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Enix plans network titles for the PC
Ensemble reveals Age of Mythology
Final Fantasy X update
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GT3 goes gold in Japan
Phantasy Star Online Version 2 update
Sega Game Jam event report
Soldier of Fortune II announced
Square announces Final Fantasy Chronicles
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4/16/01 7:41PM: Busy, Busy, Busy
Ah, the joys of owning your own business. The last two days have been exceptionally busy for me back in the non-online world, which explains the growing backlog of submissions of all kinds below. However, pretty much everything has finally been taken care of, which means I'll be back to work tonight trying to get caught up again. Expect some major updates over the next few days...
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4/12/01 8:09PM: Blocking, Bugs, and E-Mail
...and of the three, I'm happiest dealing with the first two. But I digress. The FAQ server,, is now protected from external linkers who have casually ignored the 60,000+ requests for them to not link directly to FAQs on the site. Unfortunately, it was also blocking out people with older browsers, but that should now be fixed. I still see the occasional glitch from people whose browsers are sending back invalid referrer information, but that's a client problem, and I don't know how to fix that other than recommending that people install the latest (or at least a later) version of their current browser. Finally, I am steadily going through my e-mail queue, but I'm noticing a lot of people ignoring the handy GameFAQs E-Mail Address Guide I've provided and just sending their mail randomly. It's honestly impossible for me to personally respond to the 5000+ mails that get sent to me each month, but sending them to the wrong address makes it that much harder for me to get to the important ones first.
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4/10/01 1:06AM: CGI Server Trouble Update
Well, see what happens when I try to take a few hours away from the site? Most of you no doubt experienced very slow load times on the CGI server (i.e. message boards, search engine) this evening. The problem was corrected around 10PM, and things should run smoothly from here on out... At least until the next time I try to spend the day out of the house.
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