For Those Of You Who Didn't Know...

Welcome to the FAQ's page. I have tried to put together something fun and informative,
but that can only be found through trial and error. So, if you find that there is something missing,
or something that you'd like to see that isn't here,
please let me know, and I'll try to set you up.

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This site will be under construction for some time, so don't let anything throw you.
For example: Only the first nine questions below are functional. (Sept. 8, 1998)

This is where all or none of your questions will be answered.
I have been checking out the news groups lately (specifically and during the months of July and August, 1998),
and have found the most amazing array of items of interest.
There were a couple of real doozies around about a year back in both of them.

Some of the Zappa fans were circuitously attempting to ascertain whether my sexual predisposition
was not only one of the possible reasons for the demise of the '88 band,
but whether it was necessary to discuss at all (political correctness issues and such).
This was fun to read, but actually took me aback, as I had no idea.

I speak with Mike Kenneally a little here and there
and he never mentioned it to me so I was mightily surprised.
This has got to be one of the stranger things I've read on the net.
There doesn't seem to be one person who knows me that:

owns a computer
is online
goes to the newsgroups
This may be true, but most likely Mike K (who I know has a large online presence)
chose not to get involved. This is a good thing (Thank you, Mike).

On, I'm either a raging bloody sphincter without a lick of talent
or a misunderstood genius. I'd of course prefer the latter to be true,
but honestly don't care what the final consensus may be.
You are the interested parties. I am merely an observer.
Although anyone who has experienced my lack of tact in past exercises
can allow for personality through mutual understanding, I haven't had the benefit
of this level of communication in the online community. This, hopefully, will change.

Also, I have set up an area that acknowledges the positive and negative
opinions expressed by those who have written about me online. Since I don't go on tour and I don't
hang with musicians, I haven't had a venue for discussing the good things that have been heaped upon
me (the small amount I've received feels like a heap when one has generally been without it for one's entire career), nor a sanctuary from the sling and the arrow of my denigrators charges against me.

It's all in fun, and I wouldn't have taken it so seriously but for those of you who consider yourselves
fans of mine and have spent considerable amounts of time listening to my playing and find it worthy.
This page, and a certain amount of my present happiness are dedicated to you.

Now I need to allow you to e-mail me. This will fill my coffers with jollity and jaundice, I hope.

Go to your e-mail program, and type in thusly:

This will give you me.
In other words: write me your questions, and I will attempt answers.
The good ones get on the page, obviously.

Nobody who writes me anonymously will be posted.
Glorify yourselves at the altar of your own creation, or Glorify yourselves not.
Flames will be strenuously disregarded. Unless they're funny as hell.

The Items of Interest:

01. "The '88 band fell apart because Scott was gay, and Ed Mann hated gay people." (I'm so absolutely serious. I can't believe I saw it in print.) Difficult Desicions...
02. "Scott Thunes couldn't play jazz if his life depended on it." So What?
03. "Scott Thunes is unemployed, last I heard..." You and what army?
04. "I've heard so many things about the '88 Tour that I'm completely confused by it, especially since the only person who was actually there that you can find on line is Kenneally. His site has so many answers, and yet, it creates so many more questions..." Sez you, buddy.
05. "Where can I go to get the info I need to continue my research for my own website?" Yer sister's a nun.
06. "Why can't I find pictures of Scott anywhere? What's up with that?" I've never heard of such a thing!
07. "How do you pronounce his frickin' name, and is he actually Norwegian?" You betchum!
08. "Why did Scott break up the band?" Well, I never!
09. "What is Scott doing right this very second?" Helloooooo there.....
10. (I know you haven't been asking this one, so I'll just ask it myself) "What is up with that quote: "...for those of you who didn't know...?" Take a letter, Miss, uh...I'm sorry. I've forgotten your name...
11. "Why did Tommy Mars quit the '88 band?" Put your hand right there...

Thanks go to:

A Bengt Jonsson, who attempted to defend me to an unsuspecting public.

Yes, Ed Mann was the band member who hated me (you heard it here straight, folks. More on that later.), but I'd have to agree with the person, todzilla, who argued that you could use the reciprocal, for he stated that it could have just as equally been my fault (More on that, later.). Of course, I don't appreciate him calling me a little prick...(Maybe he could come around and spread a little more joy on earth...I may tackle him on another page, if this gets to that point. Go to, click on 'discussions', go to power search, center your search on and type in: "the real assholio". Nice!)

He may want to try and put my name into a Word document, highlight it, and then bring up the Thesaurus (Shift+F7).
He'll agree with the result, no doubt.

Somebody who calls himself redunzle (I'll wait until you see this to ask you to become a person with a real name...).

He put me on his top ten list along with:
Steve Harris
Charles Mingus
Mike Watt
Doug Wimbish
Les Claypool
Geddy Lee
John Entwistle
Patrick O'Hearn

This, frankly, is amazing, and I'm in total and utter shock. I'm just a little kid from San Anselmo. I don't know from genius. I've seen Jaco, though. Doug Wimbish and John Entwistle are friends of mine (they saved my soul in Germany a long, long time ago. I'll possibly tell that story some day...), and Patrick is my favorite bassist of all time.

My thanks to this gentleman and his ilk is immeasurable.

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