LTMCD 2301



LTM Publishing is proud to announce the CD release of this unique collection of original sound recordings made by key figures from both 20th Century avant garde art movements. Three years in the making, and with over one hour of playing time, the CD features sound collages, tone poems, interviews and music made between 1912 and 1959 by luminaries such as:


F.T. Marinetti

The poet and guiding light of Futurism in declamatory mode, circa 1931.


Antonio Russolo

Luigi Russolo

Represented by the only surviving original recordings made with the celebrated ‘intonarumori’ (noise machines) in 1924


Marcel Duchamp

A much discussed but rarely heard example of Duchamp’s musical non-theory, its ambient tones still sounding timeless.


Kurt Schwitters

A very rare reading of the famed ‘Die Sonata in Urlauten’ from 1932.


Tristan Tzara

The hugely influential poet of both Dada and Surrealism, whose abstract techniques went on to influence later writers such as William S. Burroughs.


Wyndham Lewis

A rare 1940 reading by a leading light of the British futurist offshoot, Vorticism.


Guillaume Apollinaire

Jean Cocteau

Not members of either movement, yet major influences on both, with Cocteau’s contribution from 1929 a fascinating curiosity from the golden age of jazz.


The collection also includes material by Marcel Janco, Luigi Grandi and Richard Huelsenbeck. ‘Futurism & Dada Reviewed’ is a must-have artefact for anyone interested in actually hearing the work of these pioneers, as was originally intended.


Retailers may wish to catalogue this item as a ‘book’ as well as a spoken word CD.


Praise for LTMCD 2301

“The most enthralling LTM project to date - should lie in every record collection bar none. Some more of this right now!” (Melody Maker, 12/88)