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Touched By A Hoax 
(And A 7th Season!)

For the past several months, a chain email has been floating around the internet and our message board stating that the FCC is forcing CBS to take Touched By An Angel off the air because we mention the word "God." The email goes on to ask its readers to send a petition to the FCC to save the show. This is a new variation of an old hoax that has circulated (originally in paper chain letter form) for the past 26 years. If you are a recipient of this email, please ignore it. As a matter of fact, we are very pleased to announce that CBS has already renewed our show for 24 episodes next season! Although we are still finishing up the sixth season, we are excited by the opportunity to bring you a seventh season of Touched By An Angel. If you'd like to voice your support of the show, you can always do so by dropping a letter to CBS. For the address, click on the "How To Contact Us" link. Thank you to all of those who voiced their concern.