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PokéMasters / Walkthru / Silph Co.

Silph Co.
Silph Co. is composed of 11 floors of teleportastic fun, including 28 trainers and a ton of items.

The Card Key is on the 5th floor at the bottom of the screen. There is a Rocket Member guarding the entrance to that hallway and a teleporter in the way. So, to get into the hallway you must go into blocking teleporter, then teleport back (so that you're standing on the teleporter). Then go down 1, fight the Team Rocket Member if you have not done so already, and go to the right to get the key after the fight. With it you can open every door in the building.

Make sure you get all of the items and fight all of the Rocket members, the battle with Sabrina later will be easier.

On the 11th floor you'll find that you can't reach the president of Silph Co. and must somehow warp there. The correct warp pad is on the 3rd floor past the 1st door to the left (Right in the middle of the floor). After rematerializing you'll see that a familiar face is waiting for you. Another annoying battle (not to mention conversation) is about to begin, only now he has some pretty wicked Pokémon.

After defeating him, talk with the person to your left and they'll give you a Lapras for saving them.


Pokémon Red Blue
Pidgeot 37
Gyarados 38
Growlithe 35
Alakazam 35
Chose 40
Pokémon Yellow
Sandslash 35
Cloyster 35
Magneton 37
Kadabra 35
Chose 40
Jessie & James Jessie & James
Fight 4
Weezing 31
Arbok 31
Meowth 31


Another hop, skip, and warp away and you'll once again run into Giovanni who still remains a pushover when it comes to water-type Pokémon.

The president will be so grateful for our help, he'll give you a Master Ball which is guaranteed to catch any Pokémon on the 1st try! (P.S. Don't waste it on any of the legendary birds, wait for Mewtwo.)

Pokémon Red Blue Yellow
Nidorino 37
Kangaskhan 35 -
Persian - 35
Rhyhorn 37
Nidoqueen 37 41


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Things To Get:
Item Floor
TM 36 2nd
Hyper Potion 3rd
Full Heal 4th
Max Revive 4th
Escape Rope 4th
Card Key 5th
Protein 5th
TM 09 5th
HP Up 6th
X Accuracy 6th
TM 03 7th
Calcium 7th
Carobs 10th
Rare Candy 10th
TM 26 10th

Pokemontop50 Pokemon Top 40 Site List
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