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Please check the What's New? page for the latest news regarding the continuing supply of EtherLan cards from Design IT.

Ethernet Adapter Card i-cubed are the designers of the widest range of Ethernet products for ARM-based computers. All feature a full network protocol stack in FLASH ROM. Full in-system re-programming is provided. It only takes about one minute to update or totally replace the FLASH ROM contents. Conventional ROM and EPROM based products often need to be returned to a service centre and opened up to change components. Our 10base2 micro-MAU for the A3020 computer is one of the smallest in the world. Most of our Ethernet adapters are fully auto-sensing, 10baseT and 10base2 designs with comprehensive on-screen diagnostics and status reports. One product - the EtherLan 513 even has a direct fibre-optic connection.


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