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Patric Infobits!
Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2001 by Atrayo

Today Patric Sundstrom MindArk's marketing manager posted twice on the PE developer board. He states:
  • PE Forum Life After PE Goes Gold

    Re: What about the PE forum after.... created by MindArk staff [Patric]

    We at MindArk will continuo to use our forums even when Project Entropia has gone gold. It will be a place where both new people can get information and old people can ask each other about certain things.

    We are currently developing our forum and will rebuild it with new options as search, direct contact to writer and other things. Those things will be released when we release Project Entropia website version 3.0 that we are working on now.

    GM´s will also use this forum when we have released Project Entropia, so it will not fade away. Our hope is to keep this forum alive for many years.

This next dev post requires the question from the PE fan & society leader named "Ryu".
    Real information created by Ryu

    I just read the interview i am really tire of having partial information or even none.I try to find any full information and i dont find one .

    If any one what any information go on


  • Patric's Inquiry

    Re: Real information created by MindArk staff [Patric]

    What kind of information is it that you want to have?

    You can fell free to ask here at our forum for information that you want.

    We will answer those things that we can and it is most likely that you will get help with answers from other people here at our forum as well.

Thanks Patric!

DES Infobit!
Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2001 by Atrayo

Today DES appeared as an developer post on the PE developer board. It's uncertain which position he holds, since he hasn't revealed his real life full name. He states:
  • Game Engine Bit Rate

    NetImmerse & bits created by DES

    You can expect PE to run at full 32 bit. The memory bandwidth and high fillrate capabilities of modern graphics cards offers good enogh performance to motivate 32 bit graphics. Not to forget, it looks better, and also 32bit z-buffer offers far better precision. The hardware requirements will (probably) be based on adequate performance in 32 bit. Voodoo 3 or below will not be your best choice, but that is true for most games anyway.

Thanks DES!

Thommie Infobit!
Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2001 by Atrayo

Today Thommie posted some home page news about ceratin posters using vulgarity. This is what he mentions:
  • Minimize Your Harsh Language

    Headline: Mind your Language!

    Date: 2001-04-17

    Author: MindArk Staff [Thommie]

    Mind your Language!
    I will remind you all that we want to see a trim and well-kept language on our site. The sad part is that we had to erase an insertion made under the Developers forum.

Thanks Thommie for the reminder.

Society News At PE Game Site!
Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2001 by Atrayo

Today Thommie Astorson MindArk's webmaster posted news of a new PE society. He states:
  • Lusocom Arrives!

    Headline: Welcome LUSOCOM!

    Date: 2001-04-17

    Author: MindArk Staff [Thommie]

    Welcome LUSOCOM!
    We say hello and welcome to the new society LUSOCOM, founded by Wolf!

Go check out Lusocom's website. (It's currently only in Portugese language)

Per infobit
Posted Monday, April 16, 2001 by Nefiorim

Finally, someone from the MA crew, Per, posted something on a PE forum.

Here is what it says:
"Re: Society board post created by MindArk staff[Per ´piotrr´ Edman]


Thank you for pointing it out, but we do actually read everything. :-) We simply do not have the time to reply right now. Please bear with us and we promise we will make up for it in the end.

/ piotrr"

Thanks Per, we'll (try to) hang in there :)

New Society "Republic Society"
Posted Thursday, April 12, 2001 by Nefiorim

We wish to welcome a new society, called Republic Society, to the PE society scene.
The Republic Society was founded by Ryu.

Welcome Republic Society!!
Good luck on running the society Ryu!

Interview at Gamespot
Posted Thursday, April 12, 2001 by Nefiorim

Hi all!!
I suggest you all head over to Gamespot for a new interview.
It has a lot of news on PE, including a new time on the beta (alas still no real date, just a vague indication).

By the way, I totally *****ed up my German exam :-)

Hmm :-)
Posted Thursday, April 12, 2001 by Nefiorim

Sorry we're a bit behind with the posting of new news (old news as we speak :p), but since our 2 main news submitters (Atrayo and Bainkour) are out at the moment it all comes down to Redwood and me.
Because I really don't have the time right now (German exam in an hour) I will update the page later on today.

My humble appologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.

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