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Korobokuru, Malatran
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KorobokuruCLIMATE/TERRAIN: Tropical/Mountains
DIET: Omnivorous
INTELLIGENCE: Semi- to Highly
TREASURE: Individual
ALIGNMENT: Any (Chaotic Good)

ARMOR CLASS: 10/Varies
HIT DICE: 1+1/Varies
THAC0: 20 base
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1/by class
SIZE: S (4' tall)
MORALE: Elite (13)
XP VALUE: 75 per hit die

Korobokuru are a race of dwarves who thrive throughout the Living Jungle. A somewhat xenophobic people, their villages tend to be in remote areas of the jungle, and earning their trust is often difficult. Korobokuru are 3-4 feet tall, with hairy arms and legs slightly longer in proportion to their bodies. Males have sparse beards, and both genders have a wild and unkempt appearance and are known to bathe only once a year. Korobokuru have big, bright eyes--either blue, green, or brown. Their ears are small and somewhat pointed, and they have full lips. Korobokuru avoid gaudy jewelry, but sometimes wear precious stones on leather straps around their necks.

Combat: Korobokuru have a natural resistance to magic, and gain a +1 saving throw bonus for every 3 points of Constitution when saving against magical rods, staves, wands, and spells. They also receive the same bonus for all saves vs. poison. Korobokuru have infravision with a range of 120 feet. They also have a 4/6 chance to recognize and identify any normal plant or animal. They receive a bonus of +1 to hit when fighting bakemono, goblins, goblin rats, and hobgoblins (rare creatures in the Living Jungle). Giants, oni, ogres, ogre magi, and other humanoid creatures over 10 feet in height suffer a -4 penalty when trying to hit korobokuru. Because of their small size, these dwarves cannot use size Large weapons.

Habit/Society: Culturally, korobokuru are less advanced than most of their Nubari neighbors. They hunt for their food, farm small portions of land, and create simple pieces art and craft. Each tribe of dwarves will specialize in one type of craft (weapons, pottery, etc.) which is their primary source of trade. It takes a Korobokuru at least 50 years of study before he is considered a master craftsman.

Korobokuru organize themselves into families, clans, and tribes, each having 1-3 families related by blood or marriage. Korobokuru may allow some humans and katanga into their tribes, but never spirit folk or shu. Saru are considered blood enemies, and a korobokuru will fight first and ask questions later when encountering the ape-men.

Hero Korobokuru need not attack saru heroes, but should remain suspicious of them. Korobokuru legend states the saru kill children for food and sport, though the saru protest complete innocence. Missing children and unexplained deaths are often blamed on this race.

Other tribes, mostly Nubari, tend to view korobokuru as rude, belligerent, and even comical. Korobokuru are extremely boastful and outspoken, telling tall tales of their exploits and conquests. No korobokuru can turn down a boasting contest, which they often use as an alternative to combat. Though their boastful nature has given them a reputation as liars, korobokuru are strictly honest about admitting defeat in a boasting contest. Korobokuru are such practiced boasters that they gain a +2 Charisma bonus for boasting or lying.

Korobokuru are deathly afraid of drowning and will refuse to enter the water or travel in boats. Hero korobokuru may ignore this fear for the purposes of traveling in a boat, but they must make a successful saving throw vs. paralyzation to enter the water willingly.

Once a season, all elder korobokuru (50+ years) journey to the top of Fire Mountain in hopes of catching a glimpse of War'dango, the powerful god of the mountain and leader of the korobokuru people. Those blessed with a vision (and there is always one elder so blessed) will be the "Voice of War'dango" for the korobokuru folk for the coming year.

Known as the war'dang, this elder will make all decisions for the people as a whole (ie. racial wars, uniting the tribes, etc) until another is chosen. Seldom are more than one war'dang chosen in one year.

Ecology: Korobokuru produce few goods, but those that they do create tend to be items of excellent quality. Crafts include things such clothing, primitive arts and crafts, and weapons like spears and clubs. Tribes of more than 50 members will have large parties of hunters which comb their territory for food, while smaller tribes tend to do less hunting and more foraging.

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