Coelacanths and Confessions - Epilogue genfic sug serial mcmanus augustus schillinger

Coelacanths and Confessions- Epilogue

by Sugaree

Michael and Thomas Schillinger sit on the bench with all the other inmates being escorted into Oz that day. Suddenly, life isn't so funny for the two fuck-ups. Seven months ago, a big shark came rolling by and devoured the fisherman waiting to capture them. But Vern's juice is gone now. He used his ask, ratted out Metzger to save their necks once. Once. That was his only opportunity. By doing so, he lost everything he once had in Oz, and that wasn't much to begin with. He lost an integral connection to the outside, and a powerful, useful ally inside. More importantly, he lost what little integrity he had with the other inmates here. As soon as he sung on Metzger, he was labeled as weak and rotten. He's had to struggle every day to survive.

His kids, the ungrateful snots, they didn't appreciate the second chance they were given. They could have turned, moved against the current, found more tepid waters to inhabit. But they stayed and kept circling in the same pool, feeding off the same bait. A new fisherman dropped his line and reeled them in just the same as the first. This time, no one was around to cut them loose. This time, they couldn't wiggle free. Arrested together, tried together, and sentenced together. Now they're being thrown into a pool much more dangerous and carnivorous than they ever imagined. They had been let off the hook once. Not a second time.


Augustus: Yeah, nine months I been out man. Free as a bird. Going anywhere I wanted. Doing, whatever I wanted. With my wife. Then it finally hit me. Sooner or later, we're gonna get caught. I thought we were, that's what started it. My penultimate day of freedom. Two days ago. We were driving along route 66, most famous highway in the country. Then I saw it. I saw it as a tiny reflection in the rear view mirror first. We'd been so careful. Only took under the table jobs. Saundra, she'd waitress, I'd be a dishwasher or bus boy. Work a few weeks, then bang, move on. Just kept moving. Why the fuck not? No reason to stay anywhere. And it was exciting, fun.

Man, fuck. When I turned around to make sure, I saw those flashing lights, and just knew Johnny Law was going to end up taking us both in. That was the first I'd been scared. Wasn't worried about getting caught, going back to Oz. Never thought about it for nine months. Wasn't scared of it then either. I could go back to the fuckin dismal fishbowl again. Least I had one last chance to be swimming free. I wasn't worried about me. I was terrified for her. He was gonna catch us, bust us, and she'd be fried up right along side of me. Fuck that shit, man. She ain't goin to no fishbowl, she's stayin in the ocean.

When he was walking up to the car, man, my heart, it was absolutely pounding, so hard, so fucking hard, I could feel it in my ears. Know what he wanted? She wasn't speeding, no, huh uh. Routine seat belt check. You believe that shit? Fuckin seat belt check. We had ours on, so he let us go. Didn't ask for a license, didn't make us get out, nothin. Just looked at our seat belts and let us go. Made me think though.

They can't catch her with me. And they would, eventually. Yeah, man, we could go to Mexico or some shit, but what if we got busted goin across the border? So I made her go that night. She could get across, wait for me. I found a ride easy enough, spent the next day driving, then made it to the border late at night. Just as I thought though, got stopped at customs.

So I'm goin back to Oz, man. Yeah it was worth it, motherfucker! She'll be all right now too.


It takes less than a week to get Augustus' extradition pushed through, and sure as shit, he's returned to Oz. They even send him right back to Em City. They look at it as proving to the others that pulling that kind of shit isn't worth the trouble. You can't pull it off. You'll get caught and sent right back. They think he'll be a lesson to everyone.

That's what they don't get though. Yeah he got re-hooked and reeled back in. Yeah he's back in the tank with all the other sharks again. But he /did/ swim in the ocean for a while. Augustus is a lesson to them all right. Just not the kind they think.

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