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Pre-1987 ATV/ASN Bloopers

This is one of those air checks that were put away years ago and has never been heard until now! Let me set this up first.......back in 1987 I started doing some duties at the campus/community radio station 97.5/CKDU-FM.  While at the station for 5 years,  one of the first project that  I took on was producing a summer comedy replacement show needed for Sunday afternoons. I would take my mic on the streets and let the people be the "stars" of the shows, by telling me their jokes, weird wacky stuff and more.  I would also throw in some cuts from comedy albums. August 30, 1987 was the last summer broadcast for the comedy show, "No Time For Humour". I  received permission from ATV to be allowed to go in their studios and get on mic bloopers that the on air staff of ATV and ASN had made so far in their broadcast careers. I spend the whole afternoon at ATV/ASN and met some pretty darn decent people. I was allowed to sit through the broadcast of "Live At Five, ATV's Evening News and then the 7:00 ASN Atlantic Pulse newscast. Here on this air check you will hear voices from those that have moved on to other stations and careers, to those that are still with the stations. Please excuse the some what badly produced program.......remember this was from my early start of  radio, so the audio isn't the best. The voice at the opening of the program was CKDU's program director, whose name draws a blank?...sorry guy..;-) Click on the ATV logo to listen to the air check! ;-) (Volume levels are high and will need to be adjusted) (Program length-31 minutes) Suddenly it's August 30th, 1987.........

"The Rock Of The Atlantic-Q104" Q-Zoo Morning Show Featured Brother Jake, Hal Harbour, Billy-Bob, Bambi, The Champ, Chicken Man and MORE! 

Click on the Q104 logo of the time to this scoped aircheck...
Suddenly.......It's July 16, 1985 On...... 

On March 5th, 1990, Metro Halifax received word from the CRTC that a new 100,000 watts FM radio station has been granted the right to begin broadcasting on 96.5Mhz offering Easy Listening music. After a few months of hard work the station was ready to go on the air.  On the morning of August 30th, 1990, a group of about 700 guests were invited to be at  the Sheraton Halifax Hotel for a full course breakfast and live entertainment. At about 7:50 that morning, the tune "Here Comes the Sun" was played, followed by Art Hustins JR introducing the entire staff of  96.5 SUN-FM. Exactly at 8:00, the crowd counted down to the official airing on, with SUN-FM supporter Marie Smith pushing the switch. The crowd was amazed by the fancy laser light show signaling the broadcast start of SUN-FM. Many listeners across areas of Nova Scotia tuned in to the birth of the new 96.5 SUN-FM. Click on the SUN-FM logo to hear the crowd countdown and then morning man,  Ian MacPhee signing the station on. (Please note: The source of this aircheck came in mono. We're hoping to convert it soon into a more clearer stereo sound)

(Now Active) An "On The Air In Atlantic Canada" Exclusive..........Roy Geldart  started his broadcast career back in 1964 and is now a reporter and morning news anchor for CBC Radio in Saint John New Brunswick. Join Roy as he shares with you some of his classic radio moments from CKBW in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, CFNB in Fredericton, New Brunswick,  and CJCH in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The picture below is that of Roy Geldart doing his duties at CBC Radio in St. John. Click on Roy's picture, below to hear his interesting broadcasting history. 

On Monday March the 13th,2000 current Hotline host, RICK HOWE is joined by two former Hotline Hosts, Brian Phillips who's now doing mornings on 96.5 SUN-FM and from ATV/CTV news anchor, STEVE MURPHY. "ON THE AIR" wishes say Thanks to NEWSTALK RADIO 920/CJCH and those on air for giving permission to share this air check with others. Click on the CJCH logo below to hear this edited broadcast.

His broadcast career started in 1949 at CHNS and throughout his radio days, CLIVE SCHAEFER has done various radio duties, but mostly as a news broadcaster. When Clive retired a few years back, a promise was made to him that he could return to do one more broadcast on CHNS in the year 2000, which he did on January 14th. This would complete his record of being on the air for seven decades...two centuries and two millenia. This scoped air check is a bit of that special broadcast, as Clive joined the morning team of Frank Cameron, MJ and others.

Here's a classic air check from years gone by...what year, well I'm not too sure? Maybe you can help me out? It's a classic 92/CJCH air check such announcers as Brian Phillip, Dave Wright, Steve Murphy, and others!

THE HOME OF ROCK N' ROLL-Q104 in Halifax rocked their listeners into the year 2000. Take a listen to this already classic air check, as they welcome the new millennium and take a classic looked back at the history of the years gone by. This bit was written by J.C. Douglas and produced by J.C and Trevor Wallworth. Voiceovers by The Shadow, Nicolle Bellefontaine and Jim Conrad. With "acting roles" including staff and former staff like Michael Wile, Gary Tredwell, Rob Davidson, Jeff Cogswell, and J.C. Douglas. Plus, notable personalities including Breakfast Television's Scott Boyd and Liz Rigney

Back in the mid 70's DON MAYBEE was 96/CHNS's morning announcer and went by the name "MAYBEE IN THE MORNING". Don did regular over the phone interviews with famous stars, including this one with TED KNIGHT, or better known to TV watchers as TED BAXTER from the show MARY TYLER MOORE.......Do you remember that little TV station with the call letters of "WJM"? Check this out.......There's a bit of noise over the long distance phone line, remember it was 1976

ON THE AIR EXCLUSIVE....Direct from our "ON THE AIR" studio, comes our first production of a broadcaster's looked back at their highlights in radio. PAUL MARR is a popular broadcaster in the Metro Halifax market, and he shares with you some of his moments of his career. He goes into details of station's formats, announcers, music and more! He tells you a bit about the picture which is shown below, back in his CFDR days. Just click on the picture below, and listen to Paul Marr's Halifax Radio Moments! (Written by Paul Marr, Produced by Wayne Harrett) E-Mail PAUL MARR

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JC DOUGLAS's last afternoon drive broadcast on Q104 in Metro Halifax was on, Wednesday, October 21st, 1998. His program was filled with clips of Q104 from years gone by! The "Q104 Out of Control" room was filled with the station's staff, plus other members of the Metro Radio Group, where they enjoyed champagne and cake. Q104 morning co-host/news lady LISA BLACKBURN made a toast to JC, then requested JC to play The Beatles "Hello-Good Bye". The last 15 minutes of the broadcast was highlights of the most excellent times for JC's and his13 years with Q104! Now you can listen to his closing, by clicking on the picture below of JC in his early days at CFRQ-Q104. JC Douglas has rejoined Q104 as the station's new program director around the beginning of November '99!

On the AM band in the Metro Halifax area, listeners can hear their Classic Country tunes on 780/KIXX. CFDR, the station's legal call letters went through various formats from a Hot Country Favourites to Top Forty. Before the Top 40 stage, CFDR was a popular easy listening station and heard on various spots on the am dial. Listen to "The Way It Used To Be" (30 mins in length), and you'll hear some of the popular announcers, radio promos, jingles and more from the past . Click on the pic below of just two of CFDR's popular announcers, Gerry Parsons and Tony Beech and listen to a great bit of radio history from CFDR .

For 25 years Jerry Lawrence or Jer Bear has entertained Nova Scotia morning radio listeners with his contagious humor on various stations in Halifax (CJCH, CHFX and CHNS). His most popular segment of his morning shows was HELLO METRO, where he caught listeners off guard with is wacky phone calls. Click on Jer Bear's pic below and listen to our presentation of "The Best of Hello Metro, titled "Dogs"

For 25 years Tony Beech was the main host of one of Metro Halifax's most popular programs, Candle Light And Wine. He was heard every Saturday and Sunday evenings playing a great mix of easy listening tunes on CFDR, then on SUN-FM and for a few special broadcasts on 92/CJCH. On August 14th, 1994 Tony hosted, for what he thought was his last Candle Light & Wine program. Listen to a brief scope air check by clicking on the SUN-FM logo of that time.