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Thursday, January 4, 2001

Mississippi gay group runs TV ads

The Mississippi Gay Lobby has announced that it will begin running television ads in the state on selected cable channels. The test run will be in the Jackson metropolitan area, where cable subscribers will be able to see the ads on MTV and VH1. If the test run is successful, the lobby says it will do a full system-wide run on cable stations, including CNN and Lifetime. The test run will reach about 95,000 subscribers. “For the Mississippi gay community and for a Mississippi gay equality organization to be promoted on television within the state is extraordinary progress,” says lobby chairman Jody Renaldo. “Almost a year into this organization, we have found that a lot of gay and gay-friendly Mississippians don’t even know we exist. This will get the word out, and in turn our membership and lobbying power will go up. Two thousand one will be an exciting year for us, and we hope that, for whatever reasons, our community does not grow complacent and stale.”


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