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From:  Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <frystyk@w...>
Date:  Tue Dec 1, 1998 2:24pm
Subject:  Libwww and sample apps run in cygwin b20 environment on NT 4.0

As a follow up on [0], libwww and all it's sample applications now compile
and run nicely in the cygwin b20 environment [1] on NT 4.0. That is, the
robot, the command line tool, the line mode browser, and the smaller sample
apps are all running.

This means that on NT, it is now possible to do an CVS checkout, run
configure as you would on Unix, and compile libwww using gcc - same setup,
different environments. The cool thing is that the programs can be run as
normal windows programs, for example from the NT command prompt.

It should also be possible to generate GUI applications this way. I haven't
tried to compile the Web Commander [6] - as I am out of resources for now -
so please - if you have some time then help getting this up and running.

I found only a minor bug with the timezone calculation in the cygwin
environment but that has been reported to the cygnus folks.

In order to try it out, you need to CVS check out automake, autoconf, and
libtool directly from their respective code bases - they have all been
updated to better accomodate wintel.


Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
World Wide Web Consortium

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