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April . 2001

What's new ? We have added a lot of old texts -- but new material -- to the Faurisson Archive.


In 1993, Mr Joel Hayward, then student at Cantorbery University (New Zealand) wrote a thesis. The subject was Holocaust Revisionism. Mr Hayward was not himself a revisioist. But in order to write an objectivre assessment, he listened to both sides, revisionists and anti-revisionnists. We, revisionists, have never considered Dr. Hayward as one of us, but only as someone who attempted to build an objective point of view. Put under heavy pressures, Mr Hayward recanted. As much as Mr Joel Hayward is entitled, in year 2000, to change his opinions and disavow his 1993 work, the public, for whom the thesis has been written and passed (giving Mr Hayward a title), has a right to know its content. The university logically refused to withdraw it from its shelves, meaning it now belongs to the public domain.
We then will follow our vocation and display the thesis on Internet, acknowledging both that it is the work of Mr Hayward and that he now disowns it.

See The Fate of Jews in German Hands: An Historical Enquiry into the Development and Significance of Holocaust Revisionism, by Joel HAYWARD. THIS TEXT HAS BEEN REMOVED UNDER PRESSURE. See our Hayward File which explains how covert censorship works.


More and more, we see critical reflexions on the Holocaust (as an image, as a tool for political benefit, as a mean of pressure for financial and political gains, and so on) and on Revisionism, as an infant discipline of critique in the historical field, its methods and aims, often suspected of concealed political agenda, or outright racism. Reflecting on it is like walking into a minefield. In some countries, it is forbidden by law! Think of that!

We are going to put here some contributions on these subjects coming from a variety of sources. It will not mean, of course, that we agree on all points. We just want to show that there is room for thinking. And time too.


David Irving is a well-known historian, self-educated, working outside of the academic circles and producer of about thirty books, most of them on the Nazi period of Germany. The dominant feature of his books is the extensive and deep use of original documents, many of them unearthed by Irving himself, in adventures that could make good books in themselves.

Deborah Lipstadt is a rather unknown quantity, a scholar without known titles, who writes under the spell of an unhealthy obsession about Antisemitism. She seems to believe that all views which are not within the framework of the historical explanations provided by Yad Vashem authorities stem from a desire to destroy the Jews again and again. This strange delusion led her to publish a crypto-satanic book, Denying the Holocaust, which we perversely redisplayed on this website to appraise ours readers with what intelllectual decadence can provide at its best.

Concerning Lipstadt, it is interesting to note that she never writes on what happened in history -- in Germany. She writes about what other people write about what happened in Germany, of which she has nos special knowledge. She judges from a certain point of view; but this point of view is not the historians' one, but the vantage point of view of US Jewish organizations for which the Holocaust is a a very wealthy business to be tapped as much as possible. And concerning her knowledge of writers she is attacking, we have determined that she is a sleazy and partial observer. She does not even know the languages in which all these stories and events are told, outside of English... Her book is full or errors, omisions, black spots, misperceptions, and so on. Very unacademic indeed.

In her book, D. Lipstad has quite a number of derogatory sentences about David Irving. (See pages 8, 14, 111, 161-3, 170, 179-81, 213, 215, 221, 232-4.) Facing increasing economic pressures on his ability to publish hhs works, since he had recognized some value in the revisionnist arguments, David Irving selected Lipstad as one of the pack hunters that are trying to ruin his career, his works and his life as an independant researcher. This is the origin of the present trial in 1996. He explains it in the Opening Statement (see below). .

We suggest to our readers, if they wish to follow closely, day after day, the develoments of the trial, to connect directly on Irving's website: Those who read French may wish to read our comments.

We have a collection of documents from the trial and selected articles from the press.

We have opened a file for "The Technical Reports"

We have found an on-line copy of Deborah Lipstadt's book

Denying the Holocaust

On Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred Leuchter

a movie by Errol Morris

We have not seen the film but the review here tells a lot about ZÛndel himself. He once decribed himself as a "schwabisch farmer boy". Well, even old foxes may have bouts of enthusiasm. In this very case, we would rather call for caution.

"Fred Leuchter on the Silver Screen"

The Film Premiere

Reviewed by Ernst Zündel

See Revisionist Catches Jewish Film Maker in Flim Flam, by Michael Hofman
on Errol Morris double-play
The training of the Brainwashers

That's for real! How they are going to wash your children's brains


The most incredible "witness" ! We have the complete text of the testimony given by Dr Rudolf VRBA in 1985 at the trial of Ernst Zündel in Toronto. He was one of the authors of the famous War Refugee Board Report (1944) which became the dominant mantra in Washington, after it had been conveyed there by a chain of Jewish agents in Europe. Now see what happens when the star witness is grilled by people who know the facts and the place (Auschwitz) and witness the internal destruction of Dr Vrba, a "poetic" mind but mostly a little liar.

VRBA's TESTIMONY: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

If you wish to send your appreciation to Dr. Vrba, please feel free to e-mail him at
The entrapment of Dr. Frederick Töben by the German neo-gestapo.
We have also a partial translation of the warrant and the reaction of the Institute of Historical Review.

We have now a very recent letter (Aug. 13) written by our friend from his jail. He says there is no point in defending oneself as, in Germany, concerning §130 ("incitation") truth is no defence. This makes Germany a RIDICULOUS country, the North Korea of Western Europe...

The Ancestors of present-day Holocaust revisionism

We intend to display here important texts which have led to the existence of Holocaust Revisionism as it is today. This does not mean, of cours, that we espouse every single word or sentence which has been uttered in this long, apparently endless controversy. Every author has his own responsability. But many documents are difficult to find and we believe that the reader has the right, in good faith or not, to gain some understanding of the background and the past battles to establish points of views.

The first document is Raul Hilberg's self destructive performance in Toronto in 1985.

We have opened a new space devoted to our Opponents.
Readers will see their arguments and judge by themselves.
We have opened a new chapter in the French section called "What our adversaries are saying", with the aim of posting the main classical anti-revisionist works, to allow the readers to make their own comparison. We now do the same in English, although of course the availability of documents is not the same in French and English.

The use of terror is producing results. After having been pressured and terrorized for several years by the Jewish defence League, a young Jewish revisionist has recanted. The fact in itself is of little significance. What is more revealing is the style of confession extracted by the JDL. The worst Stalinian trial did not do better. The confession has a religious overtone. It has all the characters of a conversion. Never before the religious nature of the Holocaust faith has been more cvlearly dictated by the JDL which is proud of its success.

Sensitive souls please abstain: This document is sickening.

We have also added a number of documents, including the 46 Questions (1995) of David Cole about the gas Chambers. Questions still awating answers from the JDL and consorts...

Many revisionists have spent and are still spending a enormous amount of energy to fight cases in courts. With the exception of the Toronto trials which had the advantage of dragging in front of a hostile court a great number of important witnesses and experts, most other trials were just losses of time and energy. We can wee why: in a document made public by the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations in Geneva, we see how international "independant" judicial luminaries are able to twist words and ideas so that at the end they can trample the very principles they are supposed to support. If you are not yet disgusted by this institution they call "Justice", then browse through this document which REJECTS PROF. FAURISSON'S DEMAND for freedom of thinking and research.

We have added a thick GOLDHAGEN FILE, called "Crazy Goldie", after one of the main reviews of the book written by this immature pseudo-scholar. The book has been an enormous success but we have probed into the opinions of some segments of the intelligentsia. The nutshell of this file is the two devastating reviews which have recently shaken the quiet little world of the Holocaust-is-my-job crowd and made Goldhagen rush to his lawyers. There has been a lot of pressure to suppress these two pieces and that is why we offer them to Internet readers.

A book containing the two reviews by Finkesltein and Birn has been finally published in New York. The war between the Goldhagenites, supported by the Jewish organizations, and the scholars, unanimously hostile to Goldie, is going on. All of this is visible ON THIS SITE.

The book has been translated and publish in French (Summer 1999); it has been savaged by the Jewish Le Monde commentator, N. Weill (3 Sept. 99) See Actualité, Septembre 1999, in our French section.

NOW YOU CAN SEARCH THE AAARGH WEBSITE. We have renovated the "Research Tools" in the French section, with bibliographies, interesting Websites, and so on. Check even if your French is flimsy. Some documents there are in English, like this PAPER ON THE SUBJECT OF ACQUISITION OF HOLOCAUST DENIAL MATERIAL BY LIBRARIES. from NIZKOR Quite revealing. With an interesting anti-revisionist bibliography. One is really stunned by the fact that most of these papers are just parotting one another. What makes Holocaust Revisionism so strong is simply the Community leaders' refusal just to understand what is being said. The mental world we are facing seems frozen....

See What Raul Hilberg says about sources.

The US National Archives have a Collection of German sound recordings from WW II

The Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Antisemitism (On-Line Database)

The pleasure to go to Holocaust conferences ? Yes, one Nizkor participant tells us the joys...


A presentation of James Baque's new book, Crimes and Mercies, on the way Germany was treated by the Allies after WW2, by the Author, in the Toronto Globe & Mail.

Faurisson Archive in English

His introduction to his collected papers. This is his most recent long text dealing with the present situation of revisionism. In two parts: [ 1 ] and [ 2 ]

We have a Faurisson Archiv with translations of texts in German and another one in Italian.

Texts in English by Serge Thion

Bernard LAZARE

Antisemitism, Its History and Causes

This book overturns the ideological basis of both antisemitism and the Jewish apologetic literature. Its starts from the facts and a thorough study of the relationship of the Jewish communities with their non-Jewish social environment. It is a REPLY to Drumont's confused antisemitism and to its mirror image in the fantasies entertained by many Jews on their own history. LAZARE died in 1903, before he could assess the development of Zionism, of which he was both one of the builders and one of the first critcs.

This is the currently available English translation. Unfortunately it had been severely abridged the original text which will be very soon posted on the AAARGH site in French.

Chapter 1 -- General causes of Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 2 -- Anti-Judaism in Antiquity (43K)

Chapter 3 -- Anti-Judaism in Christian Antiquity from the Foundation of the Church of Constantine (43K)

Chapter 4 -- Antisemitism from Constantine to the Eighth Century (68K)

Chapter 5 -- Anti-Judaism from the Eighth Century to the Reformation (60K)

Chatper 6 -- Anti-Judaism from the Time of the Reformation to the French Revolution (51K)

Chapter 7 -- Anti-Judaic Literature and Prejudices (60K)

Chapter 8 -- Modern Legal Anti-Judaism (51K)

Chapter 9 -- Modern Antisemitism and its Literature (51K)

Chapter 10 -- The Race (51K)

Chapter 11 -- Nationalism and Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 12 -- The Revolutionary Spirit of Judaism (43K)

Chapter 13 -- The Jews as a Factor in the Transformation of Society (60K)

Chapter 14 -- The Economic Causes of Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 15 -- The Fate of Antisemitism / Bibliography (60K)

Lenni Brenner

Zionism in the Age of Dictators

A fine book, out of print, analyzing the mirror relations between the then small Zionist movement and dictatorial powers.

As an experiment, we propose the downloading of a complete ZIPPED version of this book (386K). Please tell us if it works on your computer or not.

Last minute, July 1998: one of our readers writes

<Lenni Brenner's, Zionism in the Age of Dictators is available from the American Education Trust the publishers of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. The price is $7.95 each or $9.95 for two plus $2.50 shipping for the first title plus $.50 for each additional. I purchased my copies about six weeks ago.

At the time I received a quantity of material from the American Education Trust included were some seven "white papers" including one by Lenni Brenner. The title of Brenner;s paper was The Anti-Defamation Leagues National Director is Crazy Like a Foxman. The theme of the paper is Brenner's response to Foxman's alleged libel and makes for interesting reading. However I found Brenner's hostile attitude towards revisionism distressing and his cutting words toward the Institute for Historical Review particularly vile. In a response to Tom Marcellus written by Brenner in 1985 and quoted in the paper he states, "All of the above is bullshit. I share not one iota of your mad ideology. I am your implacable opponent. I do not believe you have any right to exist; and I support any and all attempts, by any and all, Zionist or Anti-Zionist, to bust up your institute and your meetings."

While I agree that Brenner has provided a good insight into the Zionist mind and operation, I do not trust him.>


Friedrich Paul Berg: The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth Within A Myth

This very well researched paper comes from London and is written by David Botsford who provides also two complements, one of them dealing with "the Case of R. v. GRIFFIN" and the other, titled "Coercion of opinion is a mistake".

Carlos Porter; Not Guilty at Nuremberg. The German Defense Case (145K)

Roger Garaudy, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics

The book which triggered a new crisis in France and in other countries as well. (1996) Visible on the CODOH site. A new edition and translation has just been published (July 2000) bu the Institute of Historical Review.

Roger Garaudy, Right to Reply


Pierre Guillaume, Debord

Other books in English and French by Guy Debord are available at <>

Jürgen Graf, The Majdanek concentration camp.

Michael Hoffman II, Irving's Revisionist Conference A Great Success


Abbé Pierre, Letter to Roger Garaudy (April 1996) (17K)

Our account of the Garaudy Trial, Paris, January 1998.

Albert S. Lindemann, "Podhoretz in Retirement: A Report on the Mortality of Friendship,"

Geoff Muirden, Australia's First Revisionist Conference An Outstanding Success

The Rittersporn file

"We have no political prisonners" ! A reply by one of them: Mr. Lauck

Bradley Smith is Asking a Question

[Ad submitted by Bradley Smith to US campus newspapers. Feel free to copy...]

Geoffrey Wheatcroft (New Tork Times), Lock Up the Holocaust Deniers?

The Wilkomirsky Scandal. New York Times.

On Elie Wiesel considered as a Cheater

Naomi SIEDMAN, Elie Wiesel or the Scandal of Jewish Rage. (68K)

This amusing piece, published in Jewish Social Studies in December 1996 raises the question:

Was Wiesel licking asses of powerful Catholic Writers to make a Career ?






Chapter 1. Prologue

Chapter 2 Swarms of Humanity at the Gates of Hell

Chapter 3 The Circles of Hell

Chapter 4 Charon's Bark

Chapter 5 Port of Grace; Anteroom of Death

With these interesting testimony of RUMORS in the camps: "I knew prisoners who never went to take a shower because they they were afraid that gas would come out of the pipes instead of water. And, then, during the weekly inspection by the nurses of the Block, lice were found on them. Then they had to go through a disinfection treatment that killed them. I also knew prisoners who never went to the infirmary. They were afraid of being used as guinea pigs of some kind in the medical experiments that rumor had said were being conducted by the S.S. or of being given poison injections. Consequently, they held out and held out against all advice, and one evening a Kommando brought their corpses back to the camp."

Chapter 6 Shipwreck

Chapter 7 Concentration Camp Literature

Chapter 8 The Minor Witnesses

Chapter 9 Louis Martin-Chauffier

Chapter 10 The Psychologists: David Rousset and the Universe of the Concentration Camp

Chapter 11 Eugen Kogon and l'Enfer Organise (Organized Hell)

Part III The Drama of the European Jews

Chapter 12 Raul Hilberg: His Doctrine and His Methods

Chapter 13 (First part) Witnesses, testimonies and Documents

Chapter 13 ( second part)

Chapter 14 (First Part) Statistics: Six Million or...

Chapter 14 (Second Part) Statistics: Six Million or...

Chapter 14 (Third Part) Statistics: Six Million or...

Chapter 15 Conclusion : Six Million Exterminated Jews -- Fact or Fiction

Appendixes (Four descriptions of Prison Life in French Penal Onstitutions -- The Two French Versions of the Gerstein Document -- The Wolfgang Grosch Statement -- Afterword, by Mark Weber

We have added A vicious attack by Poor old Debbie against Rassinier. We have new material in French on the theme of "The return of Paul RASSINIER".


A ghost haunts the world. The ghost of Revisionism. From among the many circumstances where the word "revisionism" has been applied, it is commonly assumed nowadays that Revisionists are those who accept as a demonstrated fact that no massive gassing could have occurred in the German concentration camps during the Nazi regime. They also, with many other experts, consider that no definitive figure is available for the indeniably great losses suffered by Jewish communities during WW II. They request the application of the routine objective historical methods to analyze the events which led to the end of the War, because it is a crucial part of our common history.


Revisionism is the basic fact of the historical approach. This is what makes the difference between history and religious dogma. In a religious dogma, the truth has been established and authenticated once and for all. There is no room for doubt. The human being needs certainties and may find comfort in dogmas, long established in our cultures.

History is a quest for understanding the past from the point of view of the present. Today, now, we feel we want to know and understand, in our own words, what happened 20 years, 50 years, 500 years ago. What our predecessors understood is only one part of the picture. We have to REVISE their judgement with our own way of thinking and maybe the documents that we found, or that we considered in a new way. Our understanding is in a constant flow of evolution. This is true of Attila or Julius Caesar, this is true of the Italian Renaissance or the French Revolution. It will inescapably be true of WW II and all the sufferings it created in many parts of our tiny world.

Revisionist belong to all shades of political persuasions. But they have been victims of the most vicious physical, intellectual, legal attacks coordinated and organized by those who are committed to the defence of Israel and the political, financial and military privileges that Israel is drawing from a conventional and partial and, we believe, misleading representation of WW II. That is why all those who are the targets of these ferocious attacks have developed a sense of solidarity which goes beyond their individual political views, widely different from each other. They recognize that facts are of primary importance and should be established in a conventional way in order to write history. The interpretation of facts is everyone personal concern and has nothing to do with revisionism as such. Revisionists as such do not concern themselves with races or racism, with the taboos established by the fiat of this or that group, with any political tenet, nor with any suggestion that truth should be submitted to any political power or reason of State.

In Europe, we Revisionists of all shades, want to express our gratitude to those in Sweden who run Radio Islam and established the first Europe Revisionnist Website. Since the fall of Soviet Union, everybody can see that Islam is built as the next Official Enemy needed by our warmongers, armament industries, oil lobbies and impotent politicians. As revisionist, we are trained to see the silly propaganda content of so-called "news" displayed by the media. We know that political and historical lies are the necessary foundations for the preparation of war. We are committed to fight these lies when we detect them.

The ghost will materialize. The media, the political circles all buzz with the delusion that Internet is totally perverted by an all-powerful Revisionist Plot. As it has been the case for the last 20 years, our enormous power is produced almost entirely by this self delusion of our adversaries. We are a handful of powerless people, with poor connections and no money. But we have done our homework. We know what we talk about. This is our only strength and in a world of lies, half-truths and near-complete ignorance, this strength has fabulous results.

We invite our guests to browse around. Several languages are used but visitors should know that not all is translated in all languages, by want of translators. (Any volunteers ?) They are invited to use their linguistic abilities to go from one section to the other.

You have downloaded this document at <>

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We believe we are protected by the Human Rights Charter:

ARTICLE 19. <Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.>The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948, in Paris.

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