"It is a total coincidence that our Album cover for Sunmachine was shot in Thailand but I do think it means something that three of the tracks are used on the soundtrack of The Beach - I think we chose the right location - the music must suit the place! We first found out in May 1999 that one of our songs (Voices) was being considered for inclusion, but it wasn't until September that we were told that there may be three on there. It's still not 100% confirmed, but after seeing the film I don't think any other pieces of music would suit the scenes so well. If you listen to the words of Voices, then it virtually sums up the film.

We actually stayed in The Laguna Beach resort in Bang Tao Bay, Phuket which is where I believe the cast and crew stayed while filming. We were there in April '98 and visited James Bond island and the surrounding area as well as the Tin mines out at sea, Bangkok and Ayutthaya. It was during Easter and the Thai new year so we were in the middle of the Songkran festival and thoroughly enjoyed the water pistol fights! Our actual Album cover consists of the 3 of us standing on - yes you've guessed it - The Beach!"

Scott Rosser talking to "Footsteps on the Beach"


1 Sunchyme 6:19
2 Carnaval de Paris 5:09
3 Sun Machine 7:19
4 Voices 5:20
5 Be My Friend 8:08
6 Peaches 6:17
7 Malaway 7:18
8 Revolution 9:16
9 Voices [Acoustic Version] 3:27
10 End of the Beginning 10:30

Dario G - Sunmachine

Dario G is a British trio consisting of Scott Rosser, Paul Spencer and Stephen Spencer.

When sunchyme was released in the UK on the 15th of September 1997, no-one involved with Dario G at the time could of anticipated the level of success that was to follow. Sunchyme became the only song to be kept off the No. 1 spot TWICE in the UK by Elton John's "Candle in the Wind". Between September and December '97, the Princess Diana tribute song kept Sunchyme off No.1 in no fewer than 11 countries. The only place it did hit the top spot in was Hungary. The striking video that accompanied Sunchyme (directed by Graham Fink) also gained a great deal of critical acclaim and most significantly was used by the Red Cross and South African president Nelson Mandela in a campaign to promote racial harmony around the world. The video was also nominated for a Brit Award in 1998. In America, Sunchyme shot straight to No.1 on the Billboard Dance Chart and the Bubblers chart but surprisingly didn't cross over to the mainstream pop charts. 1998 also saw Sunchyme being nominated for the prestigious Ivor Novello Award in the Best Dance Song category.

"Who knew that 'Sunchyme' would be such a big hit?" exclaims Paul. "Basically, every musician is on the lookout for a sample-able section of a song. Well, we had recently seen the video for 'Life In A Northern Town,' and thought, 'Why not?' We especially liked how the Dream Academy song was so dark and deep. The challenge for us was to create an upbeat song out of this. We thought the steel drums and rolling piano lines would help with that." Indeed.

David Bowie fans will immediately recognize the sample that's featured in the title track. Explains Paul, "We had this idea to sample bits of Bowie's 'Memory Of A Free Festival' over an ambient track of 'Sunchyme.' But we quickly discovered that the sample was so brilliant that it needed a brand new track–with some rock elements. There was only one problem: the sample we were using had all of Bowie's instrumentation in it, which was too noisy for our purpose. So, we sent a demo of the song to Bowie and he liked our idea so much that he sent us the song's original tape, which allowed us to sample only his vocals. He couldn't have been a better chap!" As an added bonus, Bowie producer, Tony Visconti, played all the flute parts on the track.

After finishing recording the Album, the next release for Dario G was Carnaval de Paris in June '98. With reference to The Football World Cup in France it became the official "un-official anthem" of the tournament and again, was a massive hit across Europe. With the release of Carnaval came the first live performances by Dario G. Their first gig was in front of 80,000 people in Berlin's Olympic Stadium. In association with German TV station ZDF (who were using Carnaval as theme music for their World Cup coverage) Dario G performed the song before the German FA Cup Final. Their second gig was in Seville - Spain for the World Dance Music festival in front of an astonishing 100,000 people. Another outstanding video which was described by Music Week as "Video of the Year!" in June '98, accompanied Carnaval, and became one of the most played videos on MTV throughout Europe last year.

After the release of Sunmachine the Album and Single, the year ended with Dario G being nominated for the MTV Europe award for Best Dance Act. Although they lost out to The Prodigy, this topped a quite amazing first year for the band which included 3 award nominations and a total of over 3 million records sold!

The two Spencers hail from northern England–one, they claim, that isn't as depressing as the one detailed in "Life In A Northern Town" – and Rosser arrives via South of Wales. Paul and Scott met in college in a pop music course. By 1989, with their studies behind them, the two built a home recording studio and began experimenting with different ideas. To pay the bills, Paul taught music and Scott played in a band. Says Paul, "Then we met Stephen, who, at the time, was working in the industry as a music distributor. We knew we had found our match."

Immediately, the trio began collaborating on music–primarily underground dance stuff. "Nothing of great success, really," laughs Paul. "Basically, what we were doing all came together on 'Sunchyme.' We had built up a catalog of sounds and various samples. And now, it's all coming together." By using instruments and styles of music that have evolved over centuries, Dario G creates pop music that is equally melodic and unique. Without doubt, Sunmachine is the dawning of a new day–that is, a new day for pop music.

Further information:

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Vanessa Quinones - singer from the track Voices
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