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Why Opticraft?

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There are many optical fabricators from which to choose... so why  choose Opticraft? The answer is simple.                                                                             We are a "methodology" house which means we have the ability to find a better, more efficient way of producing your product. The results are lower costs and higher queality substrates. Oftentimes we can produce what others can't and go far beyond your expectations

What we do

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wpe9.jpg (3154 bytes)Opticraft specializes in the shaping, lapping and adging of lenses, prisms, windows, hemispherical domes, beamsplitters, mirrors and conical shaped optics, from INFRARED through ULTRA-VIOLET.  By using diamond generators, grinders and poliching machines, transfer spindle edgers, as well as completely automatic Bell centring machines, we offer our customers state-of-the-art optics at very competitive pricing.

Find Photonics resources for scientists and engineer ON-LINE

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Experience makes the difference

Our worforce having over 60 yers experience in the field of optics combined with our thirteen years in business has given us invaluable exoerience. As a result we have developed many unique operations and equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Regardless of size, shape or unusual specifications our staff of experienced professionals is well prepared to meet your needs.

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Product advice

We do provide expert advice such as cost trade-offs for design adjustments. To take full advantage of this we encourage you to contact us in the early stages of your project