The Band
Director Euan Ashley Trombones   Tom Bootle
Vocals Diane Nalini     Sam Crooks
Saxes Paul Brimicombe     Paul Draper
  Zoe Hawkins     Will Glover
  Dave Rawlins     Steve Axcell
  Simon Meredith Rhythm Piano Will Bartlett
  Andy Saunders   Guitar Howard Peacock
Trumpets Tom Huberman   Drums Russell Whitehead
  Rob Hamilton   Bass Tom Bartlett
  Kelsey Jones      
  David Lloyd      
  Mark Jenkins      

OUJO brings 20 of the university's best jazz musicians together into one ensemble to perform modern, demanding, exciting big band jazz to a very high level of musical excellence. It is also committed to serving the university, both by encouraging, training and developing jazz musicians, and bringing its music to as wide an audience as possible.

OUJO was formed in 1992 and has since gone from strength to strength. Besides our own regular concerts, we have performed at countless balls, events, dinners, and bars. We have packed out the Union debating chamber for a joint gig with Stuttgart University Big Band, and we have entered into friendly battle with Cambridge's equivalent both at home and away (with, needless to say, no honour lost!). The peak of the band's success was in 1999, when we won the coveted BBC big band award, (hear the recording here). Other gigs that year included the 'Ouef de Jazz' in Le Mans, and performing at the OK! magazine ball in London.