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Starbuilders: ET Connection, Ascension

written by Starbuilders
Posted Tue, 28-Feb-1995 04:20:00 GMT


The beings at Starbuilders are emissaries of The Federation of Light, a council of over 1,000 E.T. masters that source from different dimensions, various locations in space and points in time. They are the only incarnated beings on the planet who represent this particular Council. When in human form they function as portals through which transdimensional energies, models of reality and technologies enter into the Earth Plane.

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  • The ET Connection

    or "How is it done?"

    How do "wake-ups," "walk-ins," "crash-ins," and humans get to planet earth? When we [malenchen and maruna] arrived, we defined ourselves as Walk-Ins; the previous inhabitants of these bodies walked out and we took the wheel. But it didn't feel like we "walked" in. And we still don't feel like it. what seems more accurate is to say that we projected our consciousness into them [the bodies]. We are Project-Ins. Right now, we can "see" ourselves in our energetic form in the seventh dimension. So, for us, we're here (on third-dimensional earth) and we're there (in the seventh dimension), as well. Indeed, we define "there" as our true home. Part of our Mission is to manifest the reality-base of home, here. Crash-ins, those beings who enter a human body after the body has a near-death experience, are Project-Ins. So are wake-ups (a.k.a., crawl-ins), masters who project into a baby body during the birth process. Because wake-ups bear the full brunt of socialization, it is they who have the most intense identification with the body. But regardless of their intensity, these identification - attachments - are hallucinations.

    There are millions of masters here, all sourcing from the fifth dimension and above, shining their Light of Consciousness through human eyes. To round out this picture, how do humans get here? As we have said, ETs project their consciousness into human forms from their Light Bodies. Their Light Bodies exist in another dimension: they are sourcing from another plane of reality. The human experience is more straightforward: Spirit projects it's consciousness directly into a fetus - there is no middleman. this doesn't imply that humans are not multidimensional beings; like everyone else, their spirit can simultaneously manifest a multitude of different bodies in as many different worlds. But the one that is projected directly into the human form is "human."

    When ETs project themselves into human forms, they become human, as well: they acquire "dual citizenship." this can cause great distress; they've just left a dimension where Limitation was not even a concept and victims no more than a myth. and now they are here, suffering. but they wanted to be here.; they really did. they knew how really exciting it would be to participate in this planetary awakening. (it becomes cool after they wake up [to their true identity]). and once they begin living as masters, they realize that accepting the human aspect of self is of incredible importance to the Mission. by integrating their humanity with their divinity, they elevate the former and serve the latter.

    from the book, "Live the Impossible" by Starbuilders, available for $8 + $2.50 s&h


    Ascensions happen to people, cultures, planets, galaxies, and universes. It is the planetary variety that interests us, because that's why we're here. (Earth won't Ascend because we're here: we're here because it's going to Ascend.) Ascensions can happen literally overnight, depending on Who's Involved. Today there are many versions of the Ascension Event. It seems that the trick is to find the one that rings true for you and live your life accordingly. You've probably heard the more popular scenarios, so we're just going to relate one of several E.T. versions. It goes like this:

    This Ascension is an evolutionary jump of the Planetary Consciousness (and its inhabitants) from one dimension [the materialistic, third dimension/ astral, fourth dimension] to another [the fifth dimension, the dimension of Light - a.k.a. "heaven"]

    When a planet Ascends, everyone and everything on the planet is affected, big time. Planetary Ascensions are so totally radical that when one approaches, beings that are identifying with the soon-to-be-outdated reality [base] begins to feel uneasy: "The End is Near!" And, in way, the end is near. The Old Way is passing. If, however, you are not attached to the old reality parameters, then The End is not the end, It's the Beginning. Bad news is good news is no news: Ascensions happen all the time, all over the place. Now. planet earth seems scheduled to transform into Earth Star, a fifth-dimensional embodiment of the Christ Consciousness.

    We Are One Mission!

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