Grossman, Lev. "When words fail: The struggle to decipher the world's most difficult book." Lingua Franca 9, No. 3 (April, 1999), pp. 9-15.

This is an excellent popular overview of the manuscript and the issues surrounding it. A great place to start!

Jim Reeds excellent collection of links, resources, and transcription files.

Reeds site provides access to a wide variety of great resources, including a bibliography, transcription files, and commentary.

René Zandbergen's well organized site-in-progress

My own proposals for Information Retrieval

My C++ efforts, including simple test file and IR program (in progress)




Really useful list of links to VMS resources and related IR work.

Some of these links are dead, some are fringe commentary, but many are either interesting, relevant, or both.

European Voynich Manuscript Transcription Project home page

The EVMT group are doing useful research, and their site links to some excellent information retrieval exercises applied to the VMS.

Beinecke library catalog entry for VMS




Search for "Voynich" at Beinecke digital archive

The Beinecke appears to be slowly digitizing the entire VMS, although current scans appear focus on illustrated pages. Since the library offers a purchase plan for high quality prints and slides, this is hardly surprising.

Selected gallery at Beinecke

Images in black and white

VMS botanical image archive



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