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To the home of the Carmageddon 2 total conversion 'Banger Racing'. Here you will find all the files you need plus addons and info just click on the buttons to the left. I also include other bits and bobs regarding banger racing and Carmageddon. Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to sign the Guest Book!

Latest News

17th Apr 2001 - Freddy

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, been very, very busy. Anyway photos from the Sheffield team meeting now up in the gallery, and what a cracking meeting it was too! Links page updated aswell.

19th Mar 2001 - Freddy

Photos from the Wimbledon Young Guns/Stars of the Past meeting are now up in the gallery.

14th Mar 2001 - Freddy

Umm alot going on at the moment bangerwise, and far too busy to do any more cars right kind of struggling to think of what to update this site with........ok, well the links page has been updated and a new hit of the week.....that will thats all.......for now :)

4th Mar 2001 - Freddy

Well I'm back :) photos from the Charabang 1 at Swaffham are now up in the gallery!

21st Feb 2001 - Freddy

I have made a Pre68 patch, which makes the game only pick the older cars, so you can now have your own classic car banger meeting :) so get it from the Game Files page. I am going to New York for a week so don't expect any updates for a while.

12th Feb 2001 - Freddy

A few more photos from the Icebreaker have been added to the gallery, thanks to Gary (Giz) Dallinson for sending in a couple of screen grabs from his video!

5th Feb 2001 - Freddy

Photos from the Swaffham Icebreaker are now up in the gallery. The meeting itself was very poor in comparison to previous years, but I suppose you could blame the dreadful weather for that. However it still had a few memorable moments so go check out the photos!

31st Jan 2001 - Freddy

BIG UPDATE! First off, here is the Zodiac Hearse as promised, click on pic or download from the Addons page. I have put up an update patch for V2.0 which cures a couple of bugs so if you have had problems with joysticks this may cure it, get it from the Banger TC files page, also I have put up a savegame file too. I have also uploaded some more screen shots in the gallery, I thought it was about time I put some new ones up, since there are few notable differences between V1.0 and V2.0, so check em' out!
Finally I have noticed a couple of bugs with the Zodiac Limo, I have fixed them so you may want to download it again, nothing major just a few minor fixes which you probably won't notice :)

29th Jan 2001 - Freddy

Well would you believe it 20000 hits! I know its not on a par with some of the bigger carma sites but still something to celebrate! Also this site is now 1 year old! so 20000 hits in a year is not bad going, so thankyou to everyone who has visited, it means alot!

28th Jan 2001 - Freddy

Well my Zodiac Limo is finally done! click on the pic or download from the addons page. I hope to be doing a Hearse version at some point and I have a Jaguar XJS which needs finishing. I have had a idea for a Pre68 patch, classic cars only, I'll keep you posted. One more thing almost forgot, you can vote for your banger driver of the year by clicking on this link here

25th Jan 2001 - Freddy

Welcome to the new and hopefully Improved S.o.D! hope you like the new design. I am hopefully going to be adding a few new features to the site, so if you have any ideas get intouch. My Zodiac Limo should be finished soon, and I will be releasing an update patch for V2.0 aswell, so if you have had any problems with it let me know. Thats all for now, please bare with me while I sort this site out so if there is the odd dead link, it will be fixed!


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