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VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5

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We Support CORBA


MIDAS Multi-tier Distributed Application Essentials

  • One-Step CORBA support for the open standard infrastructure
  • Support for COM / DCOM
  • Exclusive: Support Oracle8 Object Relational Extensions
  • Support for MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server)
  • Access97 Support
  • Master Detail Intelligence with Nested Tables
  • Login support
  • Deferred Blobs
  • Abstract Data Types
  • Maintained Aggregates

Advanced State of the Art AppBrowser IDE

  • Fully customizable IDE with Task window docking, floating toolbars
  • Advanced Multi-Target Project Manager
  • App Browser code editor
  • Code Explorer
  • OpenHelp for easily customizing the contents of help
  • World's Fastest Native 32-bit Compiler
  • Method Overloading
  • Dynamic Arrays
  • 64 Bit Integer support
Speed up coding and reduce syntax errors with CodeInsight
  • Class Navigation short cuts
  • Class Completion Wizard
  • ToolTip Symbol Insight
Robust Suite of Advanced Debugging Tools
  • Multi-Process debugging
  • Remote Process debugging
  • Exclusive Debug Inspector for monitoring component properties
  • Event Log for showing process control messages
  • Advanced Debugger Enhancements
    • Module View
    • CPU View for low level debugging
    • DataWatch BreakPoints
    • Local Variables Watch Wizard
Best Windows Development Environment
  • Docking support for VCL controls
  • IntelliMouse support
  • Office 97 style floating bars
  • Windows NT Services
  • Advanced COM / ActiveX
  • Minimum and Maximum Component Sizing Constraints
  • Window resizing component anchors
  • Action List
  • Windows98 Multi-Monitor support
  • Windows98 MonthCalendar
  • Windows98 PageScroller
  • Windows98 Flat Scrollbars
  • ControlBar

Turn corporate data into information for better decision making with BusinessInsight

  • Decision Cube Business Wizard

One-Step ActiveX

  • Advanced Type Library Editor
    • Complete support for MS IDL editing
    • Struct and Union support
  • Support for Automation Object event handling
  • COM Object Wizard
  • TypeLib 2 Format

Deliver the fastest web database applications with WebBroker

  • Web Application Business Wizard Seamless Internet/Intranet Wizards and Components
  • JPEG Support
  • Internet Explorer + Netscape Browser
  • Internet Socket Components
  • NetMasters Native Internet Client Components
  • Exclusive ActiveForms for building Web applications
  • BDE CAB File for easy distribution of database apps over the web
  • WebExtra Fractal Image Support