaid  slash
RavenD - The Raven Dreams SLASH
The Raven  slash
Renaissance - Renaissance Moon SLASH
From the Pen of Rosalita  slash
Rushlight - The Bard's Den slash
Russet J. McMillan's Fan Fiction  slash
Sidewinder's Slash and Trash slash
Sleeps With Coyote - Blood, Love and Rhetoric slash
Starkee - Kee's fiction slash
Tilt : Way of the Mystics
         The Storms and Fury 
Terry Hamill - Mom's Kitchen slash
Torch - The Flambeau Factory Het/slash
Trinity's Phantom Menace Slash  slash
TPod's Wings Hetslash
Velma Doo - Velma's World O' Pretty Boys Het/slash
Triskell's Fan Fiction Archive Slash
Vermillion Flame - Hot Stuff slash
Verthandi - A Jedi Quest with a very useful set of hints on how to make a Jedi costume. general 
Waldo - WaldoWorldOnline general /Het/slash
Windrose  - Plaid Punk Productions slash
Wolfling's Den slash
Wolfsbride's World slash
Wombat's site general /slash
Yasmin M - Obsess-O-Matic  general /slash

The Phantom Menace RPG - An on-going Role Playing game which generates as fan fiction created by the players.
Elementary Jedi - A non-slash AU story that presumes Qui-Gon meets Obi-Wan when Obi-Wan is a small boy.
My Fandom Life - Ever wanted to read an ABH?  Well, here's some.  Go read, make your own decision.

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