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    Use GoldMoney to make your online payments quickly, easily and in real time. GoldMoney is secure, easy to use and cost-effective.

    GoldMoney is an online payment system that combines the world's oldest money, gold, with Internet technology to provide a safe, easy and inexpensive way for anyone to transact business 24 hours a day. Payments are made electronically using GoldGrams�, which are grams of gold that circulate world-wide through the Internet. By combining gold and Internet technology to produce "A Solid Currency for Global Commerce"�, GoldMoney brings a new proficiency to the way business is transacted.

    GoldMoney offers advantages not possible with other money transfer and payment systems, whether on- or offline. These advantages fall into three categories important to individuals and businesses:

  • peace of mind
  • ease of use
  • control of costs

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    GoldMoney Launches Online Merchant Interface 30 March 2001 - E-commerce is taking another step forward with today's launch of an Online Merchant Interface (OMI) by GoldMoney. This new OMI makes it easy for online merchants to accept GoldGrams, the currency of GoldMoney. Because GoldGram payments are non-repudiable, profitability for online merchants will be enhanced...