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You're invited to attend a qepHom, an informal gathering of Klingon enthusiasts. Whether you're a complete beginner to the language or have been studying on your own for years, we'd like to have you join us. Hear the sounds of the warrior tongue spoken outloud, practice Klingon conversation, proverbs, and curse warfare, improve your alien pronunciation. This qepHom is being hosted by a member of the Klingon Language Institute, but is open to anyone interested in learning more about Klingon; membership in the KLI is not a requirement, and there is no charge for attending. If you're ready to show us your heart, if the spirit of Kahless is within you, or if you'd just like to meet people who speak Klingon, here's what you need to know:

Point of contact : 443-386-5321

Third Friday of Every Month

In the greater Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.
(Also held at Conventions that fall on these days.)

Mail-to :

The KLI is a nonprofit organization made up of more than 1200 people, dedicated to studying the Klingon language and providing a common forum for its speakers. The KLI publishes a quarterly academic journal, HolQeD, containing articles and round table discussions of the language, as well as jatmey, our annual literary supplement of original poetry and fiction written in Klingon. We provide a free postal course to assist in studying the language, and members can participate in various projects, including our translation efforts which last year produced Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (The Restored Klingon Version) and this year ghIlghameS (Gilgamesh). And each summer we hold the qep'a' , a five-day Klingon language conference where Klingon speakers from around the world gather and converse. To learn more about the KLI send us a self-addressed stamped envelope or visit our site on the world wide web. Maybe its time you found out for yourself why Klingon is the galaxys' fastest growing language.

Klingon Language Institute

    Language opens worlds

qo'mey poSmoH Hol

P.O. Box 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA.

Daqvam yIghoS

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